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2011-11-08 Kyocera Mita builds Vietnam plant
Kyocera Mita is building a new manufacturing facility in Hai Phong City, Vietnam for low-end printers, MFPs and their peripherals for office use.
2002-04-22 Kycon USB connector is 25 percent smaller
Intended for high-speed data transfer between desktop PCs and external peripherals such as printers and scanners, the A-type USB connector from Kycon Inc. offers a footprint 25 percent smaller than previous devices, thereby saving on PCB space.
2007-09-20 Kit eases development of customizable ARM9-based MCUs
Atmel Corp. has released its AT91CAP9A-DK development kit for the design and implementation of DSP algorithms, custom peripherals and additional processor cores on its ARM9-based MCUs.
2003-12-17 ITT rocker switches suit small-scale apps
The CG and CL series of panel mount power rocker switches from ITT Industries, Cannon are designed to suit small appliances, instrument panels, industrial controls, floor care products, and computers and peripherals.
2002-04-15 ITC joins ARM technology program
Infinite Technology Corp. has joined ARM's technology access program called ARM ATAP. The program allows ITC to design SoC solutions utilizing ARM cores and peripherals, including AMBA AHB on-chip interconnect.
2003-01-10 Intermec, MTI Micro co-develop fuel cells for handheld apps
Intermec Technologies Corp. has entered into a strategic commercial partnership with MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. to develop micro fuel cell systems for Intermec rugged handheld mobile computers and peripherals.
2000-11-27 Interfacing Z80 CPUs to the Z8500 peripheral family
This application note provides basic information on the interrupt structures, as well as a discussion of the hardware and software considerations involved in interfacing the Z8500 peripherals to the Z80 CPUs.
2000-09-07 Interfacing memory and I/O to the 20MHz Z8S180 system
This application note outlines the speed requirement on memory and peripherals for the Z8S180 by using the Z8S18000ZCO evaluation board as a design example.
2003-02-19 Interface issues loom for full-featured phones
The 3GSM World Congress is grappling with how best to connect all of non-phone peripherals with an application co-processor in handsets.
2002-07-10 Intellon powerline networking IC transmits up to 14Mbps
The INT51X1 powerline networking IC from Intellon Corp. allows users to share Internet access and connect PCs and peripherals by plugging them into power outlets in a SOHO environment.
2004-05-14 Intel StrataFlash wireless memory system (LV18/LV30 SCSP) to ARM Primecell memory interface design guide
This app note describes the interfacing of Intel StrataFlash wireless memory system (LV18/LV30 SCSP) device to Advanced RISC Machines Ltd (ARM) Primecell external memory interface peripherals.
2007-07-02 Integrated MCUs enable system management
MCU firmware and peripherals give designers the flexibility to implement existing system-management functions, as well as ways to integrate these functions.
2001-10-01 Initialization of the ST9
This application note suggests a programming structure and philosophy to aid the designer in the initial configuration of the on-chip peripherals of the ST9 family of microprocessors.
2006-09-14 Infineon rolls dual-core SoCs for digital home apps
Infineon has announced the TwinPass family of highly-integrated SoC solutions with dual-core architecture and several integrated peripherals targeted at digital home applications.
2012-09-20 Incorporating flexibility to 32bit MCU designs
Read about the implementations of standard 32bit MCU peripherals that provide needed capabilities, while also reducing BOM and simplifying the design.
1999-06-29 Implementing high-end telephony functions on an 8bit microcontroller
This paper presents a practical example of a complete 1200baud modem reference design that performs the key functions in software and utilizing a board size of 5.08-by-7.62cm form factor. This paper also shows how a high-MIPS microcontroller can implement available telephony functions, as well as include additional peripherals at the developer's discretion.
2007-02-01 Implement MCU-based software UART
With communications peripherals implemented in software, any aspect of the protocols can be updated.
1999-06-29 IEEE 1284.3 and 1284.4 advances in high-speed parallel port performance and port sharing
The parallel port is being enhanced by new hardware and software support. With backward compatibility and a huge installed base, this interface will provide a convenient and powerful port for future peripherals. This report provides an introduction to the state and future of the parallel port interface and the associated protocol stack.
2004-06-21 IBM seeks approval to manufacture in India
IBM Corp. is seeking government approval to manufacture computer systems and related peripherals in India.
2002-04-10 HiTek switching supplies handle motor-driven equipment
HiTek Power's HT9827 series of universal input switching supplies can power thermal printers, medical devices, ATM machines, wireless radio amplifiers, computer peripherals, telecom, test and other equipment with high-output current-pulse requirements.
2003-03-14 HEB Li-ion battery fits Bluetooth headsets
Designed for use in 3G mobile phone peripherals, the company's H552030 Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 20-by-30-by-5.5mm.
2002-05-10 H8/330 parallel-to-parallel print buffer controller
This application note examines the usage of several on-chip peripherals, I/O ports and interrupt systems operating as a parallel-to-parallel print buffer controller.
2011-09-12 Guide to using 16bit tower boards with MC9S12GN32 MCU
Learn about the expansion peripherals on tower boards, and how to start rapid prototyping with Freescale 16bit microcontrollers.
2006-10-16 GPS chipset eases design of navigation systems
Atmel's new GPS chipset includes an extended instruction set with DSP extensions and a set of peripherals intended to simplify design and drive down system costs for the personal navigation devices, car navigation and recreational applications market.
2009-03-24 Gateway kit fits home, car audio systems
Atmel Corp. has announced the AVR32 ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway kit, demonstrating digital audio streaming, decoding and playback. These audio capabilities serve the market of audio accessories and peripherals that connects home and car Hi-Fi audio systems
2002-02-28 Gain Technology analog IC meets USB 2.0 standard
Specifically designed to meet the USB 2.0 standard, the GT3200 analog PHY and high-speed serial data communication IC, enables designers of 480Mbps USB peripherals to improve their time-to-market.
2005-07-26 Fusion tech marks new era in programmable system chips
Actel rolls out the Fusion technology which brings together flash memory, analog peripherals and FPGA fabric in a monolithic programmable system chip.
2008-01-10 Freescale tips 'motherboard-on-chip' for UMPCs
Freescale's MPC5121e device is designed to provide the embedded processing performance and on-chip peripherals and connectivity for ultramobile PC platforms.
2011-05-23 Four transactors expand verification family
EVE introduces four vertical solutions, further expanding its ZeBu hardware-assisted verification family into computer/peripherals, embedded processors, networking and video markets.
2005-05-11 Flash MCU targets comm apps
Cyan Technology's new 16-bit flash MCU contains a full range of peripherals which can be very quickly configured using the Peripheral Configuration Tool, which is part of the company's free CyanIDE Integrated Development Environment.
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