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2005-09-14 Vitesse, Apogee Photonics partner on transceiver reference design
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. and Apogee Photonics recently announced a joint reference design that extends 10Gbps transceiver performance to an industrial temperature range.
2002-04-17 Ushine Photonics injects $1.4M to set up ITO production line
Ushine Photonics Corp. has invested $1.43 million in setting up an automated indium-tin-oxide (ITO) thin-film production line.
2003-09-17 u?t Photonics photoreceivers use Inphi amps
u?t Photonics AG has developed with Inphi Corp. two differential pin-TIA photoreceivers for SONET OC-768/SDH STM-256 fiber optic networks.
2010-02-09 Trina Solar bags AE Photonics PV supply deal
Trina Solar Ltd entered an agreement with AE Photonics of Germany to will deliver 40MW photovoltaic modules to the German firm during 2010.
2012-01-30 Team-up unveils Si-photonics biosensor ICs
Imec and Genalyte have developed a disposable silicon photonics biosensor chip that allows for high levels of multiplexed biosensing.
2015-06-22 Synopsys rolls out latest photonics design tools
The RSoft 2015.06 release promises to facilitate faster, more efficient design of various current and emerging photonic devices, photonic circuits and fibre-based applications.
2012-05-10 Synopsys acquires photonics design tool company
A Synopsys executive said the addition of RSoft's products would expand Synopsys' product line in both the optical and adjacent photonic markets.
2012-03-05 ST, Luxtera to expand silicon photonics market
The collaboration entails development of Luxtera's IP in silicon photonics in ST's 300mm fab in Crolles, France.
2009-06-26 Singapore's IME, Bell Labs boost silicon photonics
Bell Labs and Singapore's Institute of Microelectronics (IME) have forged a collaboration to develop advanced photonics technology for the next generation communication networks.
2012-12-26 Silicon photonics paves the way for 100G networks
Learn how silicon photonics can enable widespread adoption of 100G networks.
2014-05-19 Silicon photonics oil the works for high-speed switching
Optical components are integrated with multi-chip modules using packaging advancements with micro bumps and module substrates. The next target is to scale the technology in a cost-efficient approach.
2008-02-29 Silicon photonics move to rule networks
Developments in silicon photonics have moved the technology into the mainstream, according to presenters at the 2008 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition.
2014-03-17 Silicon photonics evolve into 1.3m quantum dot lasers
The quantum dot lasers developed by UCSB researchers are expected to facilitate the integration of low-cost, multi-channel laser devices with CMOS driver circuits.
2002-02-18 Quantum Photonics completes second round of funding
Quantum Photonics Inc. has completed its second round of funding with a total of $27.6 million.
2003-07-16 Photonics: A gamble that will pay
The introduction of transparent photonic switching into communications networks is sure to provide savings in several areas. Photonic switching is likely to supplement current deployment initiatives for STS-1 grooming resources.
2002-01-28 Photonics startups said to lack business acumen
Tough problems remain to be solved on the optical components side, a panel concluded at last week's Photonics West conference.
2002-01-25 Photonics funding dims, venture partner says
Though optical component startups can expect healthy future growth, they still face a tough year for financing, a venture capitalist told attendees of this week's Photonics West conference.
2004-02-23 Photonics Center opens optical component lab
The Photonics Center at Boston University in the U.S. has opened an Integrated Optics Laboratory which will facilitate in the hybrid integration, device characterization, and measurement of active and passive photonics devices.
2006-01-13 Optiwave announces new photonics design tool
Optiwave Systems released its OptiFDTD MAX, which is powered by EM Photonics' Celerity acceleration technology, yielding the computation power of a 25 to 50 node PC cluster.
2003-06-19 Opnext takes hold of Pine Photonics
Opnext Inc. has acquired transceiver maker Pine Photonics Communications Inc.
2009-03-17 Nichia, Semi-Photonics settle patent case
Nichia Corp. and Semi-Photonics Co. Ltd have settled the patent case before the Osaka District Court.
2003-02-10 Network Photonics rolls 1x4 MEMS-based wavelength switch
The company has announced the availability of the CrossWave 1400, hich it claims to be the industry's first 1x4 MEMS-based wavelength switch.
2002-04-26 Network Photonics offers MEMS-based wavelength switch
Claimed by the company to be the world's first commercially-available MEMS-based wavelength switches, the CrossWave 1200 and 2200 all-optical wavelength switching subsystems from Network Photonics Inc. can be used by OEM DWDM system providers as ROADMs and wavelength cross-connects (WXCs).
2015-02-18 Nanoscale light-matter interaction opens door for Si-photonics
Ghent University and imec scientists managed to confine both light and sound to silicon nanowires that could pave the way for enhanced signal processing on mass-producible silicon photonic chips.
2003-03-19 NanoOpto, Integrated Photonics ink product development pact
NanoOpto Corp. has entered into a joint product development agreement with Integrated Photonics Inc.
2013-05-06 MOSIS joins push for silicon photonics tech
The firm's partnership with ePIXfab gives MOSIS customers access to Imec's modern fully integrated silicon photonics processes and Tyndall's advanced silicon photonics packaging technology.
2003-09-26 Microwave Photonics antenna system suits Wi-Fi apps
The AgilWAVE platform from Microwave Photonics is a wireless access infrastructure platform based on a patented switched distributed antenna technology.
2013-10-09 Mellanox up against Intel, Cisco in silicon photonics race
Mellanox is up against the likes of Cisco Systems, Intel, and the start-ups Luxtera and OneChip in a race to field the technology to make fast, dense switches and interconnects practical.
2013-05-21 Mellanox purchases silicon photonics developer
Mellanox believes that by acquiring Kotura, it will be more competitive in the optical connectivity market.
2012-10-15 Marketability of silicon photonics near
The use of silicon photonics as next-generation 100Gbit/s networks is nearing fruition, says Andreas Bechtolsheim.
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