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2004-11-12 TriQuint PAM supports GSM, EDGE, UMTS
TriQuint introduced its new dual-band UMTS power amplifier module in a small form factor4-by-4-by-1.1mm.
2016-05-16 The ideal union of PAM and Ethernet
Understand how various Ethernet speeds evolved through the utilisation of various pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) schemes.
2007-02-12 PAM, TSMC to develop Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS tech
PAM and TSMC announced the joint development of Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS technology tailored to high-performance power analog ICs used in audio and video displays and devices.
2006-02-02 PAM unveils new Class-D audio amps
Power Analog Microelectronics announced the introduction of six Class-D audio amplifiers, including the new 2W family, and the expansion of its 1.2 W product offerings.
2005-02-23 PAM offers small form factor with high efficiency
The new GSM850/GSM900/DCS/PCS PAM from TriQuint is touted to represent a breakthrough in size reduction while maintaining fully-matched, specification-compliant, high-efficiency performance.
2015-03-31 Oscilloscopes integrate PAM-4 analysis option
A software option for Keysight's S-series, V-series and Z-series real-time oscilloscopes allows users to characterise pulse amplitude modulation with four amplitude levels (PAM-4) signals.
2007-03-19 Local fabs should rethink strategies, says PAM
Though still among the emerging buds in the industry, Power Analog Microelectronics Inc. gives its take on how local design houses should maneuver their way in the industry and resolve issues of cost and performance in IC development.
2015-11-19 Keysight channel simulator features PAM-4 capability
Developed in collaboration with leading PAM-4 SerDes IC vendors, the ADS channel simulator claims to provide a trusted bit-by-bit simulation engine for PAM-4.
2006-02-24 GSM/EDGE PAM occupies less phone board space
TriQuint Semiconductor announced the release of TQM7M5003, the newest quad-band GSM/EDGE-polar PAM, as a key member of its EDGE and WCDMA total RF front-end strategy.
2004-07-08 Fairchild RF PAM suits 802.11b/g apps
Fairchild released an RF Power Amplifier Module for high-performance WLAN apps in the 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz frequency band.
2004-07-27 Fairchild delivers RF PAM for CDMA, CDMA2000 apps
Fairchild developed a high performance linear RF Power Amplifier Module for CDMA and CDMA2000-1X personal communications system apps.
2005-08-09 Tiniest' 1.2W Class-D audio amplifiers
Power Analog Microelectronics, a developer of Class-D digital audio amplifiers and innovative power management semiconductors, introduced what it touts as the world's smallest 1.2W Class-D audio amplifiers
2005-08-03 Tiniest' 1.2W Class-D audio amplifiers
Power Analog Microelectronics (PAM), a developer of Class-D digital audio amplifiers and innovative power management semiconductors, introduced what it touts as the world's smallest 1.2W Class-D audio amplifiers
2001-06-16 Startup preps 5Gbps backplane transceiver
In a bid to build a better bit pipe on the backplane, Accelerant Networks is preparing to roll out a proprietary CMOS transceiver that harnesses multilevel signaling technology.
2005-02-07 South Korea mobile phone maker selects Fairchild RF power amplifier
Fairchild Semiconductor announced that its RMPA1959 linear RF power amplifier module (PAM) has been chosen for use in cellular handsets by Pantech & Curitel, South Korea's mobile phone manufacturer.
2004-08-13 Servenger platform eases design with Anadigm FPAAs
Servenger unveiled a hardware development platform that gives designers a running start working with field programmable analog arrays from Anadigm.
2010-10-21 Power amplifiers for mobiles boast digital power mode control
Avago Technologies' new CoolPAM power amplifier modules designed for linear quad-band GSM/EDGE operation
2007-02-16 Power amp optimizes battery life of 3G handsets
TriQuint's quad-band GSM/EDGE-Polar power amplifier module provides a high level of battery life for 3G wireless handsets, PDAs and laptop data cards.
2004-09-01 No 'magic bullet' for signaling schemes
While PAM-4 may have an advantage for very high-loss channels, this advantage is not universal.
2004-09-01 Many variables impact transceiver choice
Engineers need to consider trade-offs in market needs and physical channel characteristics to determine what transceiver technology to employ at a given speed.
2006-12-07 LED driver maximizes power transfer
Power Analog Microelectronics has launched a family of LED drivers comprised of the PAM2701, PAM2800 and PAM2801.
2002-04-01 IFR Systems dc supplies target industrial test
IFR Systems' line of variable-switching regulated dc power supplies, the Kikusui PAM Series, has eight models in 2kW and 4kW versions that the company says provide a new level of price and performance to the burn-in, life testing and bulk power markets.
2004-07-01 Hitting the 10Gbps backplane mark
To reach the 10Gb backplane plateau, designers need Serdes that can accommodate dynamic environmental conditions.
2005-11-16 Duobinary signaling spurs edge equalization
Duobinary signaling achieves data rates greater than 10Gbps even in a limited bandwidth.
2003-08-15 2B1Q Line Code Tutorial
This application note describes the 2B1Q line code and lists down its code rules, complexities, and implementation.
2005-08-10 Two Chinese IC design houses merge
Power Analog Microelectronics Inc. (PAM), a Chinese developer of Class-D digital audio amplifiers and power management semiconductors, on Monday (August 8) announced the acquisition of MicroSilicon Inc., a power management IC design company based in Shanghai.
2007-10-01 Drive parametric yields higher at 65nm, beyond
The need to characterize and model intrinsic variability in a production-worthy process will intensify and represent a new imperative for improving yield in 65nm process technologies and beyond. A PAM platform methodology can foster a collaborative environment between design and manufacturing, a condition key to driving parametric yields higher.
2007-04-02 Class-D audio amps offer 64-step volume control
PAM has introduced what it touts as the industry's first 3W Class-D audio amps with integrated 64-step digital volume control featuring its patent pending "filter-free" next-generation architecture.
2010-06-23 Using the MCP4728 12bit DAC for LDMOS amplifier bias control applications
The DAC is favourably used in the bias control circuit for the base station power amplifier module. In practical applications, the bias control circuit maintains the IDQ within a 4 percent range. This application note shows an example of how the DAC converter is used for this purpose.
2014-02-19 u-blox antenna module prompts quick GPS/QZSS solution
The GPS/QZSS antenna module from u-blox integrates dual SAW filters, and targets security device applications.
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