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2015-10-29 Sub-nm perovskite nanocrystals to yield energy-efficient LEDs
LMU researchers synthesised perovskite nanocrystals in the form of ultrathin nanoplatelets that feature emission characteristics that are tunable by altering their thickness.
2014-08-07 Perovskite makes its way into lighting business
The perovskites containing a mixture of lead, carbon-based ions and halogen ions known as halides were used to make LEDs through a process that bypasses high temperature heating steps.
2013-07-18 Researchers raise dye-sensitised solar cell efficiency to 15%
EPFL scientists developed a state solid version of the DSSC that is fabricated by a two-step process raising their efficiency up to a record 15 per cent without sacrificing stability.
2014-01-02 Researchers offer low-cost PV device with high energy efficiency
The solar cell developed by the researchers of the ICMol consists of a thin perovskite film sandwiched in between two very thin organic semiconductors.
2015-02-02 Perovskites show notable solar energy-harvesting potential
An international research group focused on the perovskite crystals say the results of their study could lead to developing cheaper, more efficient solar cells and LEDs.
2014-09-25 Novel method paves way for cheaper solar panels
Researchers developed a new method called "hybrid deposition" to create perovskite solar cells, made from a mixture of inexpensive organic and inorganic raw materials.
2015-09-02 New formulation cuts LED cost
The researchers claim in their paper that the energy savings of LED lighting has finally been balanced out against their cost by reducing the number of layers required from four or five to one.
2011-07-21 TCNL fabs ferroelectric nanostructures on plastic
Georgia Tech researchers have developed a way to fabricate nanometer-scale ferroelectric structures directly on substrates.
2009-02-11 Startup readies RRAMs for mass production
Australian startup 4DS Inc. claims to have made a major breakthrough in resistive RAM (RRAM) technology.
2012-04-11 Resistive RAM based on silicon dioxide
Researchers have developed a resistive-switching memory device based on silicon dioxide that shows a simpler material structure compared to those using metal-oxide films.
2009-02-25 Researchers demo reversible diode
Rutgers University researchers have demonstrated the "world's first" reversible diode that uses a ferroelectric material. The new material formulation was found to be photovoltaic in a part of the spectrum not covered by conventional solar cells, opening the door to a potential new green energy source.
2014-05-14 Assessing correlated electron memory claims by 4DS
4DS Inc. now claims that the operation of its memory is based on strongly correlated electron-effect Mott-like transition.
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