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2016-01-29 Western Digital acquires more than 100 patents from IBM
Patents acquired by WD are in distributed storage, object storage, and emerging non-volatile memory, allowing the company to drive value creation for the company and its customers.
2002-12-30 UNOVA sells WLAN patents to Broadcom
UNOVA Inc. has sold about 150 of its domestic and foreign patents and patent applications to Broadcom Corp. for about $24 million.
2007-10-01 U.S., U.K. partner up on patents
Patent offices in the United States and the United Kingdom have announced a trial program geared to streamline the process of obtaining a patent in the countries.
2002-02-26 U.S. Government IP hearings to cover chip, software patents
Government regulators will hold four days of public hearings next week at the University of California, Berkeley, on a range of IP issues, including hardware, software, and semiconductor patents.
2007-08-09 U.S. court strips Qualcomm of rights to two patents
The U.S. federal court in San Diego, California has ruled that Qualcomm had engaged in aggravated litigation misconduct and standards abuse with respect to two Qualcomm patents that relate to digital video technology.
2008-09-22 TV big shots lack stereo 3D patents
LG, Matsushita, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba currently have no significant patents on stereo 3D, according to an initial patent search by EE Times.
2010-09-06 Trident to license foundational MEMC patents
Trident Microsystems Inc. announced plans to pursue license agreements with TV OEMs and consumer electronics semiconductor providers for several of its Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation (MEMC) patents. Trident Microsystems Inc. announced plans to pursue license agreements with TV OEMs and consumer electronics semiconductor providers for several of its Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation (MEMC) patents. These MEMC patents are essential to enhancing picture quality of LCD displays in televisions, computer monitors, tablet computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics devices.
2003-09-30 Tri-Vision licenses patents to Eastech
Tri-Vision Int. Ltd has signed its 16th non-exclusive license for its U.S. V-chip patents with Eastern Asia Technology Ltd, Singapore.
2003-07-28 Toshiba obtains license to Honeywell LCD patents
Toshibahas licensed two Honeywell U.S. patents relating to LCDs.
2003-07-22 TI licenses Sendo smartphone patents
Texas Instruments has entered into a smartphone patent licensing technology agreement with Sendo.
2002-02-04 Three-Five Systems acquires Zight patents, assets
LCD maker Three-Five Systems Inc. has completed the acquisition of all of the intellectual property and selected assets of Zight Corp., a LCoS microdisplay company formerly known as Colorado Microdisplay.
2011-12-30 Tessera subsidiary acquires 73 memory chip patents
Invensas has acquired 73 memory chip patents from MoSys that are worth $35 million.
2003-02-12 Tegal receives two patents for new etch methods
Tegal Corp. has obtained U.S. Patents Nos. 6,492,280 and 6,500,314 for producing sub-0.155m devices via a unique apparatus and solid source method.
2002-01-07 Taiwan's NSC wins three U.S. patents for lithium batteries
Taiwan's National Science Council (NSC) has received three U.S. patents for its polyurethane-based polymeric electrolyte, polymeric composite electrolyte and triple-polymer based composite electrolyte lithium batteries.
2004-05-11 Sony, Nichia agree on laser diode cross-license patents
Sony Corp. has forged an agreement with Nichia Corp. on the cross licensing of their blue-violet laser diodes used in rewritable optical memory discs.
2002-01-22 SMSC receives license for I2C patents
Standard Microsystems Corp. (SMSC) has agreed with Philips Corp. to settle their patent dispute related to U.S. Patent No. 4,689,740.
2008-08-11 SiRF asks for reexamination of Broadcom patents
SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. has completed filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office respective Requests for Ex-Parte Reexamination of each of the four patents that Broadcom recently asserted against SiRF.
2003-10-21 Silicon Lab acquires PCTEL patents
Silicon Laboratories and PCTEL have agreed to amend an existing licensing agreement and to transfer key patents.
2006-01-05 SigmaTel acquires MP3 patents, expends IP strategy
SigmaTel Inc. disclosed that it has acquired the original MP3 player design patents and is expanding its intellectual property licensing program.
2010-11-05 Sidense asks USPTO to check Kilopass patents
The company, a licensor of one-time-programmable fuse-based memory IP, has petitioned the United States Patent and Trademark Office to invalidate one-transistor memory patents granted to Kilopass.
2006-02-14 Sharp, ChiMei to cross license LCD patents
Sharp Corp. and Chi Mei Optoelectronics have disclosed they have reached an agreement to cross-license their respective LCD patents. Both companies plan to iron out details on the five-year contract in March.
2004-01-06 Sequence wins power, inductance patents
Adding to its patent portfolio, Sequence Design has been awarded U.S. patents for RTL power analysis and extraction of parasitic mutual inductance.
2004-04-02 Sequence claims key optimization patents
Sequence Design has announced four new patents that cover key analysis and optimization technology, according to the company.
2005-04-19 Sanyo, Sharp join DVD6C for licensing DVD patents
The DVD6C Licensing Group (DVD6C) announced that Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd and Sharp Corp. have joined its worldwide joint licensing program.
2015-12-07 Samsung to pay $548M for infringing iPhone patents
Outside the courtroom, Apple and Samsung continue to go head-to-head in the market for smartphones and tablets with annual product releases aimed to leapfrog each other.
2005-01-20 Samsung to license Mosaid patents, settling lawsuit
Mosaid Technologies Inc. said Tuesday (Jan. 18) it has settled its patent suit with Samsung Electronics Co. in the District Court of New Jersey, with Samsung agreeing to license Mosaid's portfolio of DRAM patents.
2004-08-31 Samsung to license disputed patents from Genesis Micro
Genesis Microchip Inc. has entered a licensing agreement with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, under which Samsung will receive a license to the Genesis patents that were the subject of Genesis's litigation in the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).
2005-12-09 Samsung SDI sues Matsushita over PDP patents
Samsung SDI disclosed that it has filed a civil lawsuit against Matsushita Electric in U.S. federal court alleging that the Japanese consumer electronics giant and its U.S. subsidiary infringed Samsung's plasma display patents.
2013-10-17 Rising trend in technology patents for renewable energy
The study from MIT and SFI shows that investments in research and development, as well as in the growth of markets for renewable energy, have helped to spur the dramatic growth in innovation.
2009-11-24 Qualcomm, MediaTek share CDMA, W-CDMA patents
Qualcomm and MediaTek have made a patent arrangement to share each other's CDMA and W-CDMA IC technology.
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