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2007-04-05 U.S. gov't charges supplier for shipping computer tech
Cirrus Electronics founder and CEO Parthasarathy Sudarshan was indicted for shipping U.S. computer technology to India for use in missiles and other weapon systems
2015-01-13 Computer simulations crack blue LED prod'n dilemma
A team of scientists solved the mystery as to why blue LEDs are so difficult to make by examining the unusual behaviour of doped gallium nitride at the atomic level using computer simulations
2013-10-24 Computer model determines best cut for machining
Researchers from A*STAR Institute of Manufacturing Technology created a computer model that allows engineers to predict the best way of cutting different materials using vibration-assisted machining
2010-10-07 Apple TV teardown reveals same parts as iPad, iPod Touch
A teardown of Apple. Inc's second-generation Apple TV revealed a $61.98 BOM consisting of parts similar to the iPad and iPod Touch
2006-10-25 Solution evaluates WiMAX parts in production environs
Rohde & Schwarz has announced a complete measurement solution for evaluating the performance of WiMAX components and subsystems in production environments.
2002-08-22 Mentor adds XML link to parts data
Mentor Graphics Corp. has released an upgrade to its design data management infrastructure solution.
2005-06-07 Apple parts with IBM, plans to use x86-based MPUs
Apple Computer Inc. plans to announce that it will use Intel Corp.'s x86-based microprocessors for its Mac computers, thereby ending its MPU partnership with IBM, according to a report from CNET on June 3
2009-03-23 Japan companies dismiss workers in the Philippines
Weak demand has adversely affected two Japan computer parts makers' businesses in the Philippines, resulting in layoffs. This is according to an AP report.
2004-02-25 The trouble with Rover is revealed
When the Mars rover Spirit went dark on January 21, 2004 a Jet Propulsion Laboratory team undertook to reprogram the craft's computer only to find themselves introducing an unpredictable sequences of events
2008-07-03 Processor bout: Q1 goes to Intel
A new report from iSuppli suggests that Intel is clawing back a sliver of the PC processor market share against gains by rival Advanced Micro Devices as both companies are preparing a new volley of 45nm products.
2006-12-04 PC makers need to align with 'green' regulations, warns Gartner
Computer and electronics manufacturers need to invest in R&D that will align their upcoming products with "green" regulations and laws that are bound to be coming down the road, analysts from Gartner warned
2004-05-20 Nvidia delivers PCI Express graphics modules
Nvidia has developed a specification for a standard graphics module based on PCI Express.
2012-01-04 Non-profit to release $25 PC
The ultra-low-cost computer was conceptualized for use in teaching computer programming, as well as for greater educational use in the developing world
2005-11-02 MIT, Nokia establish research lab
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Nokia Research Center have announced a research collaboration to advance mobile computing and communications technologies
2013-08-26 Manufacturing sector boosts ASEAN motion controls market
IHS said the Southeast Asian general motion controls market is forecast grow to more $90 million by 2017 and the CNC motion controls market to more than $70 million, with a total CAGR of 7.5 per cent from 2012 to 2017.
2003-08-14 Irvine Sensors releases stacked memory line
Irvine Sensors has announced the availability of its line of stacked computer memory packages using BGA attachment technology
2005-08-23 iPod upsets NAND flash Applecart
With the blooming demand for its popular iPod music player, Apple Computer Inc. plans to buy as much as 40 percent of the NAND flash output of Samsung Electronics Co. in the second half of this year, according to market research firm iSuppi Corp. (El Segundo, Calif
2015-10-26 Impact of wearables, IoT on electronic design
Today's IoT and wearable products must deliver ever-increasing capabilities in smaller packages with more aerodynamic shapes. Engineers will need all the help they can get.
2004-12-27 How can they learn?
Part Rube Goldberg, part Tinker Toys, Jack's retro toys are taught the basics of digital logic and computer programming in an unusual way
2006-08-23 Designing and shipping after RoHS
RoHS compliance must become an integral part of a designer's development process, with RoHS checks conducted at each step: concept, development, prototype, first builds and volume production.
2015-10-22 Dell: Desktop PCs are "here to stay"
As desktop shipments continue falling, Dell aimed new small form factor systems at business users in China, Southeast Asia, and parts of Europe with cost sensitivity and a more traditional office workers
2006-05-23 Dell embraces AMD processors
In a major shift in strategy, Dell Computer said that it would roll out new servers, based on microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices
2004-03-17 Boser SBC comes with Intel Pentium 4
Boser's HS-7002 PICMG Bus SBC is bundled with the Intel Pentium 4 CPU, which features an advanced 800MHz FSB and speeds ranging from 2.40GHz to 3.20GHz.
2003-09-24 Big investments burnish India's hardware design image
India may not be attracting the same huge investments in semiconductor fabs as neighboring China, but foreign investments in software development activities easily total more than $2B.
2004-01-13 BENQ becomes largest shareholder of GPM Suzhou
BENQ Corp. has increased its investment in Gallant Precision Machining Co. Ltd's (GPM) offshore factory in Suzhou, mainland China, named GPM Suzhou Branch.
2006-07-12 Arrow, Great Wall ink partnership agreement
Arrow's components unit and China Great Wall Computer Group have signed a partnership agreement involving manufacturing, logistics and supply of various electronic components
2003-08-14 Teradyne test system to be deployed by ULi
Teradyne has announced that ULi Electronics, a developer of core logic chipsets and related host-based peripherals, has selected its Tiger test system as the characterization and production solution for their Northbridge and Southbridge PC chips.
2003-04-10 New group aims to secure PCs, PDAs, cell phones
Fifteen companies have formed an industry initiative to define and promote a specification for security in PCs, servers, PDAs and cellphones.
2002-02-27 ITT Ind. offers sealed keyboards for harsh environment apps
The company has unveiled two types of C and K sealed keyboards for use in harsh environment conditions.
2006-12-07 Electronic polymer market to grow by 14.5% until 2008
Global demand for conductive electronic polymer products will expand by 14.5 percent per year until 2008, reported Frost & Sullivan.
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