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2002-05-08 Tips for minimizing troublesome problems with voltage regulator paralleling circuits
This application note discusses tips for minimizing troublesome problems through the use of voltage regulator paralleling circuits.
2009-10-13 POL supplies pack easy paralleling, current sharing
Ericsson Power Modules offers POL devices that provide easy paralleling making it possible for power servers and memory storage designers to access extremely flexible solutions.
2001-06-13 Paralleling transient voltage suppressors for higher power capability
This application note details the basics of making silicon transient voltage suppressors in parallel configuration in order to achieve higher power capability.
2016-03-23 Paralleling power supplies: Benefits and drawbacks
Learn about the possible paralleling topologies, and know how the closed-loop supply regulation will be maintained across the multiple supplies.
2003-06-27 Paralleling HEXFET Power MOSFETs
This application note discusses the proper procedures in implementing parallel operation for a HEXFET Power MOSFET
2000-05-04 Paralleling HEXFET power MOSFETs
The three most important parameters in paralleling operations are voltage current and junction temperature. The application note analyzes the effects of current and temperature unbalances.
2005-06-02 Paralleling HEXFET power MOSFETs
This app note demonstrates paralleling to reduce conduction losses and junction to case thermal resistance
2005-06-10 Load-sharing techniques: Paralleling power modules with overcurrent protection
This app note demonstrates paralleling low-current, low-voltage power modules for high-current and low-voltage applications.
2011-11-18 Pre-biased output voltage startup of UCC28950 controller
Learn how UCC28950 phase-shifted full-bridge controller can maintain a smooth startup during the condition where an output voltage is already present.
2002-07-02 High-density 12kVA UPS from HP draws on smart output
Touting a new high in power capability and a proprietary "wireless paralleling" architecture to address fault-tolerance, HP is billing its UPS R12000 XR as the industry's most power-dense UPS in a 10U enclosure.
2011-02-10 PoL regulator drives eight parallel modules
Ericsson Power Modules' 3E series BMR463 digital point-of-load voltage regulator enables paralleling of up to eight modules to deliver 160A.
2000-04-14 Parallel and redundant power supply design
This application note describes the paralleling of power supplies to achieve either greater output power or redundant operation with the LP and NET models.
2009-02-06 Method and advantages of synchronizing two RC5051 converters
It is becoming more common to build power supplies to power multiple processors. There are limitations in the design of single supplies to provide 30A or more, and so paralleling two supplies is the normal design practice.
2010-11-30 750MHz crosspoint switch for high-speed signals
These switches from Analog Devices include eight independent output buffers that can be placed into a high impedance state for paralleling crosspoint outputs to prevent off channels from loading the output bus.
2013-12-23 40V, 2.1A LDO boasts wide monitoring capability
The LT3086 from Linear Tech includes a programmable power good status flag, cable drop compensation and easy paralleling.
2004-07-20 Vicor launches web-based technical library
Vicor's Technical Library offers a broad knowledge database, from the basics of designing with component modules to information about the differences between the IBA and FPA.
2006-07-03 Trench MOSFETs ensure safe operation in higher power audio apps
Zetex has introduced a new generation of trench MOSFETs that promises to deliver the high efficiency, cool running and quality audio reproduction demanded by Class D output stages.
2005-08-22 Ten steps to a low cost, high performance switcher to power your FPGA
Here's a simple synchronous buck regulator circuit that can provide high performance at a very low cost.
2007-07-20 Switching regulator eliminates heat sink, boost diode
Linear Technology's LTC3813 is a synchronous No RSENSE step-up switching regulator controller that eliminates the boost diode and the heat sink
2006-07-11 Sticklike Pen Phone breaks new ground
The P5, whose 66g, 18mm-wide, sticklike construction breaks new ground, supports the notion that component commoditization in the hands of eager producers drives rapid product experimentation and novel designs.
2014-04-14 Step-down converter for automotive, industrial apps
There is a clear need for compact, high efficiency step-down converters that can produce very low voltages from the high input voltages.
2009-11-23 Semi-regulated bus converters tip 96% efficiency
SynQor expands its BusQor family of isolated semi-regulated DC/DC converters for intermediate bus architecture applications.
2007-11-28 S.A.B.Re ICs take new approach to power management
The S.A.B.Re IC has been primarily developed for motion and power-supply management in printer applications but due to its flexibility it can address high-power motor application across the industrial segment.
2009-05-08 Powering complex FPGA-based systems using highly integrated DC/DC ?Module regulator systems (Part 2)
Delivering 60W of power in a compact space without efficient means to remove the heat from the power supply exacerbates the already difficult task of system heat management and cooling. The DC/DC ?Module family is designed with careful attention to the layout of its internal components, package type and electrical operation, which ease thermal management of a very dense power supply circuit.
2007-12-05 Power MOSFET features micro-ohm Rds(on)
STMicroelectronics has announced a new power MOSFETthe STV300NH02Lfeaturing low, micro-ohm ON-resistance to reduce losses and increase efficiency in demanding power supply systems.
2009-06-02 Power block tailored for FPGAs, processors
Ericsson Power Modules has introduced a 30A Power Block to address the emerging technology in power distribution and management called Centralized Control Architecture (CCA).
2012-05-30 Polyphase synchronous boost controller cuts out heat sink
The H- and MP-grade versions of Linear Technology's LTC3787 high power two-phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller can produce 24V at 10A output from 12V input at up to 97 percent efficiency.
2013-02-13 Perform audio line receiver impedance balancing
When the design specification for a line receiver requires high performance, an impedance-balanced input or predictable gain, the cross-coupled double-balanced configuration is a worthy contender.
2001-02-01 Packet switching right choice for wireless
The Internet switching model can cost two orders of magnitude less than conventional circuit architectures, making the economics of an IP network very attractive.
2007-04-16 Optimize power in embedded DSP designs
Optimizing power consumption is an important design goal for DSP-based systems, but it is a goal that is often difficult to achieve. To optimize power consumption, a designer needs to understand the power profile of the system and reference an information resource that considers all the major system functions in deriving a power estimate.
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