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2002-07-11 Vishay photodetector consumes 455A
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has unveiled the TEKS6400 CMOS photodetector that consumes 455A and operates at 2.5V to 5.5V.
2002-11-19 Sipex photodetector enables 8x faster DVD write speeds
Sipex's SP8126 photodetector IC produces an output voltage relative to the power of the laser light and switches at speeds of 300V/?s.
2007-04-19 Photodetector IC suits slim laptop DVD drives
Atmel unveiled the ATR0874, a photodetector IC for use in the optical pick-up units of DVD and CD drives and is suitable for the slim drives found in most laptops.
2003-06-17 IBM integrates 10Gbps photodetector on CMOS
IBM researchers have integrated a 10Gbps silicon photodetector using a 130nm, 1.5V CMOS process.
2002-03-21 Codeon modulator integrates photodetector
The company has announced the integration of a photodetector into the Mach-10 12.5Gbps intensity modulator product, eliminating the requirement for an external fiber splice for power monitoring and bias control functions.
2013-12-26 Utilise PSoC for heart rate monitor
Read about a heart rate monitor design using programmable system-on-a-chip.
2012-09-07 UMC enters CMOS licensing pact with STM
UMC will develop a 65-nm CMOS image sensor processor that supports back-side illumination at its Fab12i in Singapore.
2005-04-01 Stacked LED makes compact optocouplers
Get to know how stacked LED can enhance packaging capabilities and flexibility in your chip design.
2014-03-17 Research team creates self-powered wireless photodetectors
A team from A*STAR IMRE developed a light detector that can harvest just small quantities of detected light to generate enough energy to power a sensing signal transmission through an RF transmitter.
2008-02-05 Power-supply optocoupler basics
Here's the basics on today's LED/photodetector isolators and what you need to know to apply them to your system.
2002-08-01 Polarization pairing eliminates distortion
This article briefly discusses how the right polarization techniques remove signal distortion in fiber optic systems.
2002-05-16 Planar integration of optical components
This news article discusses the industry methods in constructing optical circuits out of waveguides fabricated on silicon wafers, or planar integration, using conventional semiconductor tools and techniques.
2001-10-15 Non-contact optical position sensing using silicon photodetectors
This application note examines the various types of silicon photodetectors and discusses the theory of operation and relative disadvantages of each type. An example of optoelectronic instruments utilizing these sensors is also presented.
2014-01-06 Monitoring heart rates with PSoC
Here's the design of a heart rate monitor using programmable system-on-a-chip.
2004-08-17 Lite-On expects record sales in July
Lite-On Technology Corp. is expecting sales revenues in July to amount to about $410.33 million, up by 50 percent year-on-year.
2012-09-05 Isorg SA preps its pilot line of optoelectronic sensors
Isorg technology has produced multiple application ideas ranging from automated brightness controls for displays to non-touch user interfaces.
2010-03-08 IBM brings on-chip optical comms closer to reality
IBM scientists took a step forward in replacing electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that communicate using pulses of light.
2013-06-14 Holst Centre, Imec develop fully-organic imager
The imager is sensitive in the wavelength range between 500 and 600nm, making it compatible with typical scintillators and therefore suitable for x-ray imaging applications.
2010-04-05 Graphene optical link achieves 6.1mA/W
IBM Research exhibited an optical link using a graphene photodetector fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate that achieves 6.1mA/W at 1.55?m.
2014-02-04 Graphene market to reach $141M in 2024, says analyst
Graphene's high electrical and thermal conductivities, mechanical strength and flexibility allows it to be used in electronics applications such as ultrafast transistors, touch screens and photodetectors.
2014-09-22 Germanium tin offers cost reduction for smartphone cameras
University of Arkansas researchers created a novel material, germanium tin deposited in layers on a silicon substrate, which could be used to build better cheaper IR cameras for smartphones and cars.
2004-07-01 Comms rides power lines via optical AFE
A new approach to the analog front end used in BPL applications is built on optical coupling technology.
2008-05-02 C-shaped encoder module integrates into industrial motors
Avago Technologies has released a compact high-temperature, six-channel, optical incremental C-shaped encoder module for brushless DC motors used in industrial and factory automation equipment.
2008-12-10 An 'avalanche' of better-performing comms devices
Intel Labs researchers have demonstrated what they claim is a "world-record performance" in silicon photonics using its silicon-based avalanche photodetector (APD).
2013-01-18 A*STAR photodiode breaks broadband speed limits
A research team at A*STAR developed a 30?m photodetector that can be deposited on a chip using a cost-efficient thin-film deposition process that is compatible with electronic components.
2014-09-08 Toshiba rolls out low-profile photocouplers
The TLP5751, TLP5752, and TLP5754 are comprised of a GaAlAs infrared LED and integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector, and feature an under-voltage lockout function.
2002-02-15 Sipex PDIC enables faster CD, DVD read speeds
The SP8040 is a high-performance four-channel PDIC that combines a photodetector array and high-speed analog processing in a single chip for the pick-up head read-channel.
2012-11-30 Photocouplers aim to cut PCB space, cost
Toshiba's TLP700A and TLP705A consist of a GaAIAs infrared LED optically coupled to an integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector IC chip.
2004-07-13 Toshiba photocoupler supports up to 400ns
Toshiba America Electronic Components introduced a high-speed, high-gain photocoupler that supports signal transmission and switching speeds up to 400ns.
2012-05-22 Startup develops WiFi node for IoT
Electic Imp's innovation combines standardization on WiFi and on a physical format based on the SD memory card socket. But it also offers a system partition that helps reduce costs for product developers.
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