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What is a passive infrared sensor (PIR)?
A Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor is an electronic device that measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view.
PIR sensors are often used in the construction of PIR-based motion detectors. Apparent motion is detected when an infrared
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2002-03-27 Yageo inks passive components deal with eMachine
Taiwan-based Yageo Corp. has signed a one year strategic supplier agreement with U.S.-based computer and telecom vendor eMachine.
2004-11-25 Yageo enters NT$2.5B deal for passive component boost
Seeking to expand its medium- and long-term passive component manufacturing arm, Yageo Corp. recently entered a NT$2.5 billion ($77.08 million at NT$32.44:$1) syndicated loan financed by ten banks.
2002-11-06 Verrillon acquires ADC's passive components unit
Verrillon Inc. has acquired ADC's passive photonic components business unit in Canberra, Australia.
2009-11-12 USB IC supports all-passive audio accessories
The analog chip lowers power consumption and extends battery life by supporting all-passive audio accessories.
2004-09-01 Understanding passive channel
It is imperative that engineers fully understand passive channel to tackle serial data transmission for 10Gbps and beyond.
2009-06-01 TS613 as driver for ADSL line interface - a single supply implementation with passive or active impedance matching
ADSL is a new modem technology that converts the existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications. ADSL transmits more than 8Mbit/s to a subscriber, and can reach 1Mbps from the subscriber to the central office.
2009-06-02 TS612 as driver for ADSL line interfacesa single supply implementation with passive or active impedance matching
ADSL is a new modem technology that converts the existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications.
2002-11-18 Testing passive components in optical devices
The article discusses the reliability, precision and repeatability of tests to avoid potential problems in the optic device production.
2007-02-01 Test passive RFID tags with RTSA
This article discusses the testing challenges facing the designer of an RFID communication systemregulatory testing, standards conformance, and optimization with a focus on passive RFID tags.
2002-12-09 Temperature compensation for passive LCD Panels
This application note describes how to implement a Temp. compensation with the JUMP LCD controller family.
2012-07-20 Telecom giants push for 40 Gbit/s passive optical networks
The Full Service Access Network has narrowed down mored than a dozen proposals that call for the use of time and wavelength division multiplexed technology.
2005-10-12 ST boosts passive integration
Swiss-based semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics has unveiled the first details of a technology the company said significantly increases junction capacitance density in thin-film passive integration.
2009-01-27 Space-saving HVArc Guard capacitors for passive snubber applications
The HVArc Guard high-voltage MLCCs combine high breakdown voltages, low impedance, and a wide operating frequency range in case sizes as small as 0805.
2004-12-31 SiGe passive mixer tailored for 2.5G/3G apps
Maxim Integrated Products released what it claims as the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, SiGe passive mixer.
2002-05-09 Rigid-flex PCB, passive component prices to remain steady
According to C. C. Tung, vice chairman of Compeq Mfg Co. Ltd, the prices of rigid-flex PCBs and passive components will not increase this year.
2006-12-01 Powering passive OLED displays in handhelds
OLED is an emerging technology that is set to revolutionize displays, offering a number of advantages over LCDs.
2004-12-08 PIR (passive infrared) detector using st7flite05/09/superlite
This app note explains how to design a low cost PIR detector (human motion detector) using the ST7FLITE05 (09) microcontroller family.
2005-07-14 PIC MCUs expand with passive-keyless-entry, more peripherals
Microchip Technology has beefed-up its microcontroller line with four new product offerings, broadening out both its low- and high-end families into new 8bit apps.
2008-09-15 PCIe passive switches ready for next-gen data rates
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX4889B/MAX4889C ultrahigh-speed, 1:2 or 2:1 PCIe passive switches.
2008-05-05 Passive switches support both DisplayPort, PCIe 2.0
Maxim's MAX4928A/MAX4928B passive switches route differential signals between a GMCH and either a PCIe 2.0 socket or DisplayPort connector.
2010-04-08 Passive switches ease DisplayPort signal routing
Maxim Integrated Products rolls out the MAX4998 two-lane and MAX14998 four-lane ultrahigh-speed, DisplayPort passive switches with separate AUX and HPD controls.
2013-09-24 Passive stylus for large capacitive touchscreens
Know the challenges for passive stylus developers to meet the performance requirements for using capacitive sensing technology on larger touchscreens.
2014-09-19 Passive sol'n allows NFC interaction with electronic devices
The NXP NTAG I2C solution combines a contactless NFC interface with a contact I2C interface and on-board non-volatile memory to enable advanced device pairing and personalisation of electronic devices.
2006-12-15 Passive RFID market trips on 'vicious circle'
The market for passive RFID labelsparticularly UHF labelshas not yet posted growth as industry stakeholders had hoped.
2007-08-22 Passive rejustor automates temperature compensation
Microbridge Technologies has introduced a passive rejustor that automates the adjustment process to compensate for temperature-induced drift using only analog components.
2008-04-09 Passive parts enable PCIe 2.0 switching
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX4888A/MAX4889A high-speed PCIe passive switches capable of switching data at a signaling data rate of 5Gbit/s.
2001-03-27 Passive Optical Network As The Ultimate Solution For Broadband Access
This paper reviews current related technological development that has impact on Passive Optical Network (PON). It defines PON from physical layer and media access layer as it has currently been implemented.
2005-04-12 Passive optical fiber deployment to grow 310 Percent by 2008
The race by worldwide telecommunications carriers to roll out passive optical network (PON) fiber is creating a boom in the market, with shipments projected to jump 310 percent from $525 million in 2004 to $2.2 billion in 2008, according to a report from Infonetics Research.
2011-05-13 Passive mixers target communication apps
Analog Devices introduces the ADL5811 single-channel and ADL5812 dual-channel mixers for communication applications.
2009-06-12 Passive mixer tailored for UHF-900MHz devices
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has released the 50? PE4150 quad MOSFET core device, designed for mixer designs requiring low conversion loss and high linearity.
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