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2013-04-12 Metal-coated nanostructures print images at 100,000dpi
Using the new printing technique, colour images cannot be any more detailed as two adjacent dots blur into one if they are closer than half the wavelength of the light reflecting from them.
2013-02-28 Imec, partners reveal plasmonic enhancement development
Imec and its project managers have worked on a light trapping strategy which uses metal nanostructures that allow plasmons to increase the absorption within the solar cell structure.
2013-04-12 A*STAR research advances photonics integration
The team identified that the compound BiFeO3 has the potential to be used to efficiently couple light to electrical charges through light-induced electron oscillations known as plasmons.
2014-04-14 Plasmonic resonators enable circuits at THz frequencies
The resonators capture light in the form of plasmons, and are bridged by a layer of molecules that switches on the quantum plasmonic-tunnelling effects.
2014-07-21 Plasmon sensors to put bomb-sniffing canines out of work
The device uses reflectors to bounce the surface plasmons back and forth inside the sensordramatically increasing the sensitivity of the sensor to detect incredibly minute concentrations of explosives.
2002-08-28 Unnatural optics create precise photonic lens
Optical experiments using arrays of nanowires are demonstrating that the concept of a negative refractive index could be realized in practical systems.
2014-05-13 TiN-based metamaterials exhibit high photonic densities
The metamaterials comprise superlattices using TiN and a dielectric carrying the same properties as the metal. The layers are grown inside a vacuum chamber using magnetron sputtering.
2012-07-30 Researchers boast world's smallest semiconductor laser
Physicists at the University of Texas-Austin say they have developed the smallest semiconductor laser that operates well below the 3D diffraction limit.
2013-01-21 Research: Optical fibre design cuts insertion loss
The fibre structure presented by a team from A*STAR was based on a new type of photonic-crystal fibre that removes the limit of the total strength of the optical signal received at the far end.
2011-04-26 Quantum dots enable photon-electron coupling
Doped semiconductor quantum dots could enable coupling of photonic and electronic properties, impacting such areas as light harvesting, nonlinear optics and quantum information processing.
2012-10-15 Plasmonics show promise for optically induced electronics
Rice University researchers are doping graphene with light in a way that could lead to the more efficient design and manufacture of electronics, as well as novel security and cryptography devices.
2013-03-14 Numerical model to aid in nanophotonic designs
The numerical model developed by A*STAR researchers could be an invaluable tool for designers in nanophotonics as it can simulate the performance of circuits that rely on light.
2006-01-16 Nanorods show negative refraction in near-IR
Findings demonstrate the feasibility of metamaterial with a negative refractive index in the near-IR portion of the spectrum.
2016-02-04 Making white LED from three-tiered GaN nano-rods
National Taiwan University researchers are working on producing white light from a single tiered-column LED producing white light at a single pixel.
2016-05-13 Laser-like optical amplifier boosts output of captured light
Rice University's new light-amplifying nanoparticle functions much like a laser, but while lasers have a fixed output frequency, this device's output can be tuned over a range of frequencies that includes a portion of the infrared spectrum.
2011-06-06 Hybrid plasmon polariton improves silicon photonics
Berkeley Lab has invented new quasiparticle, the hybrid plasmon polariton, which claims solves the problem of optical losses in silicon waveguides.
2012-04-24 Graphene achieves terahertz frequency
IBM demonstrated terahertz graphene photonics that could be useful in future mid- and far-infrared photonic devices including detectors, modulators and 3D metamaterials.
2013-06-25 Ferroelectric-graphene system packs more components in chips
MIT researchers claim hybrid ferroelectric and graphene technology could eventually lead to computer and data-storage chips that are able to accommodate more components in a given area and are faster and less power-hungry.
2013-05-24 Electromagnetic wave travels straight line sans diffraction
Researchers at the A*STAR Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology helped to develop the electromagnetic wave, which can travel some 80?m in a straight line without diffracting.
2013-02-15 Deconstructed nanosensors offer new design approach
Researchers found that metal nanostructures can act as tiny antennae to control light since they can focus and guide light on the smallest of scales, surmounting design practicality and reliability issues.
2008-07-31 Coming soon: Lens-free lasers
Focusing semiconductor lasers usually require bulky optical lenses acting as a collimator, but researchers have recently demonstrated a plasmonic collimator that utilizes grooves etched directly into the laser facet.
2015-08-06 CMOS optical transistor boasts speeds up to 4THz
Potentially over a 1000 times faster than silicon transistors, the novel transistors can be fabricated atop CMOS to boost switching time by nearly 5,000-times less than 300fs.
2015-07-29 90GHz nanopatch plasmonic antennas surpass lasers
Researchers from Duke University created a structure that boost the spontaneous emission rate by 880-times while enhancing the fluorescence intensity by 2300-times while maintaining a high efficiency.
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