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2008-09-15 U.S. lab outwits Europe's supercollider in particle testing
A U.S. laboratory claims to beat out Europe's new supercollider for the world's first observation of a new subatomic particle.
2013-04-30 Study digs deep into Li-ion particle properties
The research showed the importance of measuring the actual volumetric energy density when adopting a material that displays volumetric changes during charging/discharging in the electrodes of Li-ion batteries.
2014-10-10 Improve LPCVD nitride particle with film stress cracking
Here's a look at the concept of chamber seasoning, and the experiments in different process conditions on LPCVD silicon nitride ASM vertical furnace system.
2008-07-10 Agilent expands particle analysis line with acquisition
Agilent Technologies Inc. has acquired Particle Sizing Systems, a privately held company that designs and manufactures instruments that measure the particle size and stability in materials ranging from soft drinks to inkjet inks to semiconductor polishing slurries. Financial terms were not disclosed.
2012-07-18 ST plays a part in the discovery of Higgs
STMicroelectronics applauds CERN for their success in discovering the elusive Higgs boson particle.
2005-07-01 Philips demonstrates imaging based on magnetic traces
Scientists at Philips Research have demonstrated the feasibility of an imaging technique called magnetic particle imaging (MPI), a potentially valuable new imaging technique for medical and materials analysis.
2010-08-31 New turbomolecular pumps raise efficiency standards
Agilent's new TwisTorr pumps boast of high pumping speeds and compact design
2006-09-18 New DFM methods enable early yield prediction
New DFM methodologies such as RRA and CAA, combined with traditional DRC and accurate fab yield impact data, enable designers to determine whether design modifications actually result in higher-yielding silicon.
2002-02-26 Nanophase to produce nanocrystalline materials for optical components
Nanophase Technologies Corp. will produce proprietary nanocrystalline materials for an undisclosed buyer. These materials will be used in fabricating optical components.
2013-11-13 MIT team eases surface cooling under extreme heat
Researchers have come up with a way to cool hot surfaces more effectively by keeping droplets from bouncing, which could benefit power plants and electronics applications.
2013-08-02 High-voltage power amplifier for dielectric applications
Trek's Model 20/20C-HS high-speed, high-voltage amplifier provides high speed of response with slew rate greater than 800V/us and output current to 60mA peak AC.
2008-09-11 EEs enable collider discover new physics
Claimed to be the most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is set to form its first particle beam enabled by electrical engineers who designed its superconducting magnets, detectors and worldwide grid computing network.
2007-03-01 Conquer loss, create high-yielding designs
This article discusses the three most important yield-loss mechanisms in 65nm designs, and proposed methods for mitigating yield loss without severe impact on design schedules. Using tools that are both powerful and well-integrated, design and layout engineers can create high-yielding designs while meeting design specifications and demanding schedules.
2013-06-17 SiC Schottky Rectifiers from GeneSiC boasts 3300V, 0.3A
GeneSiC's 3300 V/0.3 A Schottky rectifiers target voltage multiplier circuits and high voltage assemblies used in a wide range of x-ray, laser, and particle generator power supplies.
2006-07-19 Poly silicon furnace liner reduces machine downtime
Integrated Materials' pure poly silicon SiFusion furnace liner promises less furnace downtime, reduced particle counts and lower cost of ownership.
2010-09-17 New technology automates app porting
Particle Code says technology allows developers to port applications to other platforms without high development costs
2008-09-30 New solar inks achieve target yields, cell capacity
Five Star Technologies, a supplier of fine particle dispersions for functional inks, has announced its ElectroSperse S-series solar inks designed for crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.
2016-04-18 1.5kW RF transistor from NXP operates up to 500MHz
The MRF1K50H targets applications from laser and plasma sources to particle accelerators, industrial welding machines, radio and VHF TV broadcast transmitters, and amateur radio linear amplifiers.
2004-09-24 Yale team builds chips for quantum computing
Demonstrating a new paradigm for quantum computing, Yale University researchers have built what they call QED IC to manipulate quantum bits.
2012-01-19 Wafer bonding machine yields 3D integrated LSI ICs
The Bond Meister MWB-12-ST can continuously bond up to five 12in wafers and can perform wafer transfer and alignment for automatic bonding.
2005-01-13 Varian Semicon installs ion implanter at UMC's 300mm fab
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc. announced that it has completed the installation of a third single wafer VIISta 80HP high current ion implanter to enhance United Microelectronics Corp.'s advanced process capacity at its 300mm Fab in Tainan, Taiwan.
2010-07-20 Uncertainty marks future of advanced lithography
Industry players present in Semicon West's session on advanced lithography sparked arguments on what the future holds as complexities and costs increase.
2013-10-08 Ultrathin insulators yield better superconducting magnets
Researchers from RIKEN Centre for Life Science Technologies developed an ultrathin insulation layer that boosts the efficiency of magnetic coils based on a high-temperature superconducting compound.
2009-02-03 U.S. Army invests in flexible electronics R&D
The U.S. Army has committed to sponsor an additional five years of R&D at Arizona State University's (ASU) Flexible Display Center.
2008-04-16 U.K. university debuts first single-photon logic gate
Physicists at Bristol University in the United Kingdom have demonstrated the first logic gates on a silicon chip that can process individual photons, bringing quantum computing a step closer to reality.
2003-05-05 Tyco compression contacts cut BGA electrical disturbances
Tyco Electronics' Matrix Series BGA sockets use what the company calls a compression contact technology to eliminate electrical disturbances.
2006-12-14 Tokyo university, Taiwan firms develop 512-core chip
The University of Tokyo recently finished up work on a 512 core chip in collaboration with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Alchip Technologies, a fabless ASIC company also from Taiwan.
2005-07-01 The need to design for uncertainty
If there was a message for chip designers from two recent industry conferences, the ISPD and the EDP, it was this: Get used to uncertainty. The era of 'design for variability' is here.
2007-10-12 Technical computing trends drive distributed, parallel computing apps
Several trends in the technical computing market are driving the rapid creation and use of distributed and parallel computing applications.
2008-10-01 Tech advancements need new routing architecture
State-of-the-art routing technology is now required to handle complex design rules and to trade-off yield and other design goals efficiently at advanced process nodes. It must be variation-aware and fully integrated with placement, clock tree, and multi-corner multi-mode optimization in order to achieve higher QoR.
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