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2004-11-25 Yageo enters NT$2.5B deal for passive component boost
Seeking to expand its medium- and long-term passive component manufacturing arm, Yageo Corp. recently entered a NT$2.5 billion ($77.08 million at NT$32.44:$1) syndicated loan financed by ten banks.
2002-11-06 Verrillon acquires ADC's passive components unit
Verrillon Inc. has acquired ADC's passive photonic components business unit in Canberra, Australia
2006-01-31 Three-terminal capacitors reduce component count
Syfer Technology offers an extended range of RoHS-compliant, X2Y three-terminal capacitors for decoupling and EMI suppression.
2002-11-18 Testing passive components in optical devices
The article discusses the reliability, precision and repeatability of tests to avoid potential problems in the optic device production.
2009-01-27 Space-saving HVArc Guard capacitors for passive snubber applications
The HVArc Guard high-voltage MLCCs combine high breakdown voltages, low impedance, and a wide operating frequency range in case sizes as small as 0805.
2002-05-09 Rigid-flex PCB, passive component prices to remain steady
According to C. C. Tung, vice chairman of Compeq Mfg Co. Ltd, the prices of rigid-flex PCBs and passive components will not increase this year
2005-09-02 Passive component makers see demand pick-up before yearend
Manufacturers of passive components expect demand to increase in the remainder of the year
2005-07-18 Implement component partitioning for system-in-package apps
SiP alternatives need broader supplier collaboration on system-partitioning decisions within the electronics food chain.
2002-04-22 GSI Lumonics ships laser trimmer for embedded passive components
GSI Lumonics Inc. has released the TrimSmart EP1000 laser trimmer for the adjustment of embedded passive components in PCBs
2015-05-14 Connecting passive components to logic gates
By adding a few passive components, you can make circuits such as level converters, frequency multipliers, phase detectors, line drivers, and pulse changers
2002-01-18 AVX passive filters pack capacitor, inductor elements in one chip
The W2H/W3H series miniature ceramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant circuit filter device.
2007-09-26 Avnet acquires European passive component distributor
Avnet Inc. has entered an agreement to acquire Betronik GmbH to strengthen its position in the European interconnect, passive and electromechanical components distribution market
2004-09-01 Understanding passive channel
It is imperative that engineers fully understand passive channel to tackle serial data transmission for 10Gbps and beyond
2006-04-10 Sirenza acquires RF component manufacturer
Sirenza Microdevices announced that it had completed the acquisition of Premier Devices, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of complementary RF component products
2004-12-31 SiGe passive mixer tailored for 2.5G/3G apps
Maxim Integrated Products released what it claims as the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, SiGe passive mixer
2004-03-12 Oplink expands component lineup through Accumux acquisition
Optical component foundry and supplier Oplink Communications Inc. acquired privately held Accumux Technologies Inc. for an undisclosed sum, adding tunable dispersion compensation technology and modules to its photonic hardware offerings
2002-05-22 Maxim SiGe buffers/splitters reduce component count
The MAX9987 and MAX9988 SiGe LO buffers/splitters from Maxim Integrated Products provide 11dB output power variance while replacing four discrete amplifiers, a passive splitter and coupler, and biasing components
2003-12-15 IR IC cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC for automotive dc applications up to 6A.
2003-11-17 IR chip cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced its IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC that is designed for use in automotive dc apps.
2005-07-29 Highest performance 815MHz to 1000MHz SiGe passive mixer
Maxim Integrated Products released what it touts as the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, 815MHz to 1,000MHz SiGe passive mixer
2002-05-01 Finisar to purchase New Focus's passive optical product line
Fiber-optic solution provider Finisar Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the passive optical component product line of New Focus Inc.
2002-03-21 Fiber-optic component makers to merge
Avanex Corp. and Oplink Communications Inc. have agreed to combine their business operations. The merged company will be known as Avanex and it will be based in Fremont, California.
2007-05-14 Component, assembly markets weaken this year
Both the long-term and short-term forecasts compiled by the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association indicate that growth in the component and assembly markets will be slower in 2007 than it has been the last two years
2005-10-17 Component vendors address module challenges
Get a bird's eye view of the changes, challenges and opportunities facing optical component and subsystem vendors today
2005-06-14 Component orders dip in May, says ECA
Component orders took a small dip in May, continuing a pattern of up and down ordering activity over the first half of 2005, according to the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association (ECA
2008-07-15 Component arrays ease design, manufacturing
Novacap has introduced the Cap-Rack series of component arrays that integrate a custom selection of individual ceramic components into a single surface-mount package
2003-02-04 Cisco forges component road map
Looking to bring cohesion to its distributed operations, engineering, and supply-chain, executives at Cisco Systems Inc. hope to hammer out a set of three-year road maps by summer for the microprocessors, memories, ASICs, and other technologies they intend to use.
2008-01-24 815-1,000MHz SiGe passive mixer rolls for 2.5/3G base stations
Designed specifically for 2.5G/3G wireless-infrastructure applications, Maxim's MAX2029 815-1,000MHz SiGe passive mixer promises an unparalleled combination of linearity, noise performance and component integration.
2004-02-23 Photonics Center opens optical component lab
The Photonics Center at Boston University in the U.S. has opened an Integrated Optics Laboratory which will facilitate in the hybrid integration, device characterization, and measurement of active and passive photonics devices
2009-09-07 Atom companion PMIC cuts component count
Dialog Semiconductor Plc and Harman Becker have teamed to develop the DA6001 power management IC as a companion device for the Intel Atom processor.
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