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2007-08-22 Passive rejustor automates temperature compensation
Microbridge Technologies has introduced a passive rejustor that automates the adjustment process to compensate for temperature-induced drift using only analog components
2007-06-28 Integrated passive device tools target wireless apps
ON Semiconductor has launched its HighQ copper on silicon integrated passive device (IPD) manufacturing services along with IPD product design tools.
2004-09-23 CAMD ASIP device provides cost effective VGA port solution
CAMD developed an Application Specific Integrated Passive device that promises to provide a cost effective, single chip interface solution for VGA ports.
2009-11-12 USB IC supports all-passive audio accessories
The analog chip lowers power consumption and extends battery life by supporting all-passive audio accessories
2009-01-27 Space-saving HVArc Guard capacitors for passive snubber applications
The HVArc Guard high-voltage MLCCs combine high breakdown voltages, low impedance, and a wide operating frequency range in case sizes as small as 0805.
2015-10-22 Single-chip PON OLT device targets fibre service providers
The Broadcom BCM68620 offers support for both existing and next-generation fibre technologies under a common API to enable a unified system software design that can be applied to all PON protocols.
2004-12-31 SiGe passive mixer tailored for 2.5G/3G apps
Maxim Integrated Products released what it claims as the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, SiGe passive mixer
2014-05-30 Power management device integrates dual regulators
The MIC23099 from Micrel combines a 1MHz step-up converter capable of delivering 400mW of output power with a step-down converter that provides up to 30mA of output current.
2005-07-14 PIC MCUs expand with passive-keyless-entry, more peripherals
Microchip Technology has beefed-up its microcontroller line with four new product offerings, broadening out both its low- and high-end families into new 8bit apps.
2008-05-05 Passive switches support both DisplayPort, PCIe 2.0
Maxim's MAX4928A/MAX4928B passive switches route differential signals between a GMCH and either a PCIe 2.0 socket or DisplayPort connector
2013-09-24 Passive stylus for large capacitive touchscreens
Know the challenges for passive stylus developers to meet the performance requirements for using capacitive sensing technology on larger touchscreens
2014-09-19 Passive sol'n allows NFC interaction with electronic devices
The NXP NTAG I2C solution combines a contactless NFC interface with a contact I2C interface and on-board non-volatile memory to enable advanced device pairing and personalisation of electronic devices
2011-05-13 Passive mixers target communication apps
Analog Devices introduces the ADL5811 single-channel and ADL5812 dual-channel mixers for communication applications.
2009-06-12 Passive mixer tailored for UHF-900MHz devices
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has released the 50? PE4150 quad MOSFET core device, designed for mixer designs requiring low conversion loss and high linearity
2016-03-17 Passive mixer operates as up-down converter at 2 to 14 GHz
Capable of DC to 6 GHz, Linear Technology's LTC5548 supports wideband transmitters, microwave applications, LTE-advanced wireless services, radar systems, satellite modems and RF test equipment.
2009-01-28 Passive equalizers augment transmission performance
The new series of CH6000 passive equalizer devices were designed to enhance performance of high data-rate transmission media. These new devices are ideally suited for HDMI, DisplayPort and other high-speed cabling, and for FR4 PCBs used as backplane system interconnects
2002-10-15 Hitachi passive color LCD suits 3G phones
Hitachi Ltd's HD66768 passive color LCD systems supports 104-by-84 pixel screen sizes suitable for use in GSM and W-CDMA mobile phones
2005-07-29 Highest performance 815MHz to 1000MHz SiGe passive mixer
Maxim Integrated Products released what it touts as the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, 815MHz to 1,000MHz SiGe passive mixer
2007-12-14 GaAs MMIC has gain stage, passive doubler
Mimix Broadband Inc. has introduced an active doubler in an RoHS compliant 3mm x 3mm plastic QFN package that delivers 20dBm Pout and 35dBc fundamental suppression.
2012-06-15 Enable distributed device situational awareness through cloud-based data mgmt
Know how to manage clouds of sensors through situationally-aware distributed data management.
2004-03-15 EM Micro IC suits UHF passive transponder apps
The EM4223 chip from EM Micro is designed for use in UHF passive read-only transponder applications such as supply chain management and asset control
2015-03-11 ECC bumps up mobile device reliability, efficiency
Here is a look at how error correcting code enables enhanced memory density and bandwidth while maintaining power neutrality and reliability.
2004-06-21 Do passive components degrade audio quality in your portable device?
This app note discusses a test method consisting of a simple test circuit and readily available audio test equipment that can quantify the undesired effects of capacitors in the audio signal path.
2013-09-27 Device aims to cut the size of short-distance comms systems
The subharmonic passive mixer can convert a millimeter wave from one wavelength to another and operates at a frequency of 273GHz or 273 billion oscillations per second
2002-10-15 CMD device integrates 7, 8 channels of ESD protection
Two application-specific integrated passive products designed to provide ESD protection have been added to CMD's family of low-capacitance components
1999-06-29 Chip scale integrated passive devices for wireless applications
This paper deals with the integration of multiple channels of high-performance filters and ESD protection in a very small footprint that provides enhanced performance.
2003-04-04 Celeritek WCDMA PA eliminates passive components
The company's CHP2219-ML power amplifier module uses the "Passive-Free Technology," to eliminate the use of passive components
2002-01-18 AVX passive filters pack capacitor, inductor elements in one chip
The W2H/W3H series miniature ceramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant circuit filter device
2005-12-22 ASIP device replaces 22 components
CMD's CM2006 ASIP device provides the industry's first complete interface solution for VGA and DVI-I ports for digital consumer electronics and PC peripheral apps
2002-11-18 Testing passive components in optical devices
The article discusses the reliability, precision and repeatability of tests to avoid potential problems in the optic device production
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