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2011-12-01 Alliance to hike photonics IC performance
The Institute of Microelectronics, Globalfoundries and Alcatel-Lucent join forces to advance silicon chips designed to support high speed, high bandwidth optical communications.
2005-09-14 Vitesse, Apogee Photonics partner on transceiver reference design
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. and Apogee Photonics recently announced a joint reference design that extends 10Gbps transceiver performance to an industrial temperature range
2012-05-10 Synopsys acquires photonics design tool company
A Synopsys executive said the addition of RSoft's products would expand Synopsys' product line in both the optical and adjacent photonic markets.
2012-03-05 ST, Luxtera to expand silicon photonics market
The collaboration entails development of Luxtera's IP in silicon photonics in ST's 300mm fab in Crolles, France
2014-05-19 Silicon photonics oil the works for high-speed switching
Optical components are integrated with multi-chip modules using packaging advancements with micro bumps and module substrates. The next target is to scale the technology in a cost-efficient approach.
2003-06-19 Opnext takes hold of Pine Photonics
Opnext Inc. has acquired transceiver maker Pine Photonics Communications Inc
2003-09-26 Microwave Photonics antenna system suits Wi-Fi apps
The AgilWAVE platform from Microwave Photonics is a wireless access infrastructure platform based on a patented switched distributed antenna technology
2013-05-21 Mellanox purchases silicon photonics developer
Mellanox believes that by acquiring Kotura, it will be more competitive in the optical connectivity market.
2005-10-05 Marconi partners with Pirelli Broadband Solutions
Global telecommunications leaders, Marconi Corporation plc and Pirelli Broadband Solutions disclosed on Oct. 3 that they have signed a co-operation agreement to deliver the next-generation network transmission solutions to telecommunications operations worldwide
2013-01-29 Kotura taps CMOS foundry for 100G photonics chips
Kotura is in the early stages of the R&D process with its unnamed CMOS foundry partner and will be ready to sample its product by late 2013.
2010-04-23 IPG buys automated welding solutions developer
IPG Photonics has acquired automated welding turnkey solutions provider Cosytronic, extending IPG's offerings to include a welding tool that integrates seamlessly its fiber laser.
2002-05-07 Intel points Indian lab to sensors, photonics
Intel Corp.'s top technologist told the company's Indian developer forum that it wants to extend its influence beyond digital devices to newer areas such as wireless, optical and sensor technologies.
2013-04-02 IME, UTAC team up for 2.5D TSI packaging solutions
United Test and Assembly Center will collaborate with A*STAR's IME to develop a 2.5D Through-Silicon-Interposer (TSI) platform for packaging solutions
2008-05-16 HP details silicon photonics road map
HP has outlined its goal to use silicon photonics to connect blades, boards, chips and eventually cores on the same chip at HP Labs's first annual Photonic Interconnect Forum this week
2008-05-14 Fujitsu merges photonics divisions for Japan market
Fujitsu will spin off, through a simple absorption-type separation, its photonics manufacturing division and photonics product development division to its wholly owned subsidiary, Fujitsu Access
2013-02-06 Flexible polymer targets board-level photonics
Dow Corning and IBM scientists created a material made of high-performance silicone to create optical waveguides on PCBs that can effectively withstand extreme operating heat and humidity.
2002-08-23 Fiberspace acquires Tunable Photonics
Fiberspace Inc. has acquired the assets of Tunable Photonics Corp
2003-09-15 Dow Corning sets up photonic solutions business
Dow Corning Corp. has launched a new photonic solutions business which takes the advantages of silicon-based materials into the optical domain for next-gen optical apps across multiple market sectors
2007-08-24 Agilent launches new optical polarization solutions
Agilent Technologies has expanded its fiber-optic test portfolio with six new polarization analysis and control solutions for R&D and manufacturing of optical components and systems
2002-11-18 Agilent co-develops Boston University photonics lab
Agilent Technologies Inc. and the Photonics Center at Boston University have collaborated to develop the latter's newest Photonics Center laboratory
2003-03-31 Aelis Photonics claims optical compensation breakthrough
Aelis Photonics Inc. is slowly taking the wraps off an optical equalization technology which the company claims can mitigate three separate sources of phase distortion
2002-04-25 Adept signs up Modular Automation as preferred photonics partner
Adept Technology Inc., a manufacturer of flexible automation for fiber-optic telecommunications and semiconductors, has signed assembly automation company Modular Automation as a preferred photonics partner
2003-07-16 Photonics: A gamble that will pay
The introduction of transparent photonic switching into communications networks is sure to provide savings in several areas. Photonic switching is likely to supplement current deployment initiatives for STS-1 grooming resources.
2011-12-08 Team-up focuses on photonic chips
A*STAR's IME is collaborating with Alcatel-Lucent and Globalfoundries to enhance and develop silicon photonic chips designed to support high speed, high bandwidth optical communications.
2005-09-19 Dow Corning pushing into photonic materials market
Dow Corning Corp. announced plans to extend its materials, technology and services to the $65 billion market for optoelectronics by bringing its photonics solutions business development program under the wider umbrella of the company's mainstream Electronics business.
2002-11-21 BTG, INO to push photonic tech commercialization
BTG Inc. has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Canada-based Institut National d'Optique.
2002-09-13 Singapore seeks to achieve electronics rebound
Government officials and industry leaders in Singapore said their key focus is sustaining growth for the city-state's faltering electronics industry.
2013-05-29 Mentor teams up with OpSIS, Lumerical on PDK dev't
Aimed to develop a PDK for the OpSIS IME silicon photonics process, the solution will allow adding the driver and control electronics on the same chip, greatly reducing packaging complexity and cost
2015-10-01 LED light, sensors to enable next-gen medical devices
ams developed the sensing solutions to fill the future market needs, which means a move from today's dumb LEDs to complete spectrally-cognitive sensor platforms and boost IoT deployment
2005-01-24 Laser diode array provides 30W output power
Osram Opto's new high-reliability laser diode array is designed specifically for solid-state pumping, material processing, illumination and industrial apps.
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