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2000-11-27 Using Pericom's PI6C104 Pentium II/Celeron 100MHz clock in place of W48S111-14
This application note demonstrates how to use Pericom's PI6C104 motherboard clock chip as a suitable replacement for the W48S111-14.
2000-11-29 Using Pericom's PI5C16292 bus switch for memory switching
This application note demonstrates how Pericom's PI5C16292 bus switch can be used in high-end PC and server applications, which utilize the Pentium II processor, to manage 100MHz SDRAM modules.
2000-11-27 Translating DVD video with Pericom's PI5C3245 and PI5C16212 bus switches
This application note demonstrates how to translate DVD video applications by using Pericom's PI5C3245 and PI5C16212 bus switches.
2000-11-28 SDRAM modules using Pericom's products
This application note shows how Pericom's products, such as buffers, clock drivers and bus switches, can be used in any SDRAM/DRAM memory module.
2003-10-07 SaRonix becomes Pericom company
Pericom Semiconductor announced that they have exercised its option to acquire substantially all of the assets of privately-held SaRonix.
2000-11-28 Pericom's PS391 family achieves performance improvement
This application note discusses the various product enhancements, such as lower on-resistance, significant switching glitch reduction and slightly faster switching times, in Pericom's PS391 analog switch.
2005-06-21 Pericom's new HDMI switch device provides 1.65Gbps data rate
Pericom unveiled its new High-Definition Multimedia Interface switch device that features a maximum DVI/HDMI data rate of 1.65Gbps, providing the 1,920 x 1,080 resolution required by next generation HDTV and PC graphics apps.
2006-10-04 Pericom unveils new line of PCIe packet switches
Pericom Semiconductor has introduced its new Packet24 family of PCI Express packet switches consisting of four devices.
2002-05-14 Pericom unveils interface solutions for DDR DIMMs
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled its next-generation interface solution for PC2700 DDR DIMM devices used in servers, workstations, and high-end PCs.
2006-12-04 Pericom unrolls HDMI 1.3 switches for video apps
Pericom Semiconductor has added to its HDMI switch portfolio four high-bandwidth differential signal switch solutions for multisource or multisink video applications.
2002-03-12 Pericom transceivers translate SSTL, HSTL, LVTTL standards
Targeted for systems operating from 3.3V down to 2.5V to 1.5V, the 16-bit PI74AVC164245A and 24-bit PI74HSTL1212 bidirectional transceivers translate between such interface standards as SSTL, HSTL, and LVTTL.
2002-11-21 Pericom to increase outsourcing activities
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has announced the company's restructuring agenda, resulting from the decision to outsource more manufacturing and support-related activities to Asia-based subcontractors.
2003-07-10 Pericom to acquire FCP manufacturer
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has signed a definitive purchase option agreement to acquire the net assets of privately-held SaRonix LLC.
2007-09-24 Pericom tips Display Port, PCIe products
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has released an electrical Display Port-to-DVI/HDMI bridge and a prototype of its PCIe 2.0 ReDriver.
2005-01-11 Pericom targets multimedia video applications with analog switch solutions
Pericom's new analog video switches tout low resistance and capacitance for high-bandwidth, next-generation consumer multimedia video apps.
2004-02-02 Pericom switches target high-bandwidth apps
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has released a class of switch products that enables the handling of differential broadband signals in advanced apps.
2002-10-03 Pericom switches feature 0.7-ohm on-resistance
Pericom Semiconductor's PI5AxxxxT family of analog MUX and switches offer 0.7-ohm on-resistance capability that provides near zero system distortion.
2003-08-01 Pericom signal switch eyes high-speed protocols
Pericom Semiconductor has introduced two proprietary high-bandwidth 500MHz switches that target USB 2.0 apps and high-speed signaling protocols.
2003-02-04 Pericom ships 'fastest' TTL gate logics
The company has announced the addition of its STX1GT family of single gate logic devices into its STX SOTiny Gate micro packaging portfolio.
2015-11-11 Pericom says yes to Diodes offer
Pericom Semiconductor said its board of directors agreed to a revised offer from discrete and analogue chip vendor Diodes to acquire Pericom for about $413 million, which is worth $17.75 per share.
2004-12-09 Pericom rolls out five-channel analog video switches
Pericom's new high-bandwidth analog video switches enable easy switching between signal sources in video display devices such as video projectors.
2011-04-14 Pericom rolls out 12 new connectivity products
Pericom rolls out 12 new connectivity products and multiproduct support during the IDF event in Beijing.
2002-08-19 Pericom replicates Intel PCI bridge chip
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has released a pin-compatible, drop-in replacement for Intel's 21150 PCI bridge device.
2003-12-26 Pericom relocates to larger headquarters
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. announced that it is relocating its corporate headquarters to a new location in North San Jose, California.
2002-10-24 Pericom pushes plastic package to replace SOT-23, SC-70
Pericom Semiconductor is offering 6- and 12-pin Thin, Fine Pitch, Dual-in-Line, and TDFN plastic packages to replace 6-pin SOT-23 and SC-70 packages.
2002-12-19 Pericom PCI bridge supports up to 9 devices
Pericom Semiconductor has released two new 2-Port PCI-to-PCI Bridge products targeting datacom/telecom apps.
2000-11-28 Pericom offers solution for PC100-compliant modules
This application note discusses Pericom's solution for PC100-compliant modules by utilizing its high-performance PI6C2509A and PI6C2910A zero-delay clock buffers that both allow zero phase and frequency clock distribution.
2003-03-03 Pericom LVDS drivers support 660Mbps signaling
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has announced the availability of a line of LVDS devices that support signaling rates of up to 660Mbps.
2006-11-30 Pericom intros PCI-X-to-PCIe bridge
Pericom's PCI-X-to-PCIe bridging chip links directly to a PCIe root complex, tying a four-channel PCIe port to a PCI-X domain.
2006-06-27 Pericom introduces four analog switches for mobile terminals
Pericom Semiconductor introduced a new family of advanced analog switches created for mobile terminal applications which feature Chip Scale Packaging, very low On-Resistance and wide voltage ranges.
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