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2006-05-31 Aviza ships atomic layer deposition system to Taiwan's Inotera
Aviza announced the shipment of the Celsior single wafer atomic layer deposition system to Inotera Memories of Taiwan
2010-10-15 Veeco bags HDD contracts
The company says its physical and chemical vapor deposition systems enable higher areal density for next generation thin film magnetic heads.
2011-02-04 Used gear supplier launches R&D foundry service
Aimed at discrete manufacturers, foundries, universities and fabless design houses, the new service covers fab and testing capabilities, PVD deposition capability, metrology and processing of various metals
2002-10-23 Tower to produce 0.135m devices with Applied Materials
Applied Materials Inc. has received orders for chip making equipment worth more than $45 million from Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
2003-07-15 TEL transfers PVD equipment line to Metron
Tokyo Electron Ltd (TEL) has signed a LOI with Metron Technology N.V. which outlines the transfer of the Eclipse PVD equipment product line from TEL to Metron.
2013-09-09 PVD system enables power devices' 300mm transition
The Sigma fxP carries thin wafer handling hardware and uses film deposition stress control techniques to deliver high throughput processes with low wafer bow
2012-03-15 PCM progress report no. 6: Recent advances in phase change memory (Part 2)
The second installment of this two-part series tackles other recent developments in PCM, including fabrication of a 1 Gb PCM array with a 4F2 cell size.
2009-01-23 Partners to push phase change memory development
Aixtron AG and Ovonyx Inc. have agreed to cooperate on the qualification of atomic vapor deposition (AVDR) process technology to further advance scaling of next-generation phase change memory (PCM) products
2003-09-22 Metron purchases TEL's Eclipse PVD line
Metron Technology N.V. has completed its acquisition of the Eclipse PVD equipment product line from Tokyo Electron Ltd.
2002-08-08 Metron licensed to refurbish Novellus legacy systems
Novellus Systems has provided Metron Technology an exclusive license to refurbish its legacy systems, including products acquired from Novellus' acquisition of Varian Associates' Thin Film Systems division and Gasonics Int.
2002-12-12 Microchip selects Applied Materials for service support
Applied Materials Inc. has announced a multi-year Total Support Package contract with Microchip Technology Inc.
2004-07-15 Collaboration to develop ultra-thin gate-insulation layers
STMicro, CEA-Leti and AIXTRON developed an advanced process technology for the creation of ultra-thin transistor-gate-insulation layers for low-power apps.
2010-08-27 CVD system serves 20nm memory, logic chips
The flowable chemical vapor deposition system from Applied Materials is capable of electrically isolating the densely-packed transistors in ICs 20nm-and-below with a high-quality dielectric film
2004-06-01 Samsung develops CVD wiring process for 70nm DRAM
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method for depositing aluminum interconnect in DRAMs using a 70nm manufacturing process, the company said
2013-10-18 Ultra-high-res display makers switch to metal-oxide TFTs
The expensive low-temperature polysilicon process has prompted the ultra-high-res display industry to move to metal oxide TFTs.
2010-11-18 Semiconductor equipment industry flounders
The semiconductor equipment industry has been experiencing tough times since 2007 and is in a difficult position to face today's challenging economic conditions.
2007-05-02 Semicon equipment supplier taps Singapore as global HQ
Semiconductor process equipment provider Novellus Systems Inc. has chosen Singapore to be its international headquarters for its operations outside the U.S.
2003-10-20 Novellus Systems co-establishes research center in China
Novellus Systems Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with Fudan University of Shanghai to establish a semiconductor technology research center.
2011-12-23 New material sought for PV apps
Imec and Flamac have combined capabilities to develop materials for solar cells as alternative to copper indium gallium and selenium.
2003-05-29 NEC fab to implement Yield Dynamics control platform
NEC Electronics America Inc. has announced that it has implemented Yield Dynamics' enTune run-to-run APC platform in its California fab.
2007-02-01 Logic chipmakers seek 32nm breakthroughs
Even as they put the finishing touches on their 45nm process technologies and tweak them for low power, leading-edge logic chipmakers are scrambling to find manufacturing breakthroughs for the 32nm node and beyond.
2009-04-01 Joint effort aims to enable 3D semiconductors
Applied Materials Inc. and Disco Corp. have announced a joint effort to develop wafer thinning processes for fabricating through-silicon vias (TSVs) in 3D semiconductors.
2007-12-13 IMEC reports progress on high-k metal gates at 32nm
IMEC reported progress in improving the performance of planar CMOS using hafnium-based high-k dielectrics and tantalum-carbide metal gates targeting the 32nm CMOS node.
2014-01-28 Electrodes offer RRAM compatibility with existing circuitry
A*STAR researchers designed nickel-based electrodes that can couple resistive random access memory to CMOS systems as well as reduce the current required to switch the RRAM between memory states.
2014-05-14 Cobalt-sheated lines prevent electromigration in the 10nm
Applied Materials' platform encapsulates copper features in cobaltan element that adheres well to both the TaN barrier and copperto prevent voids and electromigration.
2009-09-23 Canon litho dreams hit price roadblock
The end could be near for Canon Inc.'s lithography efforts, as the company is reportedly mulling plans to cease future, high-end scanner development, according to sources.
2010-03-15 Applied expands Taiwan display, solar facility
Applied Materials Inc. has opened its newly expanded Tainan Manufacturing Center in Tainan, Taiwan to improve its flat-panel and thin-film solar photovoltaic production.
2012-04-09 Advantages of resistive RAM for next-gen NVM
Here's a discussion on the strengths of hafnium-oxide-based resistive RAM cells, and the main challenges ahead for this technology.
2013-11-20 Yole: Diamond materials market for chips to top $43M
The growing interest in diamond for optical and thermal applications, and for high-power, high-frequency devices working at high temperatures is expected to drive the market, said Yole Developpement.
2007-07-20 SDK to expand GaN-based blue LED chip production
Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) announced it will invest almost $41 million to expand the production capacity of GaN-based blue LED chips at its Chiba site to 200 million units a month by June 2008.
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