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2005-09-08 Battery charger charges from wall adapter, USB power sources
Linear Technology rolled out standalone dual-input linear battery chargers that charge single-cell Li-ion batteries from a wall adapter or a USB power source.
2005-12-28 Battery charge controller integrates SMBus interface
TI announced its first integrated battery charge controller with a System Management Bus interface aimed at multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery packs used in portable applications.
2008-07-17 AVX connectors deal with 15A, 650V
AVX Corp. has developed a series of 9177 insulated displacement connectors (IDCs) that can handle up to 15A and are rated for use at up to 650V.
2005-01-03 Atmel laser diode drivers target PC drives, DVD recorders
Atmel's ATR084x family is designed for digital versatile disk with read/write function (DVDRW)/CD-RW combo drives.
2004-12-22 Atmel laser diode driver includes LVDS
Atmel's new laser diode driver family has low voltage differential signals for enhanced write speed.
2003-12-03 Arques regulator meets DDR-SDRAM specifications
Arques Tech has released the AQ9105 dual linear regulator designed to meet the voltage specifications for DDR-SDRAM as defined in JEDEC JESD79C standards.
2004-11-19 Arques linear charger suits single-cell Li-ion batteries
The new AQ9102 from Arques Technology is an integrated charger with a charging profile tailored for single-cell Li-ion batteries.
2014-04-24 Applications of hall-effect rotary-position sensors
Hall-effect rotary-position sensors are designed to measure the angle position of a moving element by utilising a magnetic field instead of mechanical brushes or dials.
2003-05-30 Adtron flash drive performance exceeds 30MBps
Adtron Corp.'s S35FB hard-disk drive promises to deliver sustained R/W rates of more than 30MBps, without the need to buffer and burst data.
2004-08-04 ADI triple differential drives down cost
Fully integrated into a single, 4-by-4mm package, Analog Devices' AD8133 is the industry's smallest triple differential line driver.
2014-10-14 Address M-PHY issues to boost test efficiency
Learn about the requirements of the M-PHY standard relevant to oscilloscope probing, and the tests required in the M-PHY Physical Layer Conformance Test Suite.
2007-07-12 ADCs target high-speed, high-density applications
Targeted at high-speed, high-density applications, a family of ADCs from TI offers choices in channel density, resolution, and SNR vs. spurious-free dynamic range tradeoff.
2006-03-29 ADCs handle 250MSps for cable and wireless
Analog Devices' AD9230 ADC is designed to bring greater efficiencies to wireless infrastructure and reduced power consumption and footprint to cable applications.
2008-11-03 ADC finds way to effectively dissipate power
Linear Technology introduces a low-power 14bit, 125Msps ADC that dissipates only 127mW, less than one-third the power of prior solutions.
2005-05-27 A simple SCART interface for video
Since external connections to video peripherals such TVs, STBs and VCRs are provided by a SCART connector, this article will help when designing such apps.
2012-05-08 A primer on JESD204 standard for ADCs
Learn about this digital interface standard and its design implications.
2015-12-30 A primer on debugging video apps and beyond
Starting with the review of the application and culminating with the submission of parts through official failure analysis channels, this guide attempts to provide as comprehensive a framework as possible.
2014-09-15 A peek at testing MIPI's latest PHY
MIPI is in the process of releasing a third PHY standard called C-PHY, which takes an interesting departure from the other MIPI PHYsone that is likely to present new test and measurement challenges.
2010-04-07 80MSps ADC helps reduce digital feedback
Linear Technology Corp. is rolling out the LTC2259-16 ADC that integrates two useful features for reducing digital feedback, including alternate bit polarity mode and a data output randomizer.
2007-10-22 600V gate drivers target three-phase applications
IR has introduced the IRS2336xD protected 600V three-phase gate driver ICs with integrated bootstrap functionality for appliance motor control, servo drives, micro-inverter drives and a wide range of general-purpose applications.
2010-06-10 2A battery charger is solar-input compatible
Linear Technology Corp. is offering LT3652HV, a higher voltage version of the innovative LT3652 monolithic buck battery charger for modern battery chemistries.
2007-05-14 200V ICs target low-voltage motor drive apps
International Rectifier has introduced IRS200x family of driver ICs, a series of 200V chips for low- and mid-voltage motor drive applications.
2007-07-25 16-port T1/E1/J1 transceiver debuts
At 16 ports, the DS26519 single-chip transceiver from Dallas Semiconductor is said to offer the highest integration and lowest cost per port in the industry.
2009-04-29 14bit ADC cuts digital feedback
From Linear Technology Corp. comes a low-power 14bit, 150MSps ADC that dissipates only 149mW, less than one-third the power of competitive solutions.
2008-11-28 'Smallest' NiMH charger boasts fast-charge control
Maxim Integrated Products has released the DS2710, a stand-alone, NiMH charger IC with alkaline-cell detection.
2009-10-20 'First' 144Mbit SRAMs achieve 550MHz clock speed
The 65nm SRAMs offer up to half standby and dynamic current consumption compared with 90nm SRAMs.
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