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2007-01-30 NEC to combine visual display equipment biz
The projector business of NEC Viewtechnology Ltd along with the desktop and large-screen LCD businesses of NEC Display Solutions Ltd will merge in April under NEC Display Solutions Ltd.
2002-12-17 MKS undergoes group restructuring
MKS Instruments Inc. has announced organizational changes aimed at integrating the company's acquired companies, accelerating subsystem development, and increasing flexibility and customer responsiveness.
2002-04-10 Micronas develops flat-panel video controller chip
Designed to simplify the integration of video and TV functionality for flat-panel displays, the DPS 9450 video controller SoC from Micronas GmbH includes an IP core, embedded memories, I/Os, and customized analog macros.
2005-01-10 Maxim, ViXS to bring wireless TV to home entertainment market
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. and ViXS Systems have entered into a development partnership.
2007-01-15 Matsushita, Toray to build the 'largest' PDP plant
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd and Toray Industries Inc. will build a new PDP manufacturing facility in Japan.
2006-03-01 Matsushita, Sharp eye new flat-panel capacity
Both companies are pouring large sums into separate fab projects in bids to maintain leads in the PDP and LCD markets.
2005-04-26 Matsushita, Sampo mull PDP acquisition deal
Monitor maker Sampo Corp. dislcosed that it is working out a purchase agreement with Japan-based Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd for 42-inch and 50-inch plasma display panels (PDPs).
2008-01-10 Matsushita, Google team to deliver Internet TV
Matsushita Electric Industrial and Google are teaming up to launch services allowing users to watch Internet pictures and videos on TV, according to the JCN Network.
2007-01-17 Matsushita's three-year plan targets global sales
Matsushita Electric is refocusing on global markets, saying it will seek about $84 billion in sales by 2010.
2006-07-24 Matsushita to start assembling LCD TVs in Russia
Matsushita Electric Industrial announced that it will start assembling LCD televisions in Russia in September, meeting what it says is strong local demand.
2004-03-08 Matsushita to increase PDP capacity by year-end
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd, a Japan-based maker of Panasonic products, plans to raise its plasma display panel (PDP) capacity at the end of the year, instead of its earlier decision to push it next year.
2007-01-12 Matsushita to double PDP fab capacity by '09
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd will build a new plasma display panel fab that will double its PDP capacity from 1 million to almost 2 million units a month by 2009.
2004-12-27 Matsushita pushes up PDP capacity by 66 percent
PDP maker Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd announced that it has increased its monthly capacity for plasma display panels (PDP) from 90,000 units to 150,000 units, making the company the largest supplier of PDPs in Japan.
2004-05-20 Matsushita aims to be top PDP supplier
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is planning to build a new plasma display panel fab that would make it the top PDP supplier in the world.
2004-05-21 Matsushita aiming to be top PDP supplier
Matsushita Plasma Display Panel Co. Ltd, the joint venture between Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. and Toray Industries Inc., will build its fourth plasma display panel fab to produce glass substrates for up to six 42-inch panels per substrate.
2004-05-31 Mainland makers to expand overseas
Mainland China makers of CRT and plasma TV receivers are expanding production overseas to fight off the threat of economic loss from the recent U.S. ruling on anti-dumping.
2001-10-11 Low open area (2 percent) oxide-etch endpoint using the CETAC EP-2000
This application note discusses the use of the CETAC EP-2000 Endpoint and Plasma Diagnostic System to solve the sensitivity issues for low open area plasma etch endpoint applications.
2007-05-25 LG Electronics Q2 earnings to pick up
South Korea's LG Electronics Inc. predicts a sharp improvement in Q2 earnings and possible signs of a turnaround in its plasma screen business within months.
2006-05-12 LG display tech slices three panels in one glass substrate
LG Electronics said it will begin producing 50-inch plasma display panels this month using a technology that slices three panels from a single glass substrate.
2011-01-11 LEPs with 'au10tic' security IC combat counterfeit components
NXP and LUXIM collaborate on efficient LEP street lights with 'au10tic' security IC to ensure genuine street lighting components.
2007-05-04 LCD TVs squash display rivals in China
iSuppli reports that China is undergoing extreme price drops for LCD TVs, spurring a shipment increase of 32 percent in the Q4 2006.
2007-02-12 LCD TV sector to hit 106.2M in 2011
Global demand for LCD TVs will grow annually by 23.4 percent over the next five years, outpacing the projected growth in plasma TV demand.
2007-07-17 LCD TV poised to top television market, report says
LCD TV will soon take the top spot in the television market, gradually pushing other technologies to the sidelines, according to a report from iSuppli.
2006-02-17 LCD TV has highest BoM cost
A recent teardown analysis of three televisions by iSuppli's Competitive Manufacturing Cost Assessment Service indicates that LCD TVs have higher BoM costs than plasma and DLP TVs.
2001-05-08 Laser processing of flex
This article explains the use lasers for machining (cutting and excising), skiving, and drilling holes during the manufacture of flexible circuits.
2003-02-10 JMAR streamlines lithography operations
JMAR Technologies Inc. will restructure and streamline its operations in order to improve profitability and better support the commercialization of its CPL semiconductor manufacturing systems and related technologies.
2002-08-13 JMAR contracts MIT for its lithography program
JMAR Technologies Inc. has initiated a contractual collaboration with MIT Prof. Henry I. Smith as part of its advanced semiconductor lithography program.
2002-07-10 JMAR announces breakthrough in lithography technology
JMAR Technologies Inc. is using "Collimated Plasma Lithography" to more accurately describe its breakthrough technology for processing higher performance silicon and GaAs chips.
2005-06-22 Japanese researchers craft novel diamond semiconductor
Researchers at Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have used a vapor deposition process to synthesize an n-type semiconducting 001 oriented diamond substrate.
2011-04-28 Japanese light source providers part ways
Dissolving their partnership, Komatsu Ltd will acquire Ushio Inc.'s shares in Gigaphoton, thus making the light source venture its wholly owned subsidiary.
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