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What are the steps in PCB design?
The input to the PCB design process is typically an electronic schematic and a list of parts that are to be used or the BOM. Modern PCB design is done on software or EDA tools that can be downloaded for free or bought from vendors. The output of the PCB design process is a set of files called Gerbers. These files are used by a fabricator to make the PCBs.
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2007-03-09 Taiwan company to set up PCB plant in China
Sinbon Electronics Co. Ltd, Taiwanese provider of electronic component integration design and manufacturing, announced plans to invest $2 million in the construction of a PCB plant in mainland China.
2006-12-19 Tactile switch allows PCB edge mounting
E-Switch has introduced the TL3320 right-angle, surface-mount tactile switch that allows for PCB edge mounting.
2014-09-18 Synopsys D-PHY slashes PCB area, power consumption by half
The solution boasts being the first D-PHY that is compliant to the MIPI Alliance D-PHY v1.2 specification, enabling operation speeds up to 2.5Gbit/s per lane.
2002-10-04 Syncron: Web-based solutions for PCB design
With the transition from mostly contract manufacturing to the design and production of their own brand products, Taiwan's electronics industry began purchasing a lot of EDA tools a decade ago. Today, Taiwan's electronics design industry is flourishing, with many engineers involved in designing high-end products. Numerous Taiwan companies now manufacture their products in China, where they also plan to move some of their design operations. However, as with other developed countries, the electronic industry in Taiwan is facing new challenges.
2002-10-04 Syncron: Web-based environment in PCB design
In the last 10 years, Taiwan has enjoyed steady growth in the semiconductor industry. Even with the current economic downturn, Taiwan continues to see the emergence of numerous (and diverse) fab-less semiconductor design companies. The IC designs coming from these businesses are taking advantage of the landmark achievements in semiconductor fabrication technology.
2006-04-17 Symmetry and spin-offs in high-speed PCB design
Through symmetry and spin-off analyses, methods of controlling impedance and reducing distortion can yield bonus signal integrity and EMC benefits.
2009-05-05 STMAV335 evaluation board and PCB layout recommendation
STMAV335 has three sets of 3 to 1 switches that are well suited for switching analog video signals on the back panel of TV sets or monitors.
2010-12-21 STB SoC ICs allow SD, HD to share same PCB design
ST's STi7162 for HD STBs and STi5262 for SD products possess identical pin assignments.
2004-12-13 Spectrum Control unveils latest solutions for PCB EMI
Spectrum Control introduced its complete line of surface mount filter solutions for addressing EMI at the PCB level.
2004-12-03 Soldering guidelines for module PCB mounting
This app note provides general guidelines for PCB second level interconnect design when assembling with Anadigics' module products.
2008-06-17 SOIC adapter stretches PCB lifespan
Logical Systems' SMT to thru-hole adapter for SOIC is being touted as is a simple solution to several electronic assembly problems.
2010-08-13 Software function optimizes PCB production
Siplace's Borrow Performance software function enhances the capabilities of its dual conveyor, optimizing it for the simultaneous production of PCBs with widely divergent placement contents.
2007-09-06 Software eases PCB, package designs
Simberian has updated its Simbeor software tool for PCB and package designs by synthesizing differential via-holes geometry for impedance-controlled high-speed channels.
2013-05-15 SMT bus converter touts PCB space savings
Ericsson's BMR456-SI is based upon the FRIDA II platform and promises unprecedented performance to system architects that are developing equipment for ICT applications.
2007-10-03 Small PCB antennas for Micrel RF products
There is a high demand for small PCB layouts and antennas that can be enclosed inside of a plastic box without the problem of having the aerial surface touching other objects or being bent.
2002-11-08 Simple Switcher PCB Layout Guidelines
This application note discusses quick-set rules for simple switcher PCB layout.
2003-05-23 Simmtech, Graphic Plc enter PCB supply agreement
Simmtech Co. Ltd has been appointed by U.K-based PCB fabricator Graphic Plc to provide them with multi-layer PCBs for network apps.
2015-03-18 Signal/power integrity device targets high-speed PCB design
The HyperLynx SI/PI tool from Mentor Graphics offers tools for pre- and post-layout signal integrity, timing, crosstalk and power integrity analysis to eliminate design re-spins.
2003-10-16 Signal integrity in multi-Gigabit PCB design
Discuss signal integrity considerations of multi-gigabit data rates, which can help hardware engineers understand SI issues in multi-gigabit PCB designs.
2006-02-06 Signal diode arrays save PCB space
TT electronics BI Technologies has introduced its RoHS-compliant D series of signal diode arrays in single inline packages to save space on PCBs.
2002-01-14 Shenzhen Huafa completes initial phase of PCB plant expansion
Shenzhen Huafa Electronics Co. Ltd has completed the first part of its plant expansion. According to the company, it has used $6.4 million to purchase equipment and improve the layout of the plant.
2004-04-30 Shenzhen Fast-print boosts multilayer PCB capacity
Shenzhen Fast-print Circuit Technology Co. Ltd is expanding its capacity by setting up a multilayer PCB facility in Shanghai.
2004-04-19 Sharp to build PCB plant in Mihara
Sharp Corp. will construct a manufacturing facility at their Mihara plant in Hiroshima, Japan at the end of this month in a bid to expand production capacity for PCBs.
2011-12-02 Serial flash boasts 80% less PCB space
Winbond's USON and WLBGA devices target mobile computing devices with densities from 512Kb to 16Mb.
2015-07-22 Sensor device slashes PCB space, smartphone BOM
The TMx4903 from Ams features multiple functions including universal remote control, barcode emulation, RGB colour sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection.
2012-05-30 Sensor cuts PCB out of automotive sensing modules
Melexis' dual mold MLX90364 Triaxis linear and angular position sensor integrates a 12bit resolution position sensing die and the decoupling capacitors.
2006-03-06 Seica flying probe system eases PCB test programming
Seica announced a new addition to its line of flying probe test systems to address the growing demand to provide cost-effective test solutions that will further enhance ease of programming, high fault coverage and fast throughput for PCB test.
2013-07-17 Saving embedded PCB design with forensic tech
Find out how forensics inspections can alleviate OEM concerns over maintaining high reliability for their systems and sub-systems.
2012-08-30 Sanmina-SCI Singapore PCB fab gets NADCAP accreditation
This certification recognizes the company's focus on meeting the highest levels of quality assurance for products developed for the aerospace industry.
2003-03-18 RSI upgrades CAMCAD PCB data prep tool
The latest version of Router Solution Inc.'s (RSI) CAMCAD PCB data preparation tool now includes support for over 45 ECAD readers.
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