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2002-05-28 Viztec, Promerus partner to commercialize flexible plastic LCDs
Viztec Inc. and Promerus LLC have entered into a partnership which aims to accelerate the commercialization of flexible plastic LCD technology.
2003-04-08 Vishay plastic dial targets industrial control apps
Vishay Intertechnology has announced the release of the Model 21P molded plastic dial designed to serve as a counting turn dial for industrial systems.
2015-05-20 Using plastic waveguides for future comm networks
Here's a look at a multi-gigabit communication link using a plastic fibre as transmission channel. It is developed by the KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS research group in Belgium.
2014-09-18 Understanding plastic ball grid array
Learn about the Plastic Ball Grid Array or PBGA package, a cavity up laminate based substrate package in which the die is attached to the substrate in the normal die up manner.
2002-01-18 UL releases instructional video on flammability testing for plastic manufacturers
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has released the Flammability Testing: A Training Guide video to train manufacturers to conduct flammability tests on plastics used in their products and components.
2004-04-19 Theory promises brighter plastic LEDs
A new take on the theory of light-emitting polymers suggests that their efficiency could be doubled, a development that would boost the introduction of flexible displays or possibly reduce the cost of flat-panel displays which currently depend on more costly materials.
2011-07-21 TCNL fabs ferroelectric nanostructures on plastic
Georgia Tech researchers have developed a way to fabricate nanometer-scale ferroelectric structures directly on substrates.
2014-09-24 Subatomic spins control current in plastic LEDs
Physicists at the University of Utah read the subatomic "spins" in the centres or nuclei of hydrogen isotopes, and used the data to control current that powered light in a cheap, plastic LED.
2007-05-15 ST to explore fuel cell, plastic electronics markets
STMicroelectronics said it expects to bring samples of micro-fuel cells to market in 2009 and to sample biochemical sensors and electronics-on-plastics in 2008.
2012-06-06 ST plastic MEMS mic brings sleeker gadget design
ST claims that its novel microphone-assembly process ensures superior electrical and acoustic performance, unbeatable mechanical robustness and slimmer form factors.
2003-01-17 Sprague-Goodman rolls plastic dielectric trimmer caps
The company has expanded its line of FILMTRIM plastic dielectric trimmer capacitors.
2009-05-22 Solder reflow attach method for high power RF devices in over-molded plastic packages
This application note aims to provide Freescale Semiconductor customers with a guideline for solder reflow mounting of high power RF transistors and ICs in over-molded plastic (OMP) packages.
2003-07-07 Shenzhen Junduoli plastic parts target portable apps
The plastic injection heat-resistant plastic parts series from Shenzhen Junduoli Elec Co. Ltd are suitable for use in cellphone covers and LED reflectors.
2006-07-07 SDRAM-DDR memory unit touts multichip plastic packaging
Austin Semiconductor has launched its 1.2Gbit, SDRAM-DDR memory family in a 219-pin BGA.
2005-01-13 Samsung yields 5-inch transmissive plastic LCD panel
TFT-LCD provider Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed what it claims as the largest 5-inch transmissive plastic TFT-LCD display for portable applications such as mobile phones and notebook computers.
1999-12-14 Resistance to soldering heat and thermal characteristics of plastic SMDs
The present work is focused on SMDs soldered onto a plastic substrate, by means of the most common industrial processes, and takes into account two aspects of reliability.
2010-08-13 Reset switches in stainless steel, plastic
C & K Components has developed a robust and compact reset switch with low operating force to ensure ease-of-use and activation precision. These switches, designated as the LF series, are ideal for use in pump and furnace controls.
2010-07-22 Researchers make breakthrough in plastic chip process
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory made progress toward developing a plastic chip process combining the speed of silicon and the cost of plastic.
2012-04-30 Research reveals self-assembling super-nano plastic fibers
Researchers from CNRS and the Universit de Strasbourg have developed a highly-conductive plastic nanofiber that self-assembles when triggered by a flash of light.
2001-03-27 Replacing wire with inexpensive plastic fiber solutions
This application note explains the advantages of a low-cost fiber-optic solution and ways to implement it using Cypress Semiconductor's CY7B923/933 HOTLink transceivers.
2008-12-01 Plastic-encapsulated parts gear up for military apps
Maxim Integrated Products introduces its /PR family of ruggedized, plastic-encapsulated devices for high-reliability military and aerospace applications.
2010-02-23 Plastic wires enable low-cost flexible solar cells
Caltech researchers have demonstrated flexible solar cells that absorb up to 96 percent of incident light, by growing arrays of silicon wires in a polymer substrate.
2000-06-06 Plastic Packaging and the Effects of Surface-Mount Soldering Techniques
This application note is intended to inform and assist the customers of Microchip Technology Inc. with Surface Mount Devices (SMDs).
2004-12-09 Plastic Logic, E Ink, team for large area flexible display
Plastic Logic Ltd and E Ink Corp. have reached a nonexclusive agreement to cooperate on the design and fabrication of flexible all-plastic electronic displays, Plastic Logic said Monday (Dec. 6).
2002-03-08 Plastic Logic, CDT to cooperate in polymer organic electronics development
Plastic Logic Ltd has signed a deal with light emitting polymer provider Cambridge Display Technology to cooperate in polymer organic electronics development.
2004-12-06 Plastic Logic to develop displays with Siemens Communications
Plastic Logic Ltd, a developer of plastic electronics for flexible display backplanes and sensors, has entered into a joint development agreement with mobile phone maker Siemens Communications, to develop flexible displays for Siemens mobile devices, Plastic Logic said.
2005-07-14 Plastic Logic moves north to seed manufacturing base
Plastic Logic, a developer of plastic electronics for flexible display backplanes and sensors, said that planning permission had been granted for a 30,000 square foot facility to be built in Sedgefield, England.
2002-07-04 Plastic enclosures may impede Bluetooth signals
Flomerics Ltd says serious problems could arise with enclosures used to house Bluetooth units.
2002-10-10 Plastic electrons spin for memory
Ohio State University researchers have made nearly all the moving electrons inside a sample of plastic spin in the same direction - an effect called spin polarization that could yield plastic memories.
2010-03-31 Plastic connector enables direct interface
ITT Interconnect Solutions is offering a plastic connector that does not require harnessing, eliminating the need for board-to-board connectors.
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