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2012-10-10 ST to provide sensor tech for remote monitoring system
The BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System is enabled by ST hardware and software technology that includes MEMS, STM32 microcontrollers, and analogue components with advanced ST-proprietary algorithms
2010-07-21 Data systems for patient monitoring grows in Europe
The Europe market for data management systems used in patient monitoring earned revenues of $126.8 million in 2009, according to Frost & Sullivan.
2011-05-27 Analog Devices, MIT develop patient monitoring devices
Analog Devices Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are collaborating to develop advanced technology for next-generation patient monitoring devices that can be used at home.
2012-08-21 A closer look at ADS1298 AFE for health monitoring
Chips from Texas Instruments have been playing a crucial role in the evolution of vital signs monitoring systems
2011-06-20 Improving the design of patient monitors
Learn about the system-level concerns when working with key medical instrumentation signals.
2012-04-16 Improve medical electronics by focusing on patient experience
Drug-device combination products illustrate how patients now care more about ease of use, discretion, and design in medical devices.
2013-11-07 Implantable sensor to enable long-term medical monitoring
MIT researchers developed carbon nanotubes that detect nitric oxide can be implanted under the skin for more than a year.
2008-08-22 Belgian tech firms improve health monitoring
IMEC and i.Know NV have developed on a technology that provides real-time relevant medical data extraction
2005-03-08 TI MCU, analog technology adopted in Recom heart monitoring system
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI)'s MSP430F149 ultra-low power microcontroller (MCU) and analog technologies are key elements for Recom Managed Systems Inc. battery powered high-fidelity biomedical signal processing and recording platform.
2014-01-06 Brain pressure monitoring sensor improves hydrocephalus outcome
Once the sensor is implanted into the patient's brain with the shunt system, physicians could read out brain pressure using a hand-held meter: within seconds, anytime and without complex investigation
2011-10-12 What you should know about wireless body area networks
Wireless standards groups and the IEEE are embracing body area network (BAN) technology as it is touted as a solution for spiralling health care costs and provider shortages.
2012-07-10 Wearable medical devices to surge in 2017
Some of the applications of the device include tracking the pace of someone's daily run, recognizing a fall that might have injured a senior, reporting blood sugar levels in a diabetic and monitoring the heart rate of a patient in hospital.
2010-03-02 Reasearch aims to improve healthcare delivery
GE Healthcare, Intel and Mayo Clinic are investigating a new model of healthcare delivery for patients at risk of rehospitalization to meet patients' needs where they are, including their homes.
2013-09-05 Medical-grade display market to grow 30% in 2017
Medical-grade display revenue is forecast to rise to $3.2 billion in 2017, up 29 per cent from $2.5 billion in 2012, according to IHS.
2008-08-05 Freescale, Monebo tip ECG-on-a-chip solution
Freescale Semiconductor and Monebo Technologies have forged a partnership to deliver a comprehensive platform for medical equipment using electrocardiogram technology.
2012-12-11 Energy Micro, LNI to offer MCU design for medical systems
Using a standard EFM32 starter-kit and HealthLink PC tools, the design includes a USB driver and communications protocol stack certified by Continua Health Alliance.
2013-05-07 Disposable wireless sensors to see higher demand
With shipments forecasted to reach five million in 2018, ABI Research said disposable wireless MBAN sensors will find many applications focused on patient monitoring.
2011-12-01 BAN: The answer to low-cost consumer health devices
BAN is seen to be the answer to spiraling health care costs and provider shortages. Because of this, wireless standards groups and the IEEE are embracing BAN technology.
2008-11-11 Intel tries its hand at home health care market
Intel on Monday formally took the wraps off its own branded home health care monitoring device and accompanying services package
2003-11-06 Philips, Epic partner on healthcare imaging solutions
Royal Philips Electronics and Epic Systems Corp. have signed an agreement to provide enterprise software, medical imaging and monitoring IT solutions that will integrate patient information enterprise-wide.
2007-10-12 Multibillion market awaits energy harvesting tech
In application areas as diverse as aircraft construction, personal health care monitoring systems or burglary detection systems, energy harvesting is on the verge of developing a market with a multibillion dollar potential
2008-03-03 MEMS gear up for medical mission
Microelectromechanical-system-based inertial and motion sensors are finding slots in medical applications, with demand fueled by implantable devices that must be highly reliable and very small, as well as by handheld devices for home monitoring and diagnostics
2010-03-30 Analog front-end tailored for portable medical apps
TI has developed a family of fully-integrated analog front-ends for portable and high-end ECG and EEG equipment, as well as patient monitoring and consumer medical applications.
2008-12-01 Telehealth age dawns
Remote monitoring using wireless technology is finally getting its interoperability act together worldwide. Telehealth technologies are being developed and deployed to reduce visits to hospitals and doctors' offices and improve patient health with lifestyle coaching.
2007-05-14 Study: iPods not for heart patients
A study presented by 17-year-old high school student found that iPods can cause cardiac pacemakers to malfunction by interfering with the electromagnetic equipment monitoring the heart
2016-04-19 Sensors, smartphone, cloud advance telemedicine tech
The ACT from LifeWatch AG consists of a small pendant with four cardiac electrodes and a smartphone programmed to be the data pre-processor and communications link to the company's monitoring centres
2013-10-14 Chilean team bags top prize in 2013 Intel Global Challenge
Mobile Monitoring Station, a team of student entrepreneurs from Chile, invented a breakthrough system that uses portable sensors to collect valuable biomedical data about industrial workers
2013-03-06 Asia demand fuels diagnostic cardiology market growth
ECG systems used for portable heart monitoring will be a key product driving the expansion, with their revenue increasing by nearly 13 per cent from 2011to 2016
2008-07-09 AC/DC power supply gains ITE, medical safety approvals
Emerson Network Power has launched a high efficiency 100-150W AC/DC supply that features both information technology equipment (ITE) and non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical safety approvals
2008-09-01 AC/DC power supplies boast medical safety badge
Emerson Network Power has released a new series of high efficiency 250W AC/DC power supplies that feature both ITE and non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical safety approvals
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