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2005-08-25 Sipex rolls out new 2A memory termination regulator
Sipex launched a 2A memory termination regulator that is designed to drive applications that use DDR Memory, such as mother boards, graphic cards, supply splitters and memory modules
2003-08-26 Microsemi termination devices suit Ultra320 systems
Microsemi Corp. has announced that its Integrated Products Group has introduced two SCSI termination devices for Ultra320 systems
2006-03-20 LVDS buffer features on-chip termination
National Semiconductor introduced a very small, low-jitter signal integrity buffer to its portfolio of LVDS products.
2008-08-08 DDR regulator fits low-power memory termination
TI has launched a sink/source DDR termination regulator that is suited for all power management requirements for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 low-power memory termination
2005-12-20 ATE pin-driver chip provides differential drive and receive
Semtech is releasing its E7725 dual-channel driver and window comparator, which is billed as the first component to combine both signal drive and receive capabilities capable of driving and receiving in either single-ended or fully differential modes.
2014-07-09 P3041 integrated processor design checklist
Here is a design checklist that is useful in debugging newly-designed systems by highlighting those aspects of a design that merit special attention during initial system start-up.
2014-07-08 P2041 integrated processor design checklist
This document is useful in debugging newly-designed systems by highlighting those aspects of a design that merit special attention during initial system start-up.
2002-03-19 PMC-Sierra network IC terminates up to 12 DS3/E3 channels
The PM5383 S/UNI-12xJET is claimed to replace up to four discrete devices in performing the aggregation, transport and termination of up to 12-channels of DS3/E3 and J2 protocols, enabling DS3 services to be deployed in both new and existing platforms
2010-01-26 Multiprotocol chipset boasts high V.35, V.11 data rates
The devices achieve higher V.35 and V.11 data rates and provide enhanced ESD protection.
2002-02-07 Linear Technology regulator operates at 90 percent efficiency
The LTC3831 regulator is claimed to sink or source up to 15A of load current and operate at 90 percent efficiency.
2006-06-02 ISL41334EVAL1Z user's manual
The ISL41334 evaluation board is RoHS compliant, and provides a quick and easy method for evaluating this two-port dual protocol IC.
2007-12-19 ERNI expands 1.27mm SMC connector family
A board-to-board right-angled SMC connector with an integrated locking system has been added by ERNI Electronics to its 1.27mm SMC connector family.
2003-03-18 CMD linear regulator sinks, sources 1.6A
California Micro Devices has introduced the CM3106-12SN linear regulator, which is capable of sinking and sourcing up to 1.6A of current.
2011-08-03 Board-to-cable connector operates at -55CC125C
ERNI's board-to-cable solution offers up to 100 pin positions and features thick side walls that eliminate housing wall breakage
2004-11-01 Options emerge for 10Gbps chip-to-chip interfaces
When selecting a chip-to-chip interface, consider factors such as size, power, latency and the number of required package signal balls.
2003-09-25 Kinsun sub-connectors have male, female types
Kinsun Industries Inc.'s ATD-D-Sub 9- to 25-pin D-sub cable assemblies are available in male and female types
2002-10-07 APT D-sub connector handles 3A
The 501 series of D-sub connectors from A Point Technology Co. Ltd is rated at 250V, 3A and right-angle pin termination.
2008-02-20 Variable gain amplifier supports multichannel data access
ADI has introduced a general-purpose two-channel, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier developed with specific features for today's cable modem termination system
2009-01-12 Using DDR3 SDRAM in Stratix III and Stratix IV devices
DDR3 SDRAM is the latest generation of DDR SDRAM technology, with improvements that include lower power consumption, higher data bandwidth, enhanced signal quality with multiple on-die termination (ODT) selection and output driver impedance control
2006-03-14 Transceivers simplify RS485 networks
Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LTC2859 and LTC2861 half-duplex and full-duplex RS485 transceivers with switchable, integrated termination
2011-08-11 Switching regulator offers 3A VDDQ supply
Linear Technology's LTC3618 is a step-down switching regulator capable of generating the supply voltage and bus termination voltage for DDR/DDR2/DDR3 and future standard memory apps
2011-07-12 Switching regulator boasts 6A output
The synchronous step-down switching regulator from Linear Technology can generate a bus termination voltage for DDR/DDR2/DDR3 and future standard memory apps requiring sourcing and sinking of current
2006-10-11 National intros pair of 2Gbps LVDS buffer-repeaters
National Semiconductor's new pair of 2Gbps signal-conditioning buffer-repeaters are said to provide the lowest jitter transfer, highest ESD protection of 15kV, and on-chip termination
2005-05-30 MUX processes 2.5GHz clocks
The new precision LVPECL 2:1 multiplexer (MUX) with 1:2 fanout and internal termination from Micrel is capable of processing clocks up to 2.5GHz and data up to 2.5Gbps
2008-08-12 Multiprotocol chipset offers enhanced ESD protection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX13170E multiprotocol data transceiver, the MAX13172E multiprotocol clock transceiver, and the MAX13174E multiprotocol termination IC
2003-01-22 Microsemi dc/dc chip runs at up to 600kHz
Microsemi Corp.'s LX1672 high-frequency multiphase dc/dc controller chip is aimed at DDR termination and STB apps
2005-05-27 Micrel MUX prevents runt pulses
The SY89845U precision CML runt pulse eliminator (RPE) 2:1 MUX from Micrel features a 1:2 fanout and internal termination
2002-01-30 Micrel buffer offers >7GHz bandwidth
The SY58016 differential CML buffer offers -3dB bandwidth >7GHz, 45ps max rise/fall time, <1.5ps RMS jitter, and internal 50-ohm termination
2004-12-21 Maxim dc-dc converter suits notebook, sub-notebook PCs
Maxim's new source/sink step-down dc-dc converter is designed for use in low-voltage active-termination power rails or chipset power supplies
2006-05-29 LVDS buffer suits low jitter apps
Micrel introduced the SY89835U, a 1:2 LVDS fanout buffer featuring internal termination and failsafe input in a 2-by-2mm 8-pin footprint.
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