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2005-01-19 Fujitsu, Toray develop environment-friendly notebook PC plastic housing
Fujitsu Ltd, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and Toray Industries Inc. have entered into a joint development of large-size notebook PC plastic housing made of plant-based plastic with low environmental burden.
2007-06-15 Flexy plastic panel lasts longer
Fujitsu Components Europe has developed a new generation of resistive touch panels for conductive plastics that ensures a tenfold improvement in lifetime over conventional devices.
2014-02-14 European partners to show flexible, plastic AMOLED display
Plastic Logic and Novaled will demonstrate the fully organic AMOLED display at the Flextech Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, intended to speed the market for flexible and wearable displays.
2012-05-21 EMC Basics #14: How to make plastic housing work for EMI
Learn how a coated plastic enclosure can work as a shieldand why it often doesn't.
2011-04-19 Double-zone acoustic scanning of plastic-encapsulated ICs
Learn about the double-zone scanning system and how it can increase throughput.
2010-08-13 Data storage on plastic possible
US spintronics researchers have found a way to store data on a plastic memory device, promising faster processing and lower power consumption.
2005-11-16 Conductive plastic enclosures have inherent EMC properties
2004-04-19 Conductive plastic could speed electronics manufacturing
A conductive plastic that mixes electronics-functions into the material before it is cured could make possible products from disposable e-newspapers to large-scale organic LEDs that can be sprayed on walls.
2009-07-01 Clamping of high power RF transistors and RFICs in over-molded plastic packages
This application note provides customers with a guide for mounting high power RF transistors and RFICs in over-molded plastic (OMP) packages by clamping down the RF power device in the power amplifier housing.
2007-07-06 Circular plastic connectors roll for medical apps
Tyco Electronics has introduced a line of circular plastic connectors for medical applications, dubbed the CPC - Medical line.
2002-09-20 Circuit models for plastic packaged microwave diodes
This application note discusses the measurement and establishment of circuit models for SOT-23 and SOD-323 packaged diodes.
2001-04-19 Circuit models for plastic packaged microwave diodes
This application note reports on the measurement and establishment of circuit models for SOT-23- and SOD-323-packaged diodes.
2003-03-28 ASAT qualifies new leadless plastic package
ASAT Holdings Ltd has announced the qualification and addition of the TAPP technology to its portfolio of leadless packages.
2015-11-26 ARM sees some promise in plastic electronics
ARM's CTO doesn't see plastic electronics competing with silicon, but he confirmed ARM's appetence to start all over again with plastic electronics.
2004-03-25 Agere puts LDMOS in plastic package
Agere Systems' line of lead-free overmolded plastic-packaged LDMOS transistors will reduce the cost of RF transistor packaging by up to 25 percent.
2002-10-24 A 5GHz - 6GHz switch using low-cost plastic packaged pin diodes
This application note describes a new design for an SPDT switch in the 5GHz to 6GHz range using PIN diodes in a low inductance SOT-23 package.
2001-04-19 A 5-6GHz switch using low-cost plastic packaged PIN diodes
This application note describes the design and performance of a SPDT switch covering a 5GHz to 6GHz frequency range utilizing low-cost PIN diodes in SOT-23 packages that use a low-inductance internal lead configuration.
2001-04-23 500W, Class E 27.12 MHz Amplifier Using A Single Plastic MOSFET
This application note presents a design of a 27MHz Class E amplifier using a high-voltage RF MOSFET.
2002-05-23 Viztec, FlexICs to codevelop mobile LCDs
FlexICs Inc. and Viztec Inc. have agreed to collaborate on the development of flexible, plastic active-matrix LCDs.
2002-06-03 Tyco microconnector debuts
Expanding its micro-circular plastic connector offerings, Tyco Electronics has launched a CPC connector that accommodates 12 to 19 contacts in a 13.5 shell size.
2003-10-03 Thermal Considerations for PAs
This application note describes the thermal considerations for ANADIGICS power amplifiers.
2003-10-03 Surface Mount Assembly and Handling of ANADIGICS LPCC Packages
This application note outlines the steps necessary for the handling and assembly of ANADIGICS power amplifiers in LPCC packages.
2002-05-31 STATS PBGA package improves thermal performance
ST Assembly Test Services Ltd has introduced the Exposed Drop In Heat Spreader PBGA (XDPBGA) package that offers better thermal performance than traditional die-down packages.
2002-05-28 STATS develops thermally-enhanced PBGA
ST Assembly Test Services Ltd has introduced an enhanced version of its Plastic Ball Grid Array package called Exposed Drop in Heat Spreader Plastic Ball Grid Array (XDPBGA).
1999-12-18 Standard 4" wafer adhesive tape specification
Specification for standard 4" wafer adhesive tape
2003-06-30 SHI establishes offices in China, U.S.
Japan-based Sumitomo Heavy Ind. Ltd (SHI) has opened new offices for its plastic injection molding machines in Dalian, China, and Detroit, U.S.A.
2013-04-04 Screen protector for mobile devices yields 3D content
A nano-engineered plastic film created by A*STAR IMRE and Temasek Polytechnic turns ordinary screens of mobile devices into 3D displays.
2002-12-20 Researchers explore fractal magnetism for storage
Magnetic polymer materials being studied at Ohio State University could give rise to a new form of magnetism characterized by fractal fields.
2014-10-14 Radical polymers bring novel benefits to PV cells, batteries
Purdue University researchers developed an emerging class of electrically conductive plastics that promise transparent solar cells and ultrathin antistatic coatings for consumer electronics and aircraft.
2013-02-07 Project plans to bring flexible OLEDs to market by 2019
The Flex-o-Fab project will project will create a pilot-scale manufacturing chain for flexible OLEDs and use it to develop reliable fabrication and production processes.
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