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2002-03-04 Zarlink parallel fiber modules features 30Gbps data rate
The MFT62340A-J transmitter and MFR62340A-J receiver 12-channel parallel fiber modules offer a channel data rate of 155Mbps to 2.5Gbps, for an aggregate bandwidth of 30Gbps.
2007-03-01 Winbond unrolls parallel, serial flash devices
Winbond has announced three new parallel flash memory devices in its W19B product family and two new serial flash memory devices in its SpiFlash W25X family.
2007-07-25 Winbond tips new parallel flash memory devices
Winbond Electronics Corp. has added new products to its W19B family with the introduction of 16-, 32- and 64Mbit parallel flash memory devices.
2002-10-17 Wide Bus Applications Using Parallel BLVS SerDes Devices
This application note will show how to use the serializer and deserializer delay parameters to determine the timing constraints at the client receiver parallel interface when using serdes in parallel.
1999-10-01 Using parallel-distributed HDL simulation
Parallel-distributed simulations can reduce the time required to perform HDL simulations without dramatically affecting existing design flows. While the theoretical limit of parallel simulations is not reached, the simulation times do approach the limit within reason.
2001-03-23 Using high-speed serial links to supplement parallel data buses
This application note discusses how to use high-performance serial links as a solution to some of the bottlenecks associated with the movement of data in a system.
2001-09-28 User's guide for cpuModule serial and parallel ports
This application note describes in detail the two serial port types (16450 UART and 16550 UART types) and the two parallel ports (bidirectional and EPP/ECP) on cpuModules.
2001-08-21 Turn-on performance of thyristors in parallel
This application note discusses the turn-on and fully on-state characteristics of thyristors connected in parallel.
2010-05-04 TPS54620 parallel operation
This application report details the design, operation and performance of a parallel TPS54620 DC/DC converter.
2010-02-12 TPS22960 load switch with controlled turn-on control: utilizing a dual load switch configuration connected in parallel
This application note describes how to configure the TPS22960 load switch as a dual switch in parallel configuration.
2008-09-01 Tool industry must face parallel programming issues
People may say that multicore software programming with today's languages is just a temporary issue until the real parallel programming solution comes along. But let's not forget that the "gap" in stopgap is often a lot wider than anyone ever thought it would be.
2007-12-10 Tool designs massively parallel processors
Ambric has released aDesigner, a software development tool suite for the Ambric Am2000 family of scalable, massively parallel processor arrays.
2004-10-13 TI I/O expanders provide parallel bus monitor solutions
The SN74LV8153 8bit output expander from Texas Instruments complements its PCF8574 and PCF8574A I/O expansion devices.
2001-05-02 The TMS320C54x DSP HPI and PC parallel port interface
This application note describes the hardware interface design between the host (PC parallel port in the bi-directional mode) and the HPI (host port interface) using TI's TMS320C54x DSP.
2009-11-19 Tesla GPUs enable low-cost parallel computing
Nvidia's new Telsa GPUs deliver the same performance as CPU-based clusters at a tenth of the cost, and one-twentieth the power.
2007-10-12 Technical computing trends drive distributed, parallel computing apps
Several trends in the technical computing market are driving the rapid creation and use of distributed and parallel computing applications.
2001-03-20 TAXI to Cypress CY7C9689 HOTLink transceiver conversion series: 1. System parallel interface
This application note shows the basic configuration of Cypress Semiconductor's CY7C9689 for replacing AMD's TAXI chipset in existing system parallel interfaces.
2014-11-26 Start-up eyes parallel CPU with 10x leap in performance
A start-up founded by two teenagers is designing a parallel processor that it hopes delivers a 10x leap in performance per watt for high-end systems. Rex Computing will make open source its instruction set architecture in hopes of rallying supporters around it.
2000-12-12 Series, inverse-parallel and turn-off connections for SCR thyristor devices
This application note focuses on explaining some alternatives for making the control functions for SCR thyristor devices including: inverse parallel connection of two SCRs; series connection of two SCRs; and forced commutation methods for turning-off the SCRs.
2001-04-06 Serializing high-speed parallel buses to extend their operational length
This application note presents an example of how to serialize a high-speed parallel point-to-point bus in order to allow the bus to operate over any distance.
2004-12-09 Serial-to-parallel converter
This app note discusses theCtransformation of multiple synchronous serial data streams to parallel data through a multi-channel serial-to-parallel converter.
2007-07-03 Serial flash takes steps to overtake parallel flash
With 1.4 billion units projected to ship this year, the serial NOR flash is in the fast lane of market growth.
2003-11-03 Serial ATA goes beyond the limits of parallel
With numerous upgrades to the parallel ATA interface, Serial ATA is bound to be the prevalent technology employed in future HDDs.
2001-08-21 Selection of SCRs for parallel operation
This application note presents a simple method of selecting the appropriate SCRs for parallel operation by looking on the device data sheet, based on a number of simplifying assumptions.
2010-02-18 Researchers detail parallel programming progress
Researchers offered an update on their work to find new programming models for tomorrow's many-core processors at an annual event at the University of California at Berkeley.
2006-09-25 Radio network analyzers can scan several networks in parallel
The new radio network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz are suitable for use in different networks irrespective of the technology employed as well as for broadband applications in the frequency range from 80MHz up to 4GHz.
2008-10-23 Programming tools ease parallel data constructs
The MathWorks has launched its MatLab environment that offers new parallel programming capabilities.
2003-09-19 Programming the M16C/62 in Flash Parallel Mode
This application note describes using the ATC PGM1000 programmer to parallel program the Flash memory into the M16C/62 series of microcontroller.
2006-02-03 Programming Flash memory using parallel loaders and CPLDs
Although flash memory can be straightforward to program, a new method of programming makes it easier and offers cost and time savings. The article describes this method and compares it with the traditional methods for programming flash memory.
2004-11-11 Private company launches 64bit parallel processor core
CPU Technology is developing a family of 64bit configurable processor cores designed to be used in arrays to accommodate deeply coupled computing architectures.
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