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What is a photomask?
A photomask is an opaque image on a translucent plate that is used as a light filter to transfer an image from one device to another.
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2005-05-26 UMC adopts Synopsys i-Virtual stepper system for photomask
United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) has adopted Synopsys Inc.'s i-Virtual Stepper system (i-VSS) for photomask inspection qualification.
2011-01-20 Toppan-IBM photomask agreement to cover 193nm immersion lithography
Toppan Printing Co. Ltd and IBM have agreed to extend their joint photomask process development efforts involving the 14nm technology node for logic devices. The companies will now collaborate on ArF immersion lithography for the 14nm node.
2008-06-23 Toppan, IBM extend photomask partnership to 22nm
Toppan Printing Co. Ltd and IBM Corp. have entered a new development agreement on the last phase of 32nm and all phases of 22nm photomask process development.
2008-06-17 Toppan boasts 'first' 32nm photomask
Toppan claimed that it is the first photomask maker to develop a 32nm manufacturing process, which enables to shorten photomask cycle time and help customers control mask costs by reducing the manufacturing process for critical layer masks.
2004-04-15 TEL photomask system eyes 90-, 65nm device nodes
Tokyo Electron has begun accepting orders for its Clean Track ACT M photomask resist coater/developer that is targeted for 90nm to 65nm technology nodes.
2002-04-26 TCE adopts Numerical's Virtual Stepper for photomask inspection
Taiwan-based photomask manufacturer Toppan Chunghwa Electronics (TCE) has incorporated Numerical Technologies' Virtual Stepper System into its photomask manufacturing process.
2005-07-14 Sweden's photomask tool supplier extends reach in Asia
Micronic Laser Systems AB, a supplier of laser pattern generators for photomasks, has opened its Asia Technical and Applications Center in Tokyo, Japan.
2002-03-19 Photronics to construct photomask fab in Shanghai
Photronics Inc. will construct a $300-million photomask production facility named Photronics Imaging Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd in Pudong, Shanghai. The first phase of the construction will commence next quarter and is expected to be completed next year.
2002-08-20 Photronics terminates photomask operations
Photronics Inc. plans to streamline its operating cost structure by reducing its North American work force and terminating its photomask manufacturing operations.
2010-07-27 Photomask merchants: behind but fighting
Photomask merchant players DNP, Photronics and Toppan may be trailing the giants technology wise, but they are still in the game.
2006-05-18 Photomask market to plateau in 2006
The global semiconductor photomask market will post a slower growth of 4.3 percent after years of showing robust sales for the past few years, said The Information Network.
2006-05-09 Photomask market to grow 4.3% in 2006
The semiconductor photomask market will grow 4.3 percent in 2006, reaching sales of $3.2 billion, according to The Information Network.
2011-12-08 Photomask firm halts manufacturing in Singapore
Photronics has ceased production of semiconductor photomasks but will retain customer service, data preparation and photomask repel services.
2007-03-15 Photomask CD measurement system suits 45nm node
Vistec's new SEM-based CD measurement system is designed for the 45nm technology node photomask production and the 32nm process development.
2007-02-12 Nikon ventures in LCD photomask sector
Entering another arena in the industry, Nikon Corp. has invested about $19 million to start production of glass substrates for LCD photomasks.
2010-09-29 New photomask etcher tackles 22nm barrier
Applied Materials delivers solution for accurate photomasks at 22nm
2006-09-19 Japan's DNP, Toppan battle in flat photomask market
Japan's Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd seeks to regain the lead over Toppan Photomasks Inc. in what is seen as a flat photomask market, according to The Information Network.
2006-08-10 Japan's DNP enters photomask devt program with Brion
Dainippon Printing Co. has entered into joint development program with Brion Technologies aimed at improving the productivity and quality of leading-edge photomask production.
2002-06-21 ITI expands photomask operations
Image Technology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SUSS MicroTec, has expanded its precision photomask operations to Taiwan.
2005-07-08 Intel, Corning codevelop ultraviolet photomask substrates
Intel Corp. and Corning Inc. have entered into an agreement to develop ultra low thermal expansion ULE glass photomask substrates required for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology.
2005-05-23 IBM, Toppan sign $200 million photomask agreement
IBM Corp. and Toppan Printing Co. Ltd have signed a joint development agreement covering 45nm photomasks worth $200 million, IBM said.
2003-12-02 Finex to expand photomask capacity next year
Finex Co. Ltd will expand monthly capacity of photomasks designed for 6G TFT-LCD panels and color filters.
2003-08-29 Elpida, Toppan ink photomask development pact
Elpida Memory and Toppan Printing have signed an agreement regarding the joint development and production of photomasks for semiconductors.
2007-02-28 DNP, Takumi partner on photomask inspection
Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd teamed up with Takumi Technology to develop an automated criticality aware photomask inspection system aimed to reduce the manufacturing cost and turn-around-time of advanced photomasks.
2007-01-24 DNP to build photomask plant in Taiwan
Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd will establish a photomask plant in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan.
2003-10-17 DNP Photomask opens new plant with STMicro
DNP Photomask Europe S.p.A. has officially opened a plant in Italy.
2001-10-11 Determining photomask etch endpoint with the CETAC EP-2000
This application note discusses the use of the CETAC EP-2000-4 Plasma Diagnostic and Endpoint System to determine endpoint for almost all photomask etches.
2002-05-30 Dai Nippon, STMicro form strategic photomask alliance
Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd and STMicroelectronics have formed a strategic alliance on the development and supply of photomasks.
2008-04-22 Dai Nippon, Brion, ST develop photomask verification for 45nm
Brion Technologies and Japan's Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd (DNP) have successful demonstrated a model-based photomask verification on critical 45nm logic masks.
2008-10-14 Analysis: Photomask faces market slowdown
For years, there has been an impression that the photomask business model is broken.
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