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2008-07-02 Fingerprint sensor renders improved performance
AuthenTec has added the AES2550 fingerprint sensor to its product portfolio for notebook computers, PCs and PC peripherals, offering improved fingerprint imaging, sensor durability and ESD protection compared to the existing AES2501.
2004-08-09 Fast1394 card supports IEEE-1394b serial bus
Parvus release a 3-port IEEE-1394b controller module designed for high-speed data acquisition across the FireWire bus for audio, video and storage peripherals.
2009-09-21 External storage apps to drive USB 3.0 adoption
USB 3.0, or SuperSpeed USB technology, is expected to see broad adoption across a range of PC and PC peripherals over the next several years.
2011-06-02 EnSilica, Evatronix partner on eSi-RISC processor dev't
The deal will help EnSilica produce eSi-RISC processor subsystems with integrated peripherals while enabling Evatronix to expand its USB IP subsystem line to include RISC processor combinations.
2004-05-17 Energy estimation of peripheral devices in embedded systems
The energy estimation tool for peripherals can help with hardware and software energy optimization of multimedia applications and device drivers.
2005-05-04 Dynamically reconfigurable SoC supports 'silicon-sharing'
Atmel launched what it calls the industry's first family of dynamically reconfigurable SoCs that allows multiple interfaces, peripherals and/or operators to share the same silicon at different times.
2013-05-14 Dual-core processor for infrastructure, enterprise apps
The Marvell ARMADA 375 SoC is available in 800MHz and 1GHz speed, and incorporates I/O peripherals for seamless device integration while enabling high performance in a small form factor system design.
2007-06-29 DTV SoCs power DVB-T, DTR apps
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched a single multimedia IC that integrates all necessary functions, peripherals and interfaces for DVB-T STB, DTR and IDTV applications.
2005-05-25 DSP includes Serial RapidIO bus
Texas Instruments disclosed that its new DSP offers improved performance, reduced code size plus more on-chip memory and high bandwidth integrated peripherals, including the Serial RapidIO bus for inter-processor communications.
1999-04-08 DSP based silicon solution for USB speakers in multimedia PCs
The DSP based silicon solution is targeted towards USB peripherals, especially smart speakers, for multimedia PCs. In addition to significantly improving the quality of the PC audio by moving its processing outside the noisy PC box environment. This application note discusses a DSP based solution for USB speakers in multimedia PCs.
2010-03-25 DSCs pack PWMs, ADCs, analog comparators
Microchip's 16bit DSCs provide on-chip power peripherals including PWMs, ADCs and analog comparators for high-performance, digital power supplies.
2009-05-05 DSCs cut power consumption in motor controls
Freescale Semiconductor has released the MC56F8006 family of digital signal controllers (DSCs), which combine the functionality of a microcontroller and the processing power of DSP with a flexible set of peripherals to create a versatile embedded control solution.
2008-12-25 Digital audio processors enable cost-effective CE solution
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced its third-generation DA830 and DA828 Aureus digital audio processors. The highly-integrated, dual-core DA8x product line offers the combined features of an ARM-based applications processor and an audio DSP core, as well as a wide range of peripherals.
2007-08-07 Devt tools roll for Marvel application processors
BSQUARE Corp.'s development platforms for PXA3xx application processors feature a rich set of peripherals and expansion options to maximize design flexibility and minimize time to market.
2004-02-05 Deriving MOSFET on-resistance offers optimum performance
The dc-dc converters for the PC and peripherals market are facing the continuous challenge of increasing current demand at lower voltages for the CPU chips.
2004-01-05 Cypress tool simplifies USB 2.0 development
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled a suite of software tools designed to simplify the development of USB 2.0 peripherals.
2014-04-30 Cypress outfits entry-level SoCs with scalable architecture
The PSoC 4000 devices facilitates effortless upgrades of legacy 8bit and 16bit MCUs with value added features including a capacitive sensing technology, programmable digital and analogue peripherals, and reduced footprint (QFN package).
2006-10-02 Content monitor covers remote, mobile clients
Vericept Corp. has introduced Desktop 360 degrees for monitoring traditional desktops, as well as laptops and removable peripherals.
2007-03-21 Connectivity platform suits emerging mobile apps
QuickLogic has developed ArcticLink, a programmable connectivity solution platform that supports emerging mobile applications including smartphones, media players, navigation systems, industrial products and ExpressCard peripherals.
2008-04-25 Compact flash (CF) support on the DVEVM
This Texas Instruments application report outlines the necessary steps for enabling CF support on the DVEVM. The lessons learned in this process can be extended to other peripherals; however, this document focuses strictly on the case of enabling CF support.
2006-08-08 Chip supports multiple W-USB modes
The new IC from Wisair provides a high-performance wireless solution for PCs and laptops, PC peripherals, and consumer electronics devices such as wireless hubs, external hard drives, digital cameras, camcorders and portable media players.
2005-08-08 CANopen safety chip simplifies safety-related development
Safety-related devices are increasingly being networked together. Expensive safety controllers and safety monitors are available already, but the number of simple and inexpensive safety-related devices is still low. Networked safety technology makes sense only if the peripherals are available at acceptable prices.
2013-08-19 Cadence Encounter used to tape-out Freescale's T4240 SoC
The T4240 system on chip is based on multiple 64bit Power Architecture clusters of high-performance e6500 processors and modern system peripherals.
2003-05-20 AVX TVS line features improved performance for portable apps
AVX Corporation has released the 0402 case size version of its transient voltage suppressors that provide high electrical performance in computer peripherals.
1999-11-15 AVR 300: Software I?C Master Interface
The need for a simple and cost effective inter-IC bus for use in consumer, telecommunications, and industrial electronics led to the development of the I?C bus. Today, this bus is implemented in a large number of peripherals and microcontrollers. This note deals with the AVR 300 and its applications to the I?C bus as a master interface.
2004-08-16 AUTHOR = Yeo Hock Meng
Seeing the need to expand functionality of devices and peripherals, USB-OTG was designed to achieve a seamless USB world.
2013-03-01 ARM-powered MCU touted as world's smallest
Freescale's Kinetis KL02 MCU incudes the latest 32bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, cutting-edge low-power functionality and a range of analogue and communication peripherals geared for IoT.
2009-11-04 ARM-based MPUs handle extreme environments
The MPUs integrate multiple peripherals such as a CAN controller and an Ethernet MAC for savings of up to $10.
2008-05-23 ARM, Toshiba seal multiprocessing license deal
ARM has announced a major technology licensing agreement with Toshiba encompassing the ARM Cortex -A9 processor, Cortex-R4F processor, NEON SIMD technology, PrimeCell peripherals and CoreSight on-chip trace and debugging technology.
2002-03-12 ARM releases development platform for ARM9 processors
Designed for use with the ARM9 family of microprocessor cores, ARM's Integrator/CP development platform includes some of the most frequently used PrimeCell peripherals and provides a provides a cost-effective solution for SoC designers to integrate hardware and software platforms.
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