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2007-08-20 WIPO: Northeast Asia posts strong growth in patent filings
According to the WIPO patent report, worldwide patent application filings hit a 4.7 percent annual growth rate, with Northeast Asia posting the highest growth.
2006-05-29 Will Creative's patent suit sour Apple's core
Creative recently filed a patent suit against Apple, claiming the user interface in the iPod directly infringes upon a patent used in its own portable media players
2008-04-18 U.S. patent applications up, quality down
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reported the declining quality of U.S. patent applications it has seen since 2000 as more applicants attempt to game the system
2011-06-29 U.S. Congress' patent reforms draw mixed reactions
While large electronics firms hailed the patent reforms, particularly the minimization of unjustifiable patents, individual investors called them a bill about influence, ignorance and indifference
2004-02-02 TRIPs drives China to amend patent laws and policies
When China first bid for WTO membership, its intellectual property-related laws were one of the main obstacles to joining the organization.
2005-11-29 TiVo Files Patent For RFID Personal Video Recorder
TiVo Inc. has filed a patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month that suggests company inventors believe RFID technology will become inserted into clothing, jewelry, key chains, and even under the skin in the body.
2008-06-02 The rise of Asia's patent applications
In a year that saw a record number of filings under the World Intellectual Property Organization Patent Cooperation Treaty, inventors from South Korea and China consolidated their top 10 positions in 2007
2004-05-05 Tensilica patent claims voided
In an unusual result to an increasingly frequent procedure, a U.S. Patent Office examiner has re-examined and rejected all 104 claims in Tensilica Inc.'s keystone patent 6,477,683
2008-07-03 Sony patent filings point to touchscreen innovations
Sony Corp. may be exploring the development of a potential game-oriented touchscreen device that could also be a communicator, according to a couple of U.S. patent applications
2007-06-14 Sony cooks up gaming phone, applies for patent
Sony Ericsson has applied for a U.S. patent for a mobile device with video game features, but disclosed it is not yet ready to launch the phone based on its PlayStation Portable video game brand
2007-09-21 Patent portfolio stirs up Google phone talks anew
A report by Evaluaserve on a concealed competitive intelligence about Google's patent portfolio ignited speculations that the search engine giant is planning on a mobile phone
2007-08-07 Patent filing points to voice interface for iPhone
An Apple patent application at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office reveals that the company is continuing its effort to develop a voice interface for general-purpose computing.
2011-09-21 Navigating through the changes in the new U.S. patent law
Knowing how the changes of the new U.S. patent law will affect IP strategies and practices will help inventors and patentees navigate the patent law shifts
2012-04-10 Intel shells out $120M in patent buy
The chip maker has acquired about 190 patents, 170 patent applications and next-generation video codec software from RealNetworks
2014-01-21 IBM, Samsung, Qualcomm lead 2013 top patent recipients
Google and Apple broke into the top 20 for the first time: number 11 Google had 1,851, and number 13 Apple had 1,775 patents issued.
2007-12-14 EU implements revised patent convention
The European Patent Office has carried out the revised European Patent Convention that governs patent applications in the 32 European Union member states
2004-12-08 Boe Hydis grants Hitachi a wide viewing tech patent
Boe Hydis Technology Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of high-end TFT-LCD, has entered into an agreement with Hitachi Displays Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, to grant a license under the patents regarding its own wide viewing angle technology called FFS (fringe field switching).
2007-11-16 Bird's eye view of patent playground
The executives and engineers who know and understand the ever-changing patent landscape of the semiconductor industry are in a unique position. They sit atop it all, able to see their company in relation to others, aware of what everybody is doing and where best to go to protect and enhance the value of their company
2014-02-19 Apple's Flexible Displays patent reveals future bezel-free devices
Apple has filed a patent that reduces the border on the display of a device
2007-05-17 Apple patent filing hints touchscreen for iPods
Apple's recently filed patent application indicates the company may be considering the use of a touchscreen on devices other than the iPhone, such as iPods.
2008-04-22 Apple patent applications: iGlasses anyone
Apple last week filed two patent applications that describe improvements in head-mounted displays, which typically combine one or two small display screens with magnifying lenses inside a helmet or glasses
2005-07-13 ABAT files patent for nano-lithium-ion battery
Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. (ABAT), a developer and manufacturer of rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion (PLI) batteries, has filed a patent application for its nano-lithium-ion (NLI) battery.
2011-09-16 Understanding the new U.S. patent law
Many of the reforms are good housekeeping measures, but others have more substantive impact on the patent programs for technology companies
2011-09-12 U.S. Senate passes patent reform bill
After a decade, the U.S. Senate has finally agreed to pass the patent reform bill, whose impact will still be widely debated
2008-02-12 U.S. Patent Reform Act faces opposition
The Patent Office Professional Association and 13 other unions are opposing the proposed Patent Reform Act and has urged the U.S. Senate to block this legislation
2007-09-10 U.S. patent examiners against patent reform proposal
A group representing patent examiners and professionals in the United States said that the patent reform proposal now in the U.S. Congress would hurt the American patent approval process
2003-09-08 Sirenza obtains additional amplifier patent
Sirenza Microdevices has received U.S. patent No. 6,611,172 entitled "Thermally Distributed Darlington Amplifier.&quot
2003-08-12 Silicon Metrics wins key patent
Silicon Metrics Corp. has won a U.S. patent on some of the core technology used in its EDA characterization and modeling software
2009-08-05 PMICs are application-independent
Wolfson Microelectronics has released the WM83xx power management IC (PMIC) line consisting of three devices that are processor-agnostic and application independent
2010-12-22 PCB thermal management tech gets US patent
Viasystems' thermal management system for PCBs utilizes a copper heatsink as an integral part of the board rather than as an attachment. It holds US patent no. 7,741,566 B2
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