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2005-06-01 Using ADSP-BF561 Blackfin processor flag pins to emulate the PCM interface
This app note discusses how to emulate the PCM interface using four programmable flag pins (GPIOs) of the ADSP-BF561 Blackfin processor.
2003-03-10 T7504 and T5504 Quad PCM Codecs with Filters
This application note discusses the digital and analog interfaces of the T7504 and T5504 PCM Codecs with filters.
2008-09-12 Synopsys, Ovonyx develop simulation model for PCM
Synopsys Inc. and Ovonyx Inc. have teamed up to develop of device simulation models for phase change memory (PCM) based on Ovonyx's PCM technology.
2001-04-16 Stereo PCM application user's guide for the CS492X family
This application note provides a stereo PCM application user's guide for the CS492X family of multi-channel decoders. It includes a brief description of hardware configuration and in-depth descriptions of the application messaging protocol, application control modules and application configuration examples.
2007-07-18 Stereo codec has dual PCM interfaces
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp. has launched the AK4671, a one-chip stereo codec featuring dual PCM interfaces for mobile device applications such as smartphones and portable navigation devices.
2013-05-21 ST advances PCM foray with NVM-embedded MCUs
STMicroelectronics plans to offer microcontrollers with embedded non-volatile memory as it advances its phase-change memory venture, according to CTO Jean-Marc Chery.
2009-06-26 Samsung, Numonyx tie-up on PCM
Samsung Electronics and Numonyx are cooperating on market specifications for phase change memory p change memory (PCM) products.
2011-03-17 Researchers use carbon nanotubes to scale PCM
Non-volatile memory bits can be made by applying phase-change material to previously created nanometer-scale gaps in carbon nanotube filamentary conductors, according to a paper.
2012-05-28 PCM progress report no. 7: A look at Samsung's 8-Gb array
Here's a discussion on the features of Samsung's 8-Gb array.
2012-03-15 PCM progress report no. 6: Recent advances in phase change memory (Part 2)
The second installment of this two-part series tackles other recent developments in PCM, including fabrication of a 1 Gb PCM array with a 4F2 cell size.
2012-03-01 PCM progress report no. 6: Recent advances in phase change memory (Part 1)
This series looks at some of the most recent phase change memory developments. Part 1 reviews structural and materials advances, focusing on both benefits and challenges.
2012-02-23 PCM progress report no. 5: Scaling issues
Learn about the possible approaches to achieve the scaling necessary to make PCM a commercial success.
2012-02-16 PCM progress report no. 4: Simulating the brain
This report explores the use of phase change memory to emulate a component of the brain, the synapse.
2012-02-09 PCM progress report no. 3: New direction with polyamorphic states
Here's a review of Semyon D. Savransky's paper to evaluate a type of nonvolatile memory based on polyamorphous chalcogenide transformations.
2011-04-11 PCM progress report no. 2: Review of PCM-related activities in early 2011
In this report, the author explores the PCM-related activities over the first quarter of 2011.
2011-02-03 PCM progress report no. 1: Temperatures rise and constituents on the move
Here's a look at the overall picture of phase change memory progress.
2010-10-21 PCM gears up for prime time
Blending the attributes of NOR- and NAND-type flash memory, EEPROM memory, and DRAM, phase-change memory is presented as the best candidate to continue the scaling of NVM.
2010-12-03 PCM die found in mobile phone
UBM TechInsights reports it has found a phase-change memory die inside a Samsung handset.
2009-11-03 PCM advance paves way for higher density memories
Researchers have demonstrated a vertically integrated memory cell they call phase-change memory and switch.
2002-12-06 ORCA series 3 programmable clock manager (PCM)
This application note describes the modes of operation for the programmable clock managers of the ORCA series 3 FPGA.
2010-04-26 Numonyx delays 1Gbit PCM devices
Numonyx BV has yet to sample customers with a long-awaited 1Gbit capacity phase-change memory (PCM).
2009-10-07 Numonyx CEO: PCM will enable innovation
Numonyx president and CEO Brian Harrison made a spirited and forthright defense for the prospects of phase-change memory technology (PCM) at the International Electronics Forum.
2015-09-01 Mystery in memory: Why 3D XPoint is not PCM
By keeping secret the technology behind 3D XPoint memory, Micron and Intel gave the engineering community a challenge by using phrases such as "new recipe," "bulk switching," "fundamental and new."
2013-02-26 MRAM, PCM to lead $2B NVM market
The global emerging non-volatile memory market will grow from a value of $209 million in 2012 to $2 billion in 2018, with MRAM and PCM taking the lead.
2015-05-05 MLC PCM leapfrogs resistance drift, temperature hurdles
Researchers at IBM have found a way to tackle the phenomenon of resistance drift and the impact of temperature, which has been a barrier to multilevel-cell phase-change memory.
2013-03-01 Memory test tip: Characterising PCM
Learn about new techniques involving current limiting and high-speed pulse generators.
2014-08-05 Is there a bright optoelectronic future for PCM?
Here's a look at a venture modestly described as an optoelectronic framework. It has the potential to spawn whole new families of optoelectronic phase-change-based switching displays and modulators.
2008-02-11 Is Numonyx' delay behind Intel's late PCM rollout?
The press release trumpets the delivery of samples of phase-change memory on Feb. 6 as a major success, but it begs the question: Why is Intel running more than six months late with its delivery of phase-change memory?
2012-12-18 Impact of crystal electrodes on PCM (Part 2)
Here's a review of the published ETDR results to see whether the seeded-bridge model holds true.
2012-11-20 Impact of crystal electrodes on PCM (Part 1)
Part 1 tackles the seeded-bridge model that allows the novel use of elevated-temperature data-retention results to explore the set parameters of PCM devices.
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