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What is a digital photo frame?
A digital photo frame or digital media frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them or use a computer. Most display the photos as a slideshow with an adjustable time interval.
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2008-04-16 U.K. university debuts first single-photon logic gate
Physicists at Bristol University in the United Kingdom have demonstrated the first logic gates on a silicon chip that can process individual photons, bringing quantum computing a step closer to reality.
2013-12-02 Research: Gauging depth with only one reflected photon
Novel lidar-like rangefinders has the potential to measure depth from a hundredth as much light, and to produce images from only one nine-hundredth the light as regular lidar systems.
2011-04-26 Quantum dots enable photon-electron coupling
Doped semiconductor quantum dots could enable coupling of photonic and electronic properties, impacting such areas as light harvesting, nonlinear optics and quantum information processing.
2003-08-15 Photon-probing system eyes wire bond technologies
Based on the EmiScope platform, the EmiScope-I-GP system from Optonics Inc. performs transistor-level backside analysis of advanced IC designs containing any number of metal layers.
2002-04-11 Photon Vision sensor goes beyond HDTV
Photon Vision Systems Inc. has developed a CMOS imaging sensor with an 8.3-million-pixel resolution (3,840x2,160)four times higher than that of HDTV and 32 times the resolution of standard TV.
2002-10-09 Photon Tech laser operates from a 1.1V supply
The PT 3 series of FP laser modules operate from an input range of 1.1V to 1.5V.
2002-09-24 Photon fiber-optic module transmits up to 80km
Photon Technology Co.'s 2.5Gbps transmitter module operates at a wavelength of 1,550nm and transmits data up to 80km.
2002-10-30 Photon Dynamics to branch out in China
Photon Dynamics Inc. has announced that it will open a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Shanghai, and a demonstration facility in Suzhou, China.
2002-07-08 Photon Dynamics to acquire ART's ISIS division
Photon Dynamics Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Infrared Screening and Inspection Solutions Division of ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.
2002-11-26 Photon Dynamics LCD tester examines 1.2-by-1.3mm plates
The company's ArrayChecker 3500 generation 5 LCD array test system is capable of testing LCD glass plate sizes up to 1.2-by-1.3m.
2002-10-02 Photon Dynamics acquires Akcron
Photon Dynamics Inc. has completed the acquisition of Korea-based Akcron Corp. Ltd.
2002-11-11 Photon 10Gbps optical transponder functions to 60C
Shenzhen Photon Technology's bidirectional optical transponder is screened for operation over the 0C to 60C temperature range.
2003-07-07 NEC announces breakthrough in single-photon transmission
NEC, TAO, and JST have announced that they have jointly accomplished a 100km-long single-photon transmission using a quantum cryptography system with low-cost optical fiber.
2002-10-28 Intevac to sell thermal process business to Photon
Intevac Inc. has signed an asset purchase agreement to sell its rapid thermal processing capital equipment business to Photon Dynamics Inc.
2004-03-19 Group announces 150km-long single-photon transmission
A group of companies has jointly succeeded in realizing the world's longest 150km-long single-photon transmission.
2013-01-28 Femtosecond laser targets multi-photon microscopy
The Carmel CFL-05RFF0 offers 780nm, 500mW of power, 10nJ of pulse energy and less than 100fs pulse widths.
2014-10-16 Ultrafast LEDs to ease into telecommunications?
A research work increased the photon emission rate of fluorescent molecules to 1,000 times faster than normala record achievement that could pave the way for LEDs in light-based telecommunications.
2013-05-30 ToF measurements pave the way for user-interaction
Discover how time-of-flight measurements open up user-interaction scenarios.
2006-02-16 Spectroscope twist sees single molecules
A recent innovation in observing the behavior of atoms on a material's surface could prove to be an important breakthrough.
2012-10-23 Research shows optical vortices on a chip
Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Universities of Glasgow and Sun Yat-sen and Fudan in China demonstrated integrated arrays of emitters of so called 'optical vortex beams' onto a silicon chip.
2005-03-31 Photonic laser diode modules offer TTL modulation input
Photonic's new laser diode modules are suitable for biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, fluorescence sensing, microscopy and other emerging technologies.
2014-09-01 Photonic circuit pushes boundaries of quantum tech
Scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute have succeeded in creating a steady stream of photons emitted one at a time and in a particular direction.
2004-11-30 Photonic adds TTL modulation options to laser diode modules
Photonic Products announced that they have added TTL modulation options to it's Photon Module range of laser diode modules.
2005-08-16 Molecular gates spin photons from chemicals
A Northern Ireland and Japan team develops a tiny molecular transistor that emits photons when supplied with the right chemicals.
2013-07-08 MIT researchers develop all-optical transistor
The researchers describe an optical switch controlled by a single photon that allows light to govern the transmission of light intended for new designs for both classical and quantum computers.
2005-01-14 Laser modules with TTL modulation input capabilities
BFi OPTiLAS has announced additions to its' range of laser diode modules with the addition of TTL modulation input capabilities.
2002-11-27 Innovative optical imaging method seen to lower IC test costs
A group of physicists led by Dr. Caesar A. Saloma of the National Institute of Physics at the University of the Philippines have developed an inexpensive optical imaging technique to detect IC defects.
2006-01-25 Group formed to commercialize quantum cryptography
A consortium of companies and universities has formed a joint venture to commercialize diamond encrusted single photon sources that are a crucial component of quantum cryptography systems.
2014-02-07 French researchers develop first ever single-molecule LED
The researchers used a single polythiophene wire made of hydrogen, carbon and sulphur, and emits light only when the current passes in a certain direction.
2011-11-23 Circuit edit sol'n supports beyond 22nm
DCG Systems' OPTIFIB Viper incorporates coaxial photon-ion column to provide spot sizes 50 percent smaller than those of the OptiFIB-IV.
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