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2008-07-24 PMC-Sierra licenses MIPS cores for comms, storage solutions
PMC-Sierra has licensed a broad range of MIPS Technologies cores for its next-generation communications and storage solutions.
2010-12-15 PMC-Sierra licenses CEVA VoIP platform
The CEVA-VoP is a complete hardware and software VoIP solution designed to be deployed in integrated networking and VoP SoCs.
2007-12-13 PMC-Sierra licenses ARM processors for ASIC, PON
ARM has announced that PMC-Sierra has licensed the ARM Cortex-A8 processor and ARM11 MPCore multicore processor for a broad range of designs, including devices for PON and ASIC devices.
2002-05-08 PMC-Sierra launches web-based evaluation tool
PMC-Sierra has launched a new online tool to assist customers and partners in product evaluation.
2008-09-30 PMC-Sierra expands WiMAX RFIC solutions
As WiMAX becomes a "global phenomenon," PMC-Sierra Inc. steps up to help solve WiMAX global spectrum hurdles and help OEMs develop cost-effective WiMAX products to enter the market.
2006-01-18 PMC-Sierra establishes new tech center in Bangalore
PMC-Sierra announced that it has established a new technology center in Bangalore, India. The new technology center is located in Cyber Park in the heart of the Electronics City in southeast Bangalore.
2006-07-14 PMC-Sierra EPON integrated in Dasan's FTTH solution
PMC-Sierra and Dasan Networks announced that PMC-Sierra's EPON fiber-to-the-home semiconductors are designed into Dasan's FTTH equipment.
2008-10-13 PMC-Sierra enlists GPON devices for FTTH deployments
PMC-Sierra Inc. claims the industry's most highly integrated GPON devices for Fiber-to-the-Home deployments.
2004-11-11 PMC-Sierra devices reduce cost of adding VoIP
PMC-Sierra announced a family of integrated devices that promises to reduce the cost of Voice-over-IP enabled broadband Customer Premises Equipment.
2004-05-20 PMC-Sierra debuts integrated SoC
PMC-Sierra is debuting a CPU-based offering that looks a lot more like an application-specific standard product than like a traditional CPU.
2007-09-19 PMC-Sierra debuts in wireless chip market for client systems
PMC-Sierra has officially entered the market for wireless chips in client-side systems with last Monday's release of an integrated RF device for WiMAX.
2005-06-28 PMC-Sierra cuts 63 more jobs despite meeting guidance
Broadband communications semiconductor supplier PMC-Sierra Inc. has decided to eliminate 63 jobs in addition to the 26 positions eliminated earlier.
2004-04-14 PMC-Sierra CTS family provides low risk solution
PMC-Sierra has introduced its 4G Fiber Channel CTS product family that consists of the PM8379 CTS 20x4G, PM8378 CTS 18x4G, and the PM8375 CTS 4x4G devices.
2004-07-09 PMC-Sierra clock generator accelerates design process
PMC-Sierra introduced the CM5470 system clock generator, the latest addition to its family of Advanced Clock Management products.
2003-10-06 PMC-Sierra CEO sees wafer shortage ahead
A severe wafer shortage is looming, according to Bob Bailey, president of PMC-Sierra Corp.
2010-05-13 PMC-Sierra buys Adaptec channel storage biz for $34M
PMC-Sierra entered into a definitive agreement with Adaptec to acquire its channel storage business, which includes RAID storage product line and SSD cache performance solutions.
2004-09-14 PMC-Sierra broadens MIPS-cased CPU offerings
PMC-Sierra Inc. has extended its investment in MIPS Technologies Inc. architecture to include the MIPS32 24K core family and the 4KEm core, a line of 32bit synthesizeable processor cores available for cost-sensitive embedded applications.
2006-12-12 PMC-Sierra brings carrier-grade services to the home
PMC-Sierra's MSP7100-based reference platforms are available in a range of WAN interface configurations including ADLS2+, VDSL2, Ethernet and EPON to enable robust delivery of carrier-grade services into the digital home.
2007-01-01 PMC-Sierra announces scalable framer solutions
PMC-Sierra Inc. has announced the PM8310 TEMUX 336, the industry's most integrated and scalable framer solution for next generation voice, wireless and router platforms.
2007-04-23 PMC-Sierra announces enterprise-class SAS/SATA controllers
PMC-Sierra announced the latest addition to its Tachyon controller family, the PM8000 Tachyon SPC 8x6G, enabling the first generation of enterprise-class tiered storage architectures.
2005-01-06 PMC-Sierra announce SAS solution for tiered storage apps
PMC-Sierra announced an end-to-end SAS architectural solution for network attached and server attached tiered storage apps.
2010-10-26 PMC-Sierra acquires Wintegra
The buy hastens PMC-Sierra’s product offering in the IP/Ethernet packet-based mobile backhaul equipment market segment.
2002-05-22 PMC-Sierra 64-bit processors consume 2.5W
PMC-Sierra Inc. has introduced the RM7000C and RM7065C 64-bit MIPS-based processors that consume 2.5W at 600MHz, and are suitable for use in network router control planes, enterprise switches, networked printers, and STBs.
2010-10-01 PMC Sierra licenses MIPS processor cores
PMC-Sierra to use MIPS cores in array of products, cites multi-threading advantages
2006-10-05 NEC selects PMC-Sierra's solutions for SpectralWave
PMC-Sierra announced that NEC has selected PMC-Sierra's metro transport semiconductor solutions for its SpectralWave series.
2015-11-27 Microsemi beats Skyworks to PMC-Sierra acquisition
Microsemi said it will acquire PMC for about $2.5 billion in a deal that is a mix of cash and shares, but Skyworks Solutions is entitled to an $88.5 million termination fee from PMC.
2005-09-12 Former Intel, Sun CTO joins PMC-Sierra
Broadband communications chip supplier PMC-Sierra Inc. has appointed Robert Yung to the position of chief technology officer.
2003-06-26 CG-CoreEL to represent PMC-Sierra in India
CG-CoreEL Programmable Solutions Pvt. Ltd, an India-based technology solutions company, has been appointed as the sales representative of PMC-Sierra in India.
2002-08-30 Amkor, PMC-Sierra begin 2G flip-chip production
Amkor Technology Inc. and PMC-Sierra have released for production its jointly developed second generation flip-chip packaging solutions.
2005-06-07 Altera, PMC-Sierra team up with protocol development system
Altera and PMC-Sierra announced the availability of a jointly developed multi-serial protocol development system that incorporates Altera's Stratix II EP2S90 FPGA and PMC- Sierra's PM8358 QuadPHY 10GX SERDES transceiver
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