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What is a photomask?
A photomask is an opaque image on a translucent plate that is used as a light filter to transfer an image from one device to another.
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2002-06-10 AMD, Infineon, DuPont establish photomask facility in Germany
Construction work on the Advanced Mask Technology Center, an equally-owned venture of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), Infineon Technologies AG, and DuPont Photomasks Inc., has begun in Dresden, Germany.
2002-10-01 X Architecture members deliver 130nm masks
X Initiative member companies Cadence Design Systems, DuPont Photomasks, and Numerical Technologies have successfully produced the first X Architecture photomask for the 130nm semiconductor process technology node.
2004-11-01 Wanted: New class of engineering generalists for DFM
Symposium sees need for 'tall and fat' engineers to help 'reintegrate' IC production.
2002-01-09 Veeco, Photronics partner in next-generation photomasks
Veeco Instruments Inc. and Photronics Inc. have formed a strategic relationship focused on developing manufacturing technologies for fabrication of enhanced reticles and next-generation lithography masks.
2002-08-19 UMC deploys Numerical mask qualification products
UMC has deployed Numerical Technologies Inc.'s simulation-based mask qualification products, specifically the Virtual Stepper and i-Virtual Stepper, in its Taiwan facilities.
2003-03-24 U.S., tech industry mull creation of mask consortium
The U.S. government, photomask companies and several semiconductor makers are reportedly in the final stages of forming a research consortium to help overcome the technical and economic difficulties associated with deep-submicron mask design.
2004-01-09 Toshiba device reduces measurement errors
Toshiba Corp. has announced that it would market a focus measurement technology that improves the focal measurement performance of semiconductor systems.
2006-07-12 Toppan Photomasks to expand Shanghai facility
Toppan Photomasks plans to expand its photomask production plant in Shanghai, adding capacity to produce photomasks for 180nm ICs and additional lithography and inspection capacity for products 250nm and above.
2005-10-07 Speaker calls for mask design rule standard
A proliferation of mask design rules from different sources calls out for a standard
2003-01-17 SMIC installs Numerical simulation tool in Shanghai fab
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. (SMIC) has selected Numerical Technologies Inc.'s Virtual Stepper simulation-based mask qualification products to be deployed at SMIC's Shanghai manufacturing plant.
2005-10-06 Slow move below 100 nm, mask study finds
Only 5 percent of IC photomasks are below 100 nm, but that's a two-fold increase over last year, according to a
2005-04-05 SII system for advance processes
SII NanoTechnology will release its SIR7000FIB photomask defect repair system that repairs defects on photomasks for semiconductor devices which accommodate the 65nm node.
2003-04-01 Samsung enhances imaging capabilities with tech license
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has licensed the technology of ASML Holding NV to be deployed at Samsung's semiconductor production facilities worldwide.
2010-09-13 Photronics wins Fairchild top supplier award
Photronics reports that it has been selected as 2009 Photomask Supplier of the Year by Fairchild Semiconductor.
2002-06-27 Photronics provides Philips with reticle process technology
Photronics Inc. has announced that it serviced Philips of the Netherlands with its Sub-Wavelength Reticle Solutions process technologies through its manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom.
2005-01-25 Photronics acquires additional shares of PKL
Photronics Inc. has acquired an additional 6.5 percent interest in South Korea photomask provider PKL Co. Ltd.
2005-02-01 OLEDs illuminate the future of displays
What makes OLEDs hot these days and how does it differ from any other display technology in today's market?
2006-06-27 NanoInk, SIINT to provide nanoscale repair solutions
NanoInk and SII NanoTechnology Inc. announced that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement to provide nanoscale repair solutions to the photomask industry.
2005-04-18 Nanoimprint litho makes its mark at SPIE
While nanoimprint vendors made impressive claims in a recent conference in California, analysts noted that the market is in its infancy.
2002-01-02 Micronic expands SLM licensing agreement with German group
Micronic Laser Systems AB has expanded its cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS).
2005-05-25 LSI Logic eliminates mask charges for entry level platform ASICs
LSI Logic Corp. added a pair of new slices to its RapidChip Integrator2 platform ASIC family that the company says provide high-volume ASIC and FPGA designers with a way to eliminate many design and development costs, including those associated with photomasks.
2005-10-04 Litho magnification ratio unlikely to change at 32 nm
Lithography photomasks are likely to continue to rely on the current standard 4X magnification and 26mm field size through the 32nm node, according to a consensus of semiconductor equipment suppliers and manufactures at a recent Sematech-sponsored workshop.
2003-09-05 KLA-Tencor, Carl Zeiss team on 90nm photomasks
KLA-Tencor and Carl Zeiss Microelectronic Systems have established an alliance to help the semiconductor industry reduce costs and speed time-to-market on next-gen photomasks.
2005-01-04 Japanese companies look to integrate, not outsource
Outsourcing and fabless foundry business strategies are common in the semiconductor industry, but Rohm, Sony and Renesas are seeking more integration.
2002-10-25 ISMT, DuPont enter cross-licensing agreement
Int. SEMATECH (ISMT) and DuPont Photomasks have signed a cross-licensing agreement, combining their IP on producing test photomasks.
2006-02-21 Inspection system for 65nm photomasks
KLA-Tencor unveiled the STARlight-2 inspection system for all types of photomasks, including that of the extreme resolution enhancement technique at the 65nm node and below.
2011-07-14 Imec, SUSS MicroTec to develop EUV mask tech
Imec and SUSS MicroTec are expanding their research partnership to develop an in-fab approach to EUV lithography focusing on mask integrity.
2002-06-26 Hybrid architecture embeds Xilinx FPGA core into IBM ASICs
Undeterred by earlier false starts for programmable ASICs, IBM Corp. and Xilinx Inc. are embarking on a plan to jointly create an architecture that melds an FPGA core with a standard-cell ASIC methodology starting at the 90nm process technology node.
2004-01-26 HOYA Micro facility gets SIPA go-signal
HOYA Microelectronic Taiwan Co. Ltd has received an approval from the SIPA to construct its LCD photomask factory at the Science-based Ind. Park in Hsinchu.
2010-09-22 Forecast: all leading-edge designs will require e-beam
D2S Inc. CEO Aki Fujimora discusses the role of electron beam lithography in the future of semiconductor manufacturing.
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