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2003-09-18 Seagate HD stores 100GB pf data per platter
seagate technology, hard drive, hd, barracuda 7200.7, parallel ata, pata, serial ata, sata
2000-06-15 Understanding Power Factor
This application note presents a discussion about power factor not only for sinusoidal signal considerations, but for non-sinusoidal signals as well.
2003-08-13 Plaimae pushwheel switches offer 200,000 operations
Plaimae Corp. has released its PF series of pushwheel switches that feature a rated power of 28Vdc at 500mA, and contact resistance of <200 milliohms.
2000-06-16 P.F.C. application ideas using mains transformer
This application note quantifies the effect of a PFC pre-regulator stage, connected to a typical dc/dc converter in terms of efficiency, harmonic content and apparent power (VA) drawn from the mains.
2002-05-09 New solutions for aging SCT/PPT voltage regulators
This application note provides new solutions for aging SCT/PPT voltage regulators.
2013-04-19 Grasping power factor and solid state lighting
In order to effectively design an LED-based luminaire, designers need to understand power factor, the impact of LED drivers on it, and the different techniques for cost-effectively integrating power factor correction in the LED driver design.
2001-09-17 Datacom circuit testing 50bps to 2Mbps
This application note discusses datacom circuit testing with data rates from 50bps to 2Mbps on a wide range of interfaces.
2008-06-24 Controlling the PowerDynamic PFC controller series BR604 and BR6000
This application note discusses the use of a PF controller to ensure balanced utilization of capacitor stages and to minimize the number of switching operations, thus optimizing the life cycle of the PFC system.
2011-01-27 USB-OTG bus port array brings 28V range VBUS protection
Vishay's USB-OTG bus port protection array provides low typical capacitance of 0.7 pF and low maximum leakage current down to 0.085 microamps in compact LLP75-7L leadless package.
2007-05-09 TI xDM standard allows seamless exchange of codecs
TI has introduced the eXpressDSP Digital Media Software Standard, a low-level API for DSP-based software that provides a framework for the seamless integration and exchange pf multiple codecs within an application.
2005-01-17 Measuring stations sample at up to 1GS/s on up to 270 channels
Yokogawa adds two measuring stations to its WE7000 series pf PC-based measurement system product line.
2012-05-10 LED lighting driver touts high brightness, low heat
MagnaChip's AC direct-drive 4W/8W LED lighting driver offers >0.95 PF and
2009-10-05 Japan firms team on LTE terminal platform
Engineering samples of the jointly developed LTE-PF chipset are already undergoing evaluation.
2003-04-11 Yuchang capacitors improve power factor
The P series of dry type power capacitors from Yuchang Electric Co. Ltd is designed to improve the power factor of supplies.
2012-06-07 Why active probes are worth buying
Although active probes are more expensive than passive ones, they offer a superior level of performance that may be essential in certain circumstances.
2009-09-22 White LED driver targets LCD backlights
TAEC's new 60V power MOSFET driver is designed for white LEDs to be used in LCD panel backlight applications.
2015-01-30 Vishay debuts extremely-compact SPST analogue switches
The 1.4mm x 1.4mm with a 0.35mm pitch Siliconix DG2501, DG2502 and DG2503 are geared for wearable electronics and sensors and consumer and communication devices.
2014-05-27 Utilising four-wire interface I2C on KE06
Know the procedure to use the four-wire I2C interface on KE06 of Kinetis E family. The sample code provided in this application note is tested on KE06 through I2C master/slave communication.
2015-07-21 Using modular digitisers for power measurements
In this article, we illustrate how to make basic power measurements in AC circuits and devices using a modular digitiser.
2012-09-14 Use optocoupler to cut EMI/RFI in industrial comms ports
Understand why the optocoupler is the most simple and cost-effective solution for mitigating EMI/RFI coupling in communications cables.
2009-05-04 USB 2.0 OVP device packs high-speed ESD protection
ON Semiconductor has developed the NCP362, claimed to be the industry's first overvoltage protection (OVP) device with both integrated current protection and high-speed ESD protection for USB 2.0 applications in portable, telecom, consumer and computing systems.
2013-04-25 TI's Motor control solution built upon InstaSPIN-FOC
InstaSPIN-MOTION is designed to optimise complex motion sequences, reduce tuning to a single parameter and tracking desired trajectories with unmatched accuracy across operating ranges.
2015-03-10 TI delivers zero standby power controller chipset
The UCC28730 and UCC24650 chipset supports 5V to 24V output voltages and helps designers create smaller, more efficient power supplies for TVs, home appliances, AC adapters, HVAC and more.
2003-04-14 TI Class D audio amps have high efficiency
The TPA3000D family of Class D audio amplifiers from Texas Instruments exhibits 250kHz PWM operation and low output FET on-resistance.
2002-07-01 Supertex controllers manages up to four BMP supplies
The HV302/HV312 hot-swap controllers from Supertex Inc. provide 110 to 190V hot-swap power management capabilities with user programmability of startup delays and turn-on sequence of up to four board-mount power supplies in telecom and datacom apps.
2013-08-14 SSL LED driver integrates boost, flyback converters
The iW3623 from Dialog Semiconductor offers a universal 100-277VAC input range and output power up to 45W.
2011-04-28 SSL driver IC offers 90% efficiency
Power Integrations unveils a new reference design based on its single-stage LED-driver IC which the company claims achieves more than 90 percent energy efficiency and exceeds 0.9 power factor.
2005-03-02 Sensor measures temperature with pinpoint accuracy
National Semiconductor's TruTherm thermal management technology facilitates pinpoint-accurate temperature measurements for chips with integrated thermal diodes.
2013-04-15 Relay drivers tweaked for service disconnect switches
The FAN324x relay drivers provide strong DC output currents to safely open and close a relay contactor and have a wide operating voltage range to use with relays of several voltage rating.
2005-10-18 PWM advances active-clamp converter designs
National Semiconductor says its LM5026 pulse-width-modulation controller is the industry's most advanced type for forward converter toplogies using an active-clamp/reset design.
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