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2002-05-07 Silicon substrates that bend and shape
A Japanese team has found a way to bend and shape silicon substrates by growing a thin layer of diamond on top.
2007-10-16 Sharp hails inch-thick LCD panel
Sharp Corp. has developed a 1-inch-thick LCD panel that it says will be integrated into mainstream displays produced at a tenth-generation fab scheduled to go online in 2010.
2004-03-01 SDK announces aluminum reflector for displays
Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has developed an aluminum reflector for LCDs used in PCs and TV receivers.
2013-01-29 Save power in LCD TVs with LED driving techniques
New design techniques in LED driver circuits promise to deliver significant energy savings that will go a long way to helping TV manufacturers meet the tough requirements for power consumption.
2006-04-18 Samsung, Matsushita escalate patent war
Samsung SDI has filed a lawsuit against Matsushita Electric Industrial in the United States, seeking to nullify the Japanese flat panel maker's patents, according to report in
2004-01-14 Samsung selects Tripath audio amp for flat panel products
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has chosen Tripath Technology Inc.'s TA2024, Class-T audio amplifier to power additional Samsung flat panel products, such as LCD and Plasma TV receivers, and LCD monitors.
2006-04-07 Samsung SDI to invest $751M into PDP plant
South Korea's Samsung SDI Co. Ltd disclosed that it would invest $751 million to build a plasma display plant that would begin operation in May 2007.
2005-12-09 Samsung SDI sues Matsushita over PDP patents
Samsung SDI disclosed that it has filed a civil lawsuit against Matsushita Electric in U.S. federal court alleging that the Japanese consumer electronics giant and its U.S. subsidiary infringed Samsung's plasma display patents.
2005-11-22 Samsung readies display production line
Samsung SDI Co., the world's largest plasma display panel maker, said it will invest more than $450 million to build a fourth-generation OLED (organic light-emitting diode) production line.
2009-01-09 Report: ultraslim TVs key to FPD TV growth
Ultraslim TV designs will one of the most important factors in the continued growth of LCD and plasma TVs, according to recent findings from DisplaySearch.
2007-06-01 Receiver handles terrestrial, CS digital broadcasting
Panasonic Electronic Devices Co. Ltd develops a combination unit capable (TTM11J) of receiving terrestrial, BS and 110 CS digital broadcasting.
2004-02-06 Pioneer to get hold of NEC PDP business
Pioneer and NEC have formed a MoU, by which NEC is to transfer to Pioneer all the shares NEC holds in its subsidiary, NEC Plasma Display Corp.
2006-09-27 Pioneer files PDP patent lawsuit against SDI
Pioneer Corp. announced that it has filed a complaint against Samsung SDI Co. Ltd and several other Samsung companies alleging SDI's infringement of Pioneer patents related to plasma display panel technology.
2002-05-23 Photonic Systems sells PDP patent portfolio
Photonics Systems Inc. has stated that it is selling its plasma display panel patent portfolio, as part of its effort to maximize the return on investment of the product's IP.
2004-06-30 Philips opens R&D rent-a-lab
Seeking to change the way high-tech companies conduct corporate research, Philips Research has opened a multipurpose clean room here available for rent to internal R&D teams as wells as outside customers.
2008-07-01 PDPs pursue HDTV victory
PDPs clearly had a very good 2007, but the picture for 2008 is clouding over. How the PDP-vs.-LCD duel in HDTVs will look one year from now will depend on many variables, including relative supply and demand, continuing or aborted investment in new factories, the speed of manufacturing ramp-ups at new plants, and TV makers' pricing patterns.
2007-05-10 PDP y-on-y shipments drop for the first time
DisplaySearch's latest Quarterly PDP Module and TV Shipment and Forecast Report found that plasma panel shipments fell for the first time y-on-y in Q1.
2002-04-23 PDP revenues to exceed $2B in 2007, predicts Frost
Plasma display panels (PDPs) are seen as one of the most promising products in the next half decade, and demand for them is expected to touch 3 million units in 2003.
2007-03-09 PDP driver cuts power consumption by 35%
Samsung announced that its new 256-channel display driver IC for PDP offers a lower power consumption rate over conventional PDP driver ICs.
2010-01-25 PDP boasts quadruple luminance efficiency
Panasonic Corp. has developed new plasma display panels (PDP) that boast quadruple luminance efficiency.
2006-01-12 Panasonic, Toray to build PDP facility in Japan
Panasonic and diversified chemical group Toray Industries announced plans to build a new plasma display panel manufacturing facility in Japan.
2004-09-24 Panasonic inks distribution pact with New Age Electronics
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co., a division of Matsushita Electric Corp. of America, has signed a distribution agreement with New Age Electronics Inc.
2008-02-19 Panasonic gets majority stake in LCD JV with Hitachi, Toshiba
Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic) will spend about $611 million to take a majority stake in IPS Alpha Technology Ltd, an LCD JV company it co-operated with Hitachi and Toshiba.
2010-10-26 P3T makes flexible ICs sustainable
The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films presents a process for making thin film circuits and biosensors that cuts energy and materials used.
2005-04-27 Orion to cease 42-inch PDPs production
Display manufacturer Orion PDP Co. Ltd announced it would cease production of 42-inch plasma display panels (PDPs) in the second half of the year due to low profit margins achieved by the segment.
2004-12-22 NSG, JSR to allot ?8B for new PDP components plants
Japan-based plasma display panel (PDP) components and materials makers Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd (NSG) and JSR Corp. are projected to invest over ?8 billion ($76 million at ?104.56:$1) for production expansion in 2005.
2008-04-25 Novellus exec sees the silver lining
Undaunted by reported downturns in the chip industry, Andrew Goh, president of Novellus' operations in Southeast Asia, remains optimistic about the growth prospects of the semiconductor industry.
2003-03-14 Nexgen adopts Genesis display solutions for TV products
Nexgen Mediatech Inc. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc. to provide them with digital display solutions for use in its plasma TV receiver, LCD TV receiver, and DLP projector solutions.
2003-01-07 New markets drive demand for programmable logic
The programmable logic industry, like other segments of the semiconductor business, experienced a dramatic slowdown in sales in recent years.
2004-07-06 NEC, Pioneer conclude PDP stock transfer deal
NEC Corp. and Pioneer Corp. have continued their discussions based on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) dated February 3, 2004, and officially concluded the stock transfer agreement.
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