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What is a passive infrared sensor (PIR)?
A Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor is an electronic device that measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view.
PIR sensors are often used in the construction of PIR-based motion detectors. Apparent motion is detected when an infrared
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2004-12-08 PIR (passive infrared) detector using st7flite05/09/superlite
This app note explains how to design a low cost PIR detector (human motion detector) using the ST7FLITE05 (09) microcontroller family.
2011-09-20 Passive infrared sensing with RS08KA MCU
Learn about the implementation of passive infrared motion detector using Freescale's RS08KA microcontroller family.
2003-02-21 DRS to design, develop sensing systems for U.S. Navy
DRS Technologies Inc. has received a contract to design and develop active and passive infrared sensing systems for the vertical integrated sensor arrays program of DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office.
2004-10-19 Omron IR thermosensor provides accurate measurement
Omron introduced a new infrared thermosensor that provides an accurate, highly stable and cost-effective way to measure the temperature of objects
2008-09-02 IR turns down Vishay's takeover offer
Fighting to stay independent, International Rectifier Corp. has dismissed the unsolicited takeover bid by rival Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
2009-04-21 30?m IR detector handles low input signals
Sofradir has demonstrated the new Avalanche Photodiode (APD) mid-TV format IR detector for amplifying low input signal.
2010-07-01 MCUs offer enhanced motion detection capabilities
The Zilog ZMOTION microcontrollers are designed for the rapid development and deployment of products requiring control based on passive infrared motion detection.
2014-04-11 RGB laser device boasts infinite contrast ratio
EpiCrystal's multi-colour laser light source utilises a gallium arsenide-based infrared semiconductor laser diode which enables bright true colours and infinite contrast ratio
2010-02-02 IPG ventures into IR lasers with new acquisition
IPG Photonics has acquired outstanding shares of Photonics Innovations Inc., a maker of active and passive laser materials and tunable lasers
2006-09-14 Tiny solid-state relay delivers bounce-free switching
Using an optical medium, Vishay's new miniature 1-Form-A solid-state relay provides clean, bounce-free switching for indoor security, instrumentation and industrial control systems.
2012-05-22 Startup develops WiFi node for IoT
Electic Imp's innovation combines standardization on WiFi and on a physical format based on the SD memory card socket. But it also offers a system partition that helps reduce costs for product developers.
2014-10-30 Smart sensor touts multiple programmable features
Forza and Lattice have teamed to develop a smart sensor platform in which the sensor is integrated with a low-power MachXO2-7000 FPGA from Lattice.
2005-04-01 Sensor beefs up measuring angle, distance ranges
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas claims to offer the industry's first 5-beam wide-angle sensors, featuring a wide-area triangulation sensing capability.
2015-06-10 Role of sensors in industrial Internet revolution
The wide variety of sensors now available can help simplify design-in, minimise integration challenges, and help engineers deliver attractive and easy-to-use smart sensors to market at competitive prices.
2014-06-18 DSP delivers up to 800 MMACs at less than 1W
The device features up to 1MB of internal SRAM, eliminating the need for external memory for applications that require RISC-like programmability, multimedia support, and advanced signal processing.
2003-10-13 Vishay rolls out film caps, optocoupler, transformers
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released its new line of products that include thin-film chip and wire capacitors, optocoupler, and current-sensing transformers.
2013-05-30 Touchscreen controller improves gloved finger tracking
Gen4 utilises Cyprus' patented ability to execute both self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance measurements in the same device, enabling glove tracking, stylus support, and face detection features.
2010-01-21 Setting the stage for 3D TV
The consumer electronics industry is looking at its future through a pair of stereo 3D glasses. The left eye sees an opportunity to revive sagging TV and media revenues, the right eye sees a set of unresolved technical issues.
2014-07-24 Self-cooling PV cells offer mass-market appeal
A group of researchers discovered a way to let solar cells cool by themselves by adding a specially patterned layer of silica glass to the surface of ordinary solar cells.
2015-02-23 RF circuits to go beyond 100GHz
The development of cell phones, Wi-Fi and the similarly situated licence-free ISM 2.4GHz band has driven availability of all the pieces needed to live and prosper in region above 1GHz.
2014-02-19 Quantum cascade THz laser tops power record at 1W
University of Leeds researchers have built a compact quantum cascade terahertz laser, using a semiconductor material of between 1,000 and 2,000 layers.
2007-01-01 Making sense of light sensors
This article looks at the array of available light sensors, covering trade-offs in resolution, dynamic range and cost.
2014-01-02 IR sensor firm targets smartphone space
Pyreos, a former Siemens company, raised $4 million aimed at design wins for the smartphone and tablet market.
2007-04-02 Improve car safety with smart sensors
Designed to either increase accident avoidance or reduce crash severity, ADAS is touted by automotive analysts as the top new technology for 2010. ADAS applications use various sensors to collect physical data about the vehicle and its surroundings.
2015-04-28 Exploring the failure analysis process
Determining the root cause of electronic system failures requires a disciplined and systematic analytical process, along with sophisticated tools for testing and visualizing the behaviours of sample devices.
2011-12-01 Euro project to up THz sensor capability
The TeraTOP project aims to develop a device that can reduce the cost and improve the capability of terahertz (THz) imaging in security applications.
2013-09-27 Enable depth discernment in embedded vision apps
Explore the depth sensor technology alternatives available for building vision applications with the ability to sense objects in three dimensions.
2011-10-01 Employing SoC for cost-effective 3D designs
Here's a look at the current 3D active shutter architectures vis-à-vis the next generation solutions now available.
2013-08-23 BinOptics' optical engine claims to maintain Moore's law
BinOptics recently incorporated its Etched Facet Technology into a range of silicon photonic applications and aims to overcome cost, yield and performance barriers.
2005-02-21 Asuka rolls out two DTV modules
Asuka Semiconductor has developed a series of DTV (digital TV) related system modules based on DVB-T SoCs.
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