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2003-01-03 ROHM blue LED displays tout resistance to heat
ROHM Co. Ltd has announced the release of a line of 7-segment blue LED numerical displays that feature a new heat-resistant plastic package.
2009-04-07 Researchers tap viruses for 'green' batteries
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers claim that genetically-engineered viruses can be used to assemble tiny batteries that can then be printed on plastic films.
2001-03-30 Portable Applications Drive Packaging Evolution
This paper gives an overview about the Micro SMD chip-scale packaging technology. It describes Micro SMD's advantages over traditional leaded plastic packages and explains mounting and handling considerations.
2006-02-08 PIN diodes target portable devices
Avago Technologies has launched three high-performance PIN diode chips in a low-cost RoHS-compliant, Pb-free SOD-323 plastic package.
2013-09-17 Physicists create polymer with tunable colours for white OLED
University of Utah physicists inserted platinum metal atoms at different intervals along a chain-like organic polymer, allowing the plastic-like polymer to emit light of different colours.
2006-12-29 PCB test points ease identification, polarization
Components Corp.'s RoHS-compliant, color-coded PCB mountable test points have loop-style plastic standoffs that enable quick identification.
2006-11-29 Panel pots offer up to 1 million rotations
Constructed with carbon or conductive plastic elements, BI Technologies' new panel potentiometers have life cycles of up to 1 million rotations.
2009-07-02 Panel potentiometers aim at amp, audio apps
TT electronics BI Technologies has developed custom panel potentiometers for XP Audio's Bolt guitar amplifiers. With conductive plastic elements, concentric shafts and life cycles as high as one million rotations, the potentiometers suit amplifier and other pro audio apps.
2008-02-28 Panasonic goes catalytic in recycling bid
Panasonic, together with Kusatsu Electric, has developed a recycling technology that enables the recovery of metals from plastic-coated wires and plastics used in electric and electronic equipment without causing hazardous side effects.
2007-08-03 Organic solar cells to beat silicon-based alternatives
A new composite material for plastic solar cells formulated by Ohio State University researchers promise to beat today's inorganic silicon-based solar cells.
2004-02-18 Oncque switches feature 1.2V forward voltage
The RBS3105 roll ball switches from Oncque are housed in high insulation plastic material that are free from electric conduction and rusting.
2016-04-26 Nanoimprint lithography allows flexible transistor dev't
UW-Madison engineers have pioneered a unique method that could allow makers to easily and cheaply fabricate high-performance transistors on huge rolls of flexible plastic, switching at 110GHz.
2000-12-13 Mounting considerations for power semiconductors
This application note discusses the general terms in mounting procedures for several generic classes of packages including stud mount, flange mount, pressfit, plastic body mount tab mount and surface mount types.
2010-07-06 MIT demos eye exam via handset display
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed an eye exam that can be executed using a small, plastic device clipped to the front of a cellphone's screen.
2009-05-27 MID400 power line monitor
The MID400 is an optically isolated AC line-to-logic interface device for monitoring on or off status of an AC power line. The logic circuitry operates from a standard 5V supply. The MID400 is packaged in a compact 8-pin plastic DIP.
2007-11-06 Metal-insulator tech drives down cost of 60GHz WPAN
By switching to metal-insulator electronicswhich can be fabricated on standard CMOS lines atop ultracheap plastic substratesMotorola reports being able to drive down the cost of 60GHz WPAN to rival that of semiconductors.
2010-12-02 MEMS resonator eliminates need for quartz
MEMS resonators from SiTime can be integrated inside a semiconductor device's plastic package, cutting the need for an external quartz crystal for real-time clocks.
2007-11-29 Media converter drives visible red light over POF
Firecomms has developed a reference design that enables integrated media converters to drive 1394 S800 signals using visible red light over plastic optical fiber (POF) home networks.
2004-01-27 Matsushita announces breakthrough in metal-film separation
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd, in collaboration with Kumamoto University, has announced the development of a technology for separating metal film from the plastic.
2002-04-01 Material testing system provides tension, compression testing
Targeted for use in plastic, rubber, paper, composite and textile markets, MTS Systems Corp.'s evolution material testing system provides cyclic tension and compression testing, aside from static testing in an electromechanical package.
2004-06-01 Master Hill fiber-optic cables have 0.2dB loss
The new plastic fiber-optic cables from Master Hill Electric are designed for interconnects between advanced audio equipment.
2014-06-09 Manufactured sulphur cathode allows up to 500 cycles
The sulphur used in the Li-S cathode is combined with a carbon-based plastic precursor to prevent them from cracking and keep lithium-sulphur compounds from crystallizing under the stress of cycling.
2003-08-28 LRC rectifiers offered in box, tube packing
Exported worldwide, the rectifiers from Leshan Radio Co. Ltd are available in a wide range of models, and are offered in box and plastic tube packing.
2011-12-21 Low-cost technique targets flexible electronics
Solution-based processing technology pushes for smart applications with stretchable and plastic backplanes.
2002-12-19 Low cost DECT Power Amplifier PH9 7005
This application note describes the use of two of the 5th-generation silicon bipolar RF transistors in SOT3 43R plastic SMD package in a two-stage PH9 7005 power amplifier designed for use in DECT cordless telephone systems.
2009-03-16 Liquid level switches suit medical, industrial
Sensortechnics GmbH introduces the OLT liquid level switches for cost-effective optical point level detection. These sensors feature very high chemical resistance due to their Trogamid miniature plastic housings, making them suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial OEM applications.
2010-03-16 Light sensors operate behind darkened glass
TAOS has launched a digital ambient light sensor and proximity detection family designed to eliminate the need to use clear glass/plastic in front of the sensor or drill holes/slots into the display.
2008-10-14 Konarka builds 'largest' thin-film solar factory
Konarka Technologies Inc. has opened what it claims to be the largest roll-to-roll flexible thin-film solar manufacturing facility, preparing for the commercialization and mass production of its patent-protected thin film solar material, Power Plastic.
2003-03-12 IR standard-recovery diodes improve surge current capability
International Rectifier has introduced a new family of standard-recovery diodes in a stud-mount DO-5 plastic-cap package.
2008-08-18 IP camera design optimizes powerful processor
The S6106, Stretch Inc.'s latest member of its S6000 family of software configurable processors, boasts its low-operating power and a compact 17mm x 17mm plastic BGA package. This is suitable for space and power constrained applications.
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