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2004-02-05 Wireless PDA application testbed debuts
Handheld devices are becoming more popular than PCs. In particular, application-rich smart phones, or wireless PDAs, have been gradually replacing voice application mobile phones.
2004-04-22 Wireless PDA application test bed
This paper presents an embedded system platform for wireless technology research and product development.
2002-09-05 Vianet to customize PDA multipoint apps for Lockheed
Vianet Technologies Inc. has received a development contract from Lockheed Martin Mission Systems to customize the application of multipoint for PDAs operating on MS pocket PC OS.
2002-03-12 Taiwan PDA Alliance expands scale into mobile intelligence
The PDA Alliance of Taiwan plans to transform into mobile intelligence alliance. "It is an inevitable change, as communication services is playing more and more role in the future," said James Hsu, TSCA chairman.
2002-10-23 PDA market to experience growth beginning 2003
While growth in the PDA market has remained unremarkable this year, In-Stat/MDR expects conditions to improve in the coming years.
2003-02-27 PDA market poised for growth after sluggish 2002
The PDA market is poised for growth as the devices sport lower prices, increased functionality, and wireless and multimedia capability, according to a report from InStat/MDR.
2004-02-04 PDA industry slides with smartphone's popularity
As smartphones and enhanced mobile phones gain popularity, PDA shipments are slipping with 11.5M units in 2003, a 5.3 percent decline from 2002.
2005-08-04 New study shows PDA sales increasing
Taking a different approach than other market research firms, Gartner released a study that claims sales of PDAs increased 32 percent in the second quarter of 2005 compared to the same quarter a year ago.
2007-12-26 Marvell IC powers Samsung PDA for Korea
Marvell has announced the availability of the Samsung SPH-M4650 PDA phone with the Marvell PXA 300 application processor running on Korea's LG Telecom network.
2004-04-20 Kingstate speakers suit mobile phone, PDA apps
The KDMG13008L-02, KDMG15008-03 and KDMG16008-03 speakers from Kingstate Electronics are available in ? of 13mm, 15mm or 16mm, respectively.
2002-02-14 Intel launches first Xscale to fire up PDA sector
Intel Corp. rolled out the first chips based on its vaunted Xscale architecture. Weighing in at 400MHz and 200MHz, the devices are expected to spice up a PDA market that analysts say is suffering from lack of differentiation, poor wireless connectivity, low horsepower and a dearth of true productivity applications.
2003-07-16 Handspring merger heeds a new PDA order
Handspring Inc.'s acquisition by Palm Inc. seems more of a homecoming for the very same people who were at the helm in creating the first successful PDA at Palm during the mid-1990s and founded a new handheld outfit later in 1998.
2005-11-03 Gartner: Worldwide PDA shipments rise 21%
A recent report by Gartner Dataquest shows that global shipments of PDAs reached 3.45 million units in Q3 this year, with the market expected to hit 15 million units for the whole year. Shipments increased by 20.7 percent over the same period last year led by Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry.
2003-07-14 Fujitsu, Motorola cooperate on advanced PDA solution
Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd and Motorola Semiconductors Hong Kong Ltd have joined forces in the development of an advanced PDA reference solution.
2007-09-19 CSR Wi-Fi, Bluetooth tech powers Mio GPS PDA phone
CSR has announced that its UniFi-1 Portable for Wi-Fi and BlueCore4-ROM for Bluetooth technologies have been selected by a GPS maker Mio Technology for the latter's new quad-band GPS PDA phone.
2002-10-17 Colored displays drive handset, PDA market
In-Stat/MDR reported that the "no growth" status observed in the wireless handset and PDA market over the past 18 months is beginning to be replaced by real, measurable, manufacturing increases, as more consumers buy new handsets and PDAs.
2003-02-24 Beijing Watertek launches PDA customization business
Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co. Ltd has established a specialized software and hardware customization business.
2002-07-01 Asian vendor moves Linux PDA design forward
Find out how the first Chinese Linux PDA is taking over the Asian portable device market with an innovative OS designed to operate at faster speeds and reduced costs.
2002-05-01 Zeevo's BlueStamp reference design corners Bluetooth qualification
Zeevo Inc. has announced the Bluetooth qualification of its reference design, the BlueStamp. The reference design is a complete Bluetooth solution based on the TC2000 Bluetooth IC.
2002-02-12 Young executive builds the gate to wireless Internet
This article describes how young Asian pioneers are shaping the wireless Internet industry in ways that are strategic and meticulous with regard to crafting lasting solutions.
2004-05-27 Xi'an Rong Hua invests $4.8M in new base
Xi'an Rong Hua Group Ent. invests $4.83 million in a battery material production base in mainland China.
2002-09-02 Wolfson codecs perform simultaneous playback, record
Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd has developed a line of audio codecs that can playback and record audio at the same time, but at different sampling rates.
2003-03-27 WLANs on unique path in China
China is likely to take a different path toward WLAN proliferation, one that mixes a top-down approach from China's big telecom service providers and a bottoms-up approach from corner store owners trying to make an extra yuan.
2003-05-12 WLAN chipset shipments to increase by 80 percent in '03
About 35 million units of 802.11 chipsets (including all 11x variants) will be sold this year, according to the report "Emerging IC Markets" from IC Insights Inc.
2005-06-06 WLAN 802.11b + mass storage USB stick for PCs, POS, handsets and PDAs reference design
This app note describes a reference design for the industry's first dualfunction USB stick.
2002-07-16 Wireless Palm Pilot connection for LabVIEW
Learn a portable solution designed for field engineers working and traveling between plants to get various data and information on critical operating conditions.
2003-05-16 Wireless multimedia: Questions, few answers
Wireless networked multimedia face a bewildering array of market definitions of "multimedia," and questions about how to achieve a desired end in a networked environment with a confusing mix of mechanisms.
2004-04-01 Wireless mesh shares MP3 files
On-demand streaming MP3 will also end the annoyances of DJs, commercials, bad songs or searching for a few favorite tunes among a stack of CDs.
2002-06-16 Welcoming a new era in CMOS imaging
CMOS sensors and other imaging solutions are finding way into a diverse range of digital imaging applications.
2005-07-01 VMs tighten up PC security
Virtual machines can bridge the gap between data protection and usability.
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