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2009-11-12 USB IC supports all-passive audio accessories
The analog chip lowers power consumption and extends battery life by supporting all-passive audio accessories
2004-09-01 Understanding passive channel
It is imperative that engineers fully understand passive channel to tackle serial data transmission for 10Gbps and beyond
2007-06-18 Select the best topology for WLED drive electronics
Designers attempting to collapse the electronics required to drive LEDs into the base of a light bulb face major challenges. This article discusses how to meet these challenges when replacing older lighting technology with LEDs
2002-05-17 Richardson Electronics forms fiber-optic comms unit
Richardson Electronics Ltd, a provider of engineered solutions for RF and wireless communications, has formed a fiber-optic communications business unit
2008-11-27 RC helicopter flies light with few electronics
Heading into the holiday season, toys come to mind and so we examine an interesting remote-control (RC) device, in the form of Revell's RC helicopter.
2014-09-19 Passive sol'n allows NFC interaction with electronic devices
The NXP NTAG I2C solution combines a contactless NFC interface with a contact I2C interface and on-board non-volatile memory to enable advanced device pairing and personalisation of electronic devices.
2011-07-05 Passive array NVM targets secure docs
Thin Film has developed a passive array non-volatile printable plastic memory that is intended for secure documents
2014-08-14 MIT blazes power electronics trail
Several of its work on ultra high-frequency conversion and ultraminiaturized converters feature size reductions and efficiency improvements for applications including giant server farms, lamps, and handheld devices.
2003-05-22 Jaco Electronics to acquire Reptron Electronics assets
Jaco Electronics has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire certain assets of Reptron Distribution, a division of Reptron Electronics Inc
2012-08-30 Integrated overvoltage, overcurrent devices for consumer electronics
TE Connectivity's PolyZen CE, which targets tablets and other portable consumer electronics, claim to offer significant performance advantages over discrete solutions using fuses, Zeners and other passive devices.
2002-04-22 GSI Lumonics ships laser trimmer for embedded passive components
GSI Lumonics Inc. has released the TrimSmart EP1000 laser trimmer for the adjustment of embedded passive components in PCBs
2002-03-22 electronicChina draws largest electronics show participation in China
electronicChina show review: Messe M|nchen GmbH has successfully staged the first-ever electronicChina show at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 12 to 15, 2002.
2002-04-29 Duncan Electronics position sensor is <8mm thick
The Non-Contacting Angular Position Sensor (NCAPS) 7000 series from Duncan Electronics measures <8mm thick without housing, providing a thin profile solution for motion control, rotary position, or steering angle sensing
2008-02-15 Chengdu seals claim as major electronics hub
IIC-China comes to Chengdu City for the first time, sealing the city's claim as a major electronics hub
2013-08-20 Chemical industry makes headway in printed electronics
An IDTechEx report addresses the need for chemical firms entering the electronic product space to identify the most profitable functional compounds and elements needed including allotropes of carbon.
2004-03-25 Centillium plans double play in passive optical net ICs
Centillium Communications Inc.'s new optical business unit is developing chipsets for emerging passive optical networking (PON) applications
2007-11-28 Car safety electronics go for system-level approach
A promising market awaits those chip and EDA companies that help carmakers meet the demand for safety, comfort and infotainment using fewer MCUs by way of a system-level, whole-vehicle approach to design and electronics integration
2002-01-18 AVX passive filters pack capacitor, inductor elements in one chip
The W2H/W3H series miniature ceramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant circuit filter device.
2007-09-26 Avnet acquires European passive component distributor
Avnet Inc. has entered an agreement to acquire Betronik GmbH to strengthen its position in the European interconnect, passive and electromechanical components distribution market
2013-03-20 Nose' sensors for wearable electronics in development
Nanotech developer Peratech has teamed up with the London College of Fashion to develop wearable electronics which will be used to detect when the wearer is ill or tired
2000-05-08 Fluorescent Ballast Design Using Passive P.F.C. and Crest Factor Control
Electronic ballasts are generally required to comply with power quality specifications such as IEC-1000-3. There are two basic categories of power-factor improvement circuits, namely active and passive
2013-08-07 Distributed power in portable electronics
Know the concepts for portable appliances using switchable power supplies to control peripheral functions.
2016-03-01 Connectors pave way for high-speed electronics
TE Connectivity recently unveiled its connectors that claim to provide an integrated module thermal solution that allows 30 per cent better thermal performance than QSFP28 solutions.
2008-09-12 Vishay sweetens IR takeover bid to $1.7B
Amid lowered forecast by some and a sudden slowdown for discrete semiconductors, Vishay Intertechnology has increased its bid to acquire International Rectifier for $1.7 billion.
2012-04-17 Murata buys wireless firm
The passive electronics components firm has announced a definitive agreement to buy RF Monolithics in an all-cash transaction targeted to close in 3Q12.
2004-06-30 KEMET breaks ground of second facility in Suzhou
KEMET Corp. has recently held the ground breaking of its second production facility in Suzhou, China. Components produced in this facility will enhance the company's position in tantalum products.
2005-01-07 Wireless transmitter/amplifier works without audio degradation
Amphony's 5.8GHz digital wireless audio transmitter/amplifiers are capable of transmitting audio to loudspeakers wirelessly and without any audio degradation.
2009-12-22 Wireless audio module suits home, portable apps
Kleer Inc. has released its flagship KLR3012 wireless audio module, which contains new technology to support both portable audio devices and home audio equipment.
2006-02-03 Walsin acquires 85% stake at Kamaya Electric
Walsin Technology recently announced its acquisition of 85.84 percent of Japan-based Kamaya Electric, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corp.
2013-10-08 Uses of copper barrier capacitors in medical field
Read about the growing demand for capacitors for use in a various medical devices.
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