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2008-01-09 Samsung intros 52-inch ultrathin LCD TV
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd launched 52-inch ultraslim LCD TV and two smaller sets with an emerging display technology that boasts better picture quality than current LCD and plasma TVs.
2004-04-29 Samsung countersues Fujitsu to block PDP import ban
Customs officials here have moved to prohibit imports of Samsung's plasma display panels following a request by Japanese rival Fujitsu Ltd.
2012-06-06 Rensselaer's solar tech increases conversion efficiency by 60%
The technology uses superconducting magnets to increase the efficiency of conversion from sunlight to electricity by stripping electrons from high-energy plasma jets.
2005-09-02 Regulator delivers the boost to bias LCDs
Allegro MicroSystems' A8483 is a 1.2MHz step-up regulator chip suited for general purpose battery-powered work as well as bias/backlighting supplies for plasma and liquid-crystal displays.
2011-04-19 Power amplifier for automated, computer-controlled systems
TREK introduces the 10/10B-HS, a power amplifier for use in electrostatic deflection, material characterization, and plasma applications.
2002-06-20 Performance of Cable-in-Conduit conductors for SST-1 at IPR
This application note discusses the performance of Cable-in-Conduit conductors for the superconducting toroidal and poloidal field magnets of the Steady State Toromak at the Institute of Plasma Research in India.
2008-01-17 Perform thermal tests on Class D amps
There are two kinds of amplifiers used to generate the output power, class AB and class D amplifiers. The shift to class D was mainly the result of the introduction of flat-screen LCD and plasma TVs, in which space was limited and heat dissipation became an issue. Since the thermal test standards were developed when only class output power AB was used, we want to investigate if they are still appropriate for class D.
2006-10-31 PDP shipment, sales up, reports Displaytech
Plasma panels shipments climb 47 percent in the third quarter of 2006 to 2.8 million units with revenues up 10 percent q-o-q and 29 percent y-o-y reaching a record-high of $2.02 billion, said in a DisplaySearch report.
2008-12-09 PDP power devices
This application note discusses how to select optimal power devices for AC plasma display panel (PDP) applications. A large number of power devices are used in a typical PDP.
2007-03-27 On Semi, Hisense co-establish power lab
On Semiconductor and Hisense Electric announced the establishment of their joint power laboratory, which will develop efficient and energy-saving power solutions for LCD, plasma and CRT TV series.
2004-03-04 NEC drops its OLED business
Following its plasma display business sell off to Pioneer Corp., NEC Corp. has decided to withdraw from the organic light emitting display (OLED) business by dissolving its partnership with Samsung SDI Co. Ltd.
2004-09-14 Matsushita tops PDP market, rolls out new large display
Matsushita Electric will begin marketing a 65-inch plasma display, said to be the largest available in consumer market, beginning in October here and in the United States.
2004-07-01 Low-cost FPGAs readied for launch
Another wave of FPGAs is headed for market as programmable-logic vendors escalate the fight to put their chips in tomorrow's plasma displays and fish finders.
2008-10-28 LG turns panel plant to solar cell production line
LG Electronics will convert its A1 plasma panel-manufacturing line in Gumi, Korea, into solar cell production lines.
2004-06-11 LG adopts Genesis display controller
LG Electronics Inc. has integrated Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gm1501 display controller and FLI2300 video format converter into its new 42-inch plasma TV receiver.
2008-09-08 KGD Assembly
This application note is relevant for any die product not packaged and at risk of exposure to UV light, plasma clean or X-ray during module assembly. In addition to KGD, Known Tested Die (KTD) and Non-Singulated Wafers are available for commercial and industrial applications.
2007-04-26 Hitachi files PDP patent infringement suit against LG
Hitachi, through its Plasma Patent Licensing subsidiary (HPPL), is filing a case against LG saying that the company infringed its plasma-display related patents.
2005-06-03 FHP to build new PDP line
Panel maker Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Ltd (FHP) is planning to improve its PDP production at its Miyazaki Works facility with investments worth $787.1 million
2016-03-17 Edwards introduces green, cost-efficient vacuum pumps
The iXM and IXL900R series are ideal for semiconductor etch and chemical vapour deposition (CVD) applications, and plasma vapour deposition (PVD) applications, respectively.
2006-06-02 Confabs to eye growing markets
Two upcoming conferences will showcase the fastest-growing areas of systems design: sensors for wireless applications and LCD and plasma alternatives.
2005-01-24 Avnet signs distribution pact with South Korea's D&T
Avnet Electronics Marketing, the largest operating group of Avnet Inc, has signed a distribution agreement with South Korea's D&T Inc., a designer and manufacturer of flat panel LCD and plasma display solutions and related technologies.
2007-05-01 Avionics display tech breaks into TV
Expected to fight LCDs and plasma for a slice of the market, UniPixel Displays' Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter technology addresses display requirements in avionics applications, particularly heads-down cockpit deployments.
2005-03-09 Audio chip with 85ms delay time
Designed to suit Plasma-TVs, LCD-TVs and Projection-TVs, the new 2-channel digital audio delay from NJR has a delay time of 85ms at fs=48kHz, or 128ms at fs=32kHz.
2016-04-18 1.5kW RF transistor from NXP operates up to 500MHz
The MRF1K50H targets applications from laser and plasma sources to particle accelerators, industrial welding machines, radio and VHF TV broadcast transmitters, and amateur radio linear amplifiers.
2004-12-15 $820 million PDP program in Fuzhou approved
The largest investment made for the plasma display panel (PDP) program in Fuzhou Development Zone already received official approval, with a total investment of $820 million.
2014-06-23 ZuGaNG project adopts GaN for voltage converters
The GaN-based high voltage converters reduce the switching losses of power converters due to their high pulse frequency and which work reliably under high pressure and temperature.
2005-12-21 Zoran announces joint product development with Xoceco
Zoran announced the opening of a joint product development laboratory with Xoceco, which will enable both companies to collaborate more closely on the development of innovative new products using Zoran's highly integrated solutions for digital TV chassis and STB.
2009-12-23 Zigbee ushers in next-gen remote controls
The solution enables control without pointing and two-way communication between the remote and device.
2006-06-30 Xilinx recalls Spartan-3 FPGAs
Xilinx announced a recall of Spartan-3, Spartan-3E and Spartan-3L FPGAs made between September 205 and late April 2006.
2002-11-22 Xilinx packs more I/O into its FPGA line
Xilinx Inc. has upgraded its top-selling FPGA line by packing in more I/O pins and logic resources.
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