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What are the steps in PCB design?
The input to the PCB design process is typically an electronic schematic and a list of parts that are to be used or the BOM. Modern PCB design is done on software or EDA tools that can be downloaded for free or bought from vendors. The output of the PCB design process is a set of files called Gerbers. These files are used by a fabricator to make the PCBs.
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2002-04-24 Matsushita, Ya Hsin enter PCB production agreement
Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd will commission the production of multilayer printed wiring boards sold by Matsushita to Taiwan-based Ya Hsin Ind. Co. Ltd (YHI).
2002-01-04 Management buyout rescues PCB maker
Scottish PCB and backplane manufacturer Signum Circuits Ltd has emerged from receivership through a management buyout, the company said.
2015-07-09 Manage thermal optimisation during PCB design
Learn about the development in computational fluid dynamics technology, which allows modifications to the thermal model, and thus frees up valuable engineering time for higher value activities.
2004-06-02 Mainland PCB industry makes full recovery
Mainland China's PCB industry recovered after a two-year recession.
2014-05-06 Linear voltage regulator minimises PCB area, component count
The regulators from Diodes Incorporated come in TO252-4 and PowerDI5060-8 TYPE B packages, and provide fixed 5V 2% output and 50mA drive capability.
2016-04-28 LED lighting interface IC slashes component count, PCB space
Aimed at LED lighting applications, Infineon's CDM10V is a single-chip interface IC can transform an analogue zero to 10V input into a PWM or dimming input signal required by a lighting controller.
2011-10-06 LED driver offers less PCB space
austriamicrosystems has released its AS1130 drivers, which control 132 LEDs and boasts of colorful effects, animations and extends battery life of up to 80 percent.
2014-03-27 Lean NPI solution automates PCB design and manufacturing
The Mentor Graphics Valor NPI software product helps NPI engineers prepare and validate product models according to the manufacturer's rule-set in the engineer's native design tool.
2003-05-13 Lattice rolls out PCB power management device
Lattice Semiconductor has announced the release of the Power604 device, which provides a complete solution for PCB power sequencing
2007-02-19 Korean engineers tout eco-friendly PCB prod technique
The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology announced that a team of engineers has developed an eco-friendly PCB production technique.
2002-01-09 Kingboard Chemical to acquire stake in PCB supplier
Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd and Legend Holdings Ltd have signed an agreement under which Kingboard will acquire 55 percent equity interests in Legend Techwise Circuits Ltd.
2013-03-19 JTAG translator allows PCB testing using IP cores
The CoreCommander for FPGAs, from JTAG Technologies, claims to offer a solution that allows engineers to bridge from the standard JTAG test and programming port to proprietary IP cores.
2003-12-08 Joint Tech PCB connectors offer 1.5mm pitch
Joint Tech Electronic Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its A1500 series of wire-to-board type PCB connectors.
2003-11-25 Jingwei PCB offers 0.0762mm line width
Specially designed for use in cellphones, the JW001 and JW007 series of double sided flexible PCBs from Changzhou Jingwei Ind. Electronic Factory are available with a minimum line space and line width of 0.0762mm.
2014-04-02 Issues in embedding components within PCB substrates
Embedding components within a PCB substrate provides a host of benefits, but this alternative approach demands support from the entire supply chain.
2011-01-26 IPC releases standard on PCB IP protection
With IPC-1071, IPC hopes to help the electronics industry save money by providing a single standard on IP protection to which PCB manufacturers can certify.
2008-09-13 Inverting LVDS Signals for Efficient PCB Layout in Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs
This application note shows how Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs, with just the inclusion of an inverter in the receiver datapath, can avoid excessive use of vias and fix accidental PCB trace swapping without requiring a PCB respin.
2003-01-16 Introlines PCB suits outdoor signs
The company's double-sided PCB strip for through-hole or surface-mount LEDs are suitable as replacements for neon lights used in outdoor apps.
2011-01-10 Internal pentaband PCB antenna has omnidirectional pattern
Laird Technologies' Revie Prime internal pentaband PCB antenna offers 824MHz to 960MHz & 1710MHz to 2170MHz multi-band operation. Omnidirectional pattern assists limitless wireless applications.
2003-03-14 Intercept spins entry level PCB tool
Intercept Technology is demonstrating a new entry-level configuration of its Pantheon Express PCB design tool.
2013-02-19 Intel delves into PCB moisture tracking
With industry research showing that moisture negatively affects PCB integrity and reliability, Intel's research team is looking for ways to improve the monitoring of moisture in PCBs.
2001-03-01 Integrating PCB layout with mechanical design
Learn how you can save time and reduce the potential for errors by putting the Intermediate Data Format to work on your next design project.
2011-06-07 Integrated switch saves PCB space
Avago Technologies has launched a new set of high-power switch and low noise amplifier modules for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE base transceiver station applications.
2011-02-15 Integrated CMF, ESD protection IC saves 50% PCB space
STMicro's ECMF02 and ECMF04 ICs that use the company's IPAD technology to combine the common-mode filtering and ESD protection designed to protect high-speed data lines.
2002-03-26 Innoveda announces new version of PCB routing tool
Innoveda has announced the availability of the PowerPCB version 5.0 equipped with BlazeRouter 5.0 and BlazeRouter HSD, which helps prevent signal integrity problems during the PCB layout process, and speed time-to-market of designs.
2001-05-28 Importing text from a file into ACCEL SCH or PCB
This application note describes a procedure that can be used to import small text files into ACCEL PCB or SCH using the Windows clipboard and the place text command in ACCEL.
2000-10-01 Implementing standard PCB data transfer
Generic Computer Aided Manufacturing (GenCAM) standard is targeted as a solution to the challenge of data transfer in PCB assembly and inspection.
2008-06-20 Implementing DDR2 PCB layout on the TMS320DM646x DSP
This application report from Texas Instruments contains implementation instructions for the DDR2 interface contained on the TMS320DM646x DSP device. The approach to specifying interface timing for the DDR2 interface is quite different than on previous devices.
2008-04-25 Implementing DDR2 PCB layout on the TMS320DM646x (Rev. A)
This document contains implementation instructions for the DDR2 memory controller interface contained in the TMS320DM646x DSP devices. The approach to specifying interface timing for the DDR2 interface is quite different than on previous devices.
2005-09-15 Huber + Suhner snap connector offers true 65GHz PCB link
Huber + Suhner has introduced a versatile 65GHz microcoax snap connector series that is designed for today's coaxial systems demanding connecting solutions up to 65GHz and digital transmissions reaching 40Gbps.
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