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2004-11-24 Pioneer to replace defective supplies in plasma displays
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. said it would replace, free-of-charge, power supplies in some of its second- and third-generation plasma displays due to reported power supply failures.
2008-03-07 Pioneer to drop plasma panels biz
Pioneer is finalizing plans to withdraw from producing plasma panels as early as this year amid intense competition, and to focus instead on fabricating LCD TV sets.
2008-02-29 Pioneer to drop 42-inch plasma production
Pioneer Electronics reportedly plans to cease production of 42-inch plasma displays and instead procure smaller panels from Matsushita Electric or Hitachi.
2004-04-02 Pioneer strengthens plasma display business
Pioneer Corp. has established the Plasma Display Business Co. on April 1, 2004 as a new internal divisional company and the reorganization of its Home Entertainment Co.
2008-07-04 Pioneer sheds plasma panel factory
Pioneer Corp. has started negotiations to sell its plasma display panel factory to a flat-panel developer funded by Sony Corp., according to a report from JCN Network.
2004-04-06 Pioneer develops three plasma displays, two video cards
The company has introduced three high-definition plasma displays for the industrial market in Japan.
2005-09-01 PDP pioneer sees an edge for plasma
According to one expert, luminous efficiency is the most important display characteristic that directly impacts PDPs.
2007-09-28 PDC: Plasma display market to see 25% growth
The plasma display category is poised to grow 25 percent in 2007 as the industry enters the Q4 holiday sales season, according to the Plasma Display Coalition (PDC).
2005-02-22 Panasonic touts tottering plasma display technology
Engineers and executives of the Panasonic Technologies Co. hit the road this week to tout the advantages of plasma display technology over LCDs.
2013-10-14 Panasonic to abandon unprofitable plasma TV biz
Hitachi left the plasma panel business in fiscal 2008, while Pioneer called it quits a year later, leaving Panasonic as the last company to abandon plasma screens.
2007-01-10 Panasonic readies Java-enabled digital cable-ready plasma
Panasonic said that it will start offering a Java-enabled digital cable STB to U.S. cable operators within the next quarter.
2002-10-08 Nordson establishes plasma business from subsidiaries
Nordson Corp. will integrate its Advanced Plasma Systems subsidiary in St. Petersburg, Florida, into its March Plasma Systems unit headquartered in Concord, California.
2006-07-18 New LED display offers alternative to plasma module
Designed as a drop-in compatible replacement for the popular APD-128G032 plasma display module, Vishay's LED-128G032 promises high brightness and superior viewing characteristics in a slim package.
2003-04-11 NEC releases 84-inch plasma display
The PlasmaSync 84VP4 84-inch plasma display combines four matrixed PlasmaSync 42VP4 plasma displays.
2003-10-22 NEC plasma monitors feature 'Digital AccuDevice'
NEC Plasma Display Corp. has launched its PlasmaSync series of 42-inch, 50-inch, and 61-inch wide XGA plasma monitors.
2002-10-04 NEC Plasma Display Corp. commences operations
NEC Corp. has separated the color PDP businesses of its wholly owned subsidiaries, NEC and NEC Kagoshima Ltd, from their respective mother companies and transferred to a separate company, NEC Plasma Display Corp.
2007-02-20 MOSFETs enable system efficiency, space optimization in plasma displays
Fairchild's new n-channel MOSFETs are designed to provide system efficiency and space optimization in plasma display panel applications.
2005-09-07 Micronas promises to deliver HDTV quality to LCD, Plasma TVs
Micronas unveiled a highly integrated IC family that promises to take HDTV picture quality on LCD and Plasma TVs to new levels of performance.
2006-11-06 Matsushita plasma displays now Pb-free
Matsushita Electric Industrial announced that it has eliminated lead from all its plasma display panels, making it the first panel maker to comply with new environmental guidelines.
2003-12-11 Matsushita expands plasma TV production
Matsushita Plasma Display (SMPD) Co. Ltd, a consolidated subsidiary of Matsushita Electric
2005-09-23 Matsushita expands plasma display capacity
Matsushita Electric has accelerated the scheduled start of production of plasma display panels at a new fab by two months in order to keep pace with Korean competitors.
2014-10-29 LG Electronics exits fading plasma TV business
The South Korea-based company said it will stop producing plasma TVs by end-November due to the weakened global demand, and will focus its efforts on developing LCD and OLED displays.
2005-05-04 LG designs Genesis Microchip video display controllers into plasma TV
LG has designed Genesis Microchip Inc.'s integrated FLI8532 (Cortez) and FLI8125 (Hudson) flat-panel TV controllers into its new 42-inch plasma TV.
2013-03-01 LED TVs outsell LCD, plasma in Vietnam
Strong price erosion fuelled LED TV demand in Vietnam by almost three fold in 2012, according to GfK.
2005-12-15 Leading plasma TV manufacturers form coalition
Five leading plasma TV panel manufacturers have formed the Plasma Display Coalition to further promote the growth of plasma TV in the United States.
2006-10-24 LCD, plasma TVs drive 32% growth in digital home market
Consumers worldwide will increase spending on digital home devices by 32 percent to $159 billion in 2006, according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics' connected home devices service.
2008-07-01 LCD, plasma successors make headway
LCDs and plasma screens may be the dominant choice for TV sets today, and LCDs the displays of choice for almost every other application, but a pair of upstart technologies is vying to replace them.
2005-02-09 LCD maker to boost share in Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display
Hitachi Ltd has reached an agreement with Fujitsu Ltd regarding acquisition of Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Ltd (FHP) stock owned by Fujitsu.
2008-02-12 Korean plasma TV industry set to bounce back in '08
In 2007, South Korea's plasma display panel manufacturers had gone into the red, but that is expected to change this year due to large-scale international sports events and the relatively weak performance of LCD TVs, according to a report.
2003-03-26 JMAR, Collimated Plasma win sensor system contract
JMAR Technologies Inc. and Collimated Plasma Lithography systems have received a contract from FemtoTrace Inc. to design, develop and manufacture a line of advanced environmental sensors based on Reversal Electron Attachment Detection technology.
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