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What are the steps in PCB design?
The input to the PCB design process is typically an electronic schematic and a list of parts that are to be used or the BOM. Modern PCB design is done on software or EDA tools that can be downloaded for free or bought from vendors. The output of the PCB design process is a set of files called Gerbers. These files are used by a fabricator to make the PCBs.
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2014-07-22 2W wireless power receiver takes on wearable devices
The chip has a solution size requirement of less than 30mm2 and is fully compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC-1.1) standards.
2007-04-20 2Mbit FRAM chips offer high-speed data writing
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. is unveiling its two new 2Mbit ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) chips, the industry's 'highest' capacity FRAMs.
2008-09-16 25W, high-power PoE using the TPS2376-H
This document describes the characteristics, operation, and use of reference design PR567A demonstrating high-power PoE.
2014-08-12 25V dual-power MOSFET trims power losses by 5 per cent
The IRFHE4250D is housed in a 6x6 PQFN package, which boasts excellent thermal performance, low on-state resistance and gate charge.
2015-08-11 256Mb HyperFlash supports 333MB/s bandwidth
The device from Cypress is geared for high-performance applications, such as automotive instrument clusters, industrial automation, communication systems and medical equipment.
2009-01-13 2200?F capacitors fit USB express cards
AVX Corp. has launched a new high capacitance PulseCap capacitor in a low profile package designed for applications where bulk capacitance is needed to boost transmitter power.
2012-08-06 20w LED driver amplifies energy from low power sources
RECOM Electronic's LED driver provides high power from low voltage storage items such as batteries and solar panels
2010-06-22 20V bipolar transistors deliver increased power density
Diodes Inc. has released 20V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors packed in DFN1411-3 surface mount that deliver increased power density and efficiency of power management circuits.
2009-08-24 200mA LDO allows output current sharing
Linear Technology Corp. has released the latest member of a next-generation family of linear regulators, adjustable down to 0V with a single resistor and easily paralleled for higher current.
2008-12-19 200 Gbps silicon photonic integrated chip
To fully exploit the computing power of multi-core and many-core computers, there is a need of high-speed and high-capacity communication network that can manage enormous data transport among the cores and memories.
2007-08-31 2.4GHz transceiver makes for ultracompact USB dongle
Nordic Semiconductor releases the nRF24LU1, a single chip 2.4GHz transceiver that enables the implementation of ultracompact, high performance USB dongles for wireless peripherals.
2015-05-26 2.4GHz ceramic antenna takes on consumer electronics
The Weii is an omni-directional, SMD mounted dielectric antenna that can be used to add wireless connectivity to any small electronic device such as wearables, headsets and medical devices.
2011-05-03 2-channel IC for home theater systems and audio amplifiers
International Rectifier releases the IRS2052M, an integrated 2-channel IC ideal for high-performance audio devices.
2006-06-30 1W DC/DC converter suits industrial apps
TI said its new 1W, unregulated DC/DC converters in a tiny package feature 3kV isolation and are suitable for industrial applications.
2010-05-04 1GSps DAC supports multi-antenna wireless standards
ADI has released a 16bit high-speed quad DAC provides support for multi-antenna wireless communications standards requiring the large bandwidths.
2015-04-15 16bit magnetic sensor enables complex 3D sensor systems
The 30mm MLX90393 programmable magnetic sensor provides a platform for testing human machine interfaces and enables complex 3D sensing systems in joysticks or rotary knobs.
2007-03-16 16-channel LED driver features error diagnostics
austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS1110, a 16-channel, constant-current LED driver with error diagnostics for open and shorted LEDs.
2008-01-16 16-channel LED driver caters to full-color apps
austriamicrosystems has beefed up its LED driver portfolio with the release of the AS1112 16-channel LED driver aimed at full-color applications such as LED video displays, LCD TV backlighting, indoor/outdoor LED displays and large-size stadium displays.
2013-02-13 16-band ET RF front-end targets LTE handsets
The NCT-L1200 ET from Nujira is a multi-mode, multi-band (MMMB) ET reference design that claims to overcome the energy efficiency and frequency band challenges by mobile operators and OEMs.
2012-04-13 16, 24bit AFEs geared for medical applications
The ADS1298 family from TI now includes five single- and dual-channel analog front ends for portable biopotential measurement applications such as ECG and EEG.
2005-08-26 15W supplies target industrial apps
MicroPower Direct's HF15W-SPL family of 15W ac-dc power supplies are suited to industrial/process control equipment, data acquisition equipment, test and measurement instrumentation and telecommunications systems.
2005-08-22 15W supplies feed low-cost industrial solutions
MicroPower Direct's HF15W-SPL family of 15W ac-dc power supplies are suited to industrial/process control equipment, data acquisition equipment, test and measurement instrumentation, and telecommunications systems.
2010-09-21 15A DC/DC uModule regulator gives more power per mm2
Linear Technology introduced its LTM4627, a 15A DC/DC uModule regulator with onboard inductors, MOSFETs and supporting components in a 2.6g, 15 x 15mm and grid array (LGA) package.
2008-11-04 1394 CE PHY devices secure content
Texas Instruments has developed two consumer electronics 1394 (Firewire) link layer and integrated PHY devices for digitally interfacing advanced video applications with the highest level of content security.
2015-10-21 12-DOF smart sensor platform enables gesture recognition
Dialog Semiconductor and Bosch Sensortec joined forces to create the platform aimed at wearable computing devices and immersive gaming, including augmented reality, and 3D indoor mapping and navigation.
2009-12-07 12-/16bit ADCs generate less noise for medical apps
ADI's new ADCs offer 125Hz output data rate, generate less noise and consume 25 percent less current.
2010-08-24 12-/10-bit MxFEs cut base station power by 40%
The mixed-signal front end combined dual DAC and ADC devices also cut board space in femtocells and picocells for wireless base stations.
2007-01-04 11n transceiver delivers 'best' range, throughput
Airoha claims its AL8160, touted as the most integrated 802.11n MIMO transceiver, is guaranteed to provide the best range and throughput compared with older 802.11x technologies.
2006-08-17 10W DC/DC converters target telecom, embedded apps
Astrodyne's open-frame 5-, 7- and 10W DC/DC (isolated) converters, in the company's ASDH series, are designed specifically for telecom and embedded system applications.
2011-04-15 10A switchers offer low EMI
National Semiconductor introduces 12 Simple Switcher power modules, touted to be the first to drive up to 10A of output current.
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