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2011-03-29 Study pushes parallelism as computing hits 'power wall'
With today's computing engines hitting a "power wall," experts are calling for new parallel programming environments, specifically software environments to develop new apps for multicore architectures.
2007-05-29 Intel to heed Moore's Law in software parallelism
'It's imperative that software follow Moore's Law to double parallelism every two years or so,' said Intel's Shekhar Borkar, announcing that Intel is focusing its R&D on parallel software.
2014-03-20 Grasping parallelism and concurrency
Understand the distinction between these two, and see how those distinctions affect the embedded programmer's world.
2009-03-19 Embedded code gets a dose of parallelism
CriticalBlue has announced a tool that can add parallelism to programs running on multicore embedded processors.
2005-10-17 Speeds grow for configurable CPUs
A RISC core with instruction extensions can be a viable alternative to custom hardware development.
2003-01-02 Sewing up switched fabric architectures
By choosing the right measurement tools, engineers can spot design problems early and answer the demand for tomorrow's high-capacity telecommunications systems.
2011-08-01 Programming language geared for safety-critical systems
The parallel programming language being developed by SoftCheck and Ada Compilers targets safety-critical systems where C/C++ and parallelizations of C/C++ are notoriously unsafe.
2003-05-02 Optimizing performance of DSPs
The fundamental rule in computer design, as well as programming real-time systems, is: "Make the common case fast, and favor the frequent case."
2016-01-25 Accelerating FPGA development schedules
In this article, we discuss the importance of sophisticated synthesis tools in order to achieve accelerated FPGA development schedules.
2008-10-16 Parallel tech simplifies system analysis, task execution
Mentor Graphics Corp. has launched a new task-oriented parallelism technology in the company's Olympus-SoC place-and-route system that provides timing analysis and optimization tasks to run in parallel.
2013-11-26 Novel processor architecture offers speedy big data analysis
Micron's Automata Processor (AP) architecture's design is based on an adaptation of memory array architecture, exploiting the inherent bit-parallelism of traditional SDRAM.
2008-03-14 NI: Path leads to parallel for test and measurement
Actions, computing and instructions occurring simultaneously are increasingly common requirements in today's world, as evidenced by the unstoppable migration from single-core to multicore processors in PCs. This new paradigmthe Parallel Shiftbrings a huge challenge to test engineers: the marriage of parallelism with computing, and in related applications of measurement and control.
2004-09-07 Intel will demo its first multicore CPU at IDF
Mark down Sept. 7 as the date Intel Corp. unofficially switches from frequency to parallelism as its main microprocessor philosophy.
2009-01-07 Intel releases beta of Parallel Composer software tool
Intel Corp. has just released the public beta of Intel Parallel Composer, which the company claims is the first installment in a new family of software tools to allow Windows developers to adopt parallelism for multicore.
2011-05-04 How manycore will reshape EDA
To provide the automation and the speed to build embedded systems, EDA companies are taking advantage of the parallelism offered by multiple cores.
2012-07-10 Gigabit serial links paves way for multi-core scalability
Built on top of the serdes for data-intensive apps, gigabit serial interfaces minimize system cost and pin count while improving parallelism, performance and capacity.
2007-09-03 FPGAs: On a mission to help the color-blind
Algorithms for the color-blind are possible with FPGAs, which have massive parallelism and processing power.
2008-02-01 Boosting wireless subsystem performance
Significant improvements in the performance of signal processing functions in wireless systems can be realized by taking advantage of the flexibility of FPGA fabric and the embedded DSP blocks in current FPGA architectures for operations that can benefit from parallelism.
2004-12-21 ZSP family adds low-end, high-end cores
LSI Logic recently added two new processors, the ZSP200 and the ZSP540, to its ZSP family of superscalar DSP cores.
2007-07-12 XMOS fields software-defined silicon
XMOS Semiconductor's new processor architecture is based on an event-driven, multi-threaded processor core set to be deployed in two-dimensional arrays in a family of chips due for introduction in 2008.
2006-11-10 Xilinx upgrades XtremeDSP to support Virtex-5 LX, LXT
Xilinx Inc. has announced the immediate availability of version 8.2 of its XtremeDSP development tools, which feature optimized DSP support for Xilinx Virtex-5 LX and LXT
2002-11-18 Xilinx fast-tracks RapidIO
Xilinx has launched RapidIO cores for its latest FPGAs with embedded PowerPC processors.
2013-05-09 Why stitch and ship is no longer workable
As the systems change, the stitch and ship methodology is leading to increased numbers of costly failures.
2013-11-29 Why medical devices should be secured
The medical electronics industry has to attend to the security issues on portable medical devices.
2014-09-02 What's switching: Nine takeaways from Hot Interconnects
The event sizzled with announcements and discussionsFacebook introduced its high-profile switch, critics attacked Ethernet's shortfalls, experts scrutinised Wi-Fi, and silicon photonics took centre stage.
2007-04-02 What's bugging multithreading?
A recent paper by Edward Lee (The Problem with Threads) argues that multithreaded application programming, as commonly practiced, is a flawed methodology that invites a range of nasty, hard-to-identify bugs.
2008-09-08 VxWorks 6.6 SMP
This document explores multicore technology and the choices and challenges it presents to the device software developer, and how the symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) features in Wind River's VxWorks platforms enable VxWorks users to move into this exciting new area of technology.
2004-03-18 Vimicro selects Teradyne J750 for audio processor test
China-based chip solution provider Vimicro Corp. will use Teradyne Inc.'s J750 MSO system to test a new audio processor device designed to provide high-quality music ring tones and game sounds for mobile phones.
2009-02-18 Video encoder for mobiles supports 1,080p
On2 Technologies Inc. launches its hard-wired HD video encoder that supports full-frame 1,080p video and enables mobile phone designers to add the latest video decoding capabilities.
2012-03-29 User interface going toward embedded vision?
Embedded vision is in fact a "classic long-tail story," said Jeff Bier of the Embedded Vision Alliance. "There are thousands of applications; and its market is extremely diverse," he added.
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