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What is PoE?
Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the ability for the LAN switching infrastructure to provide power over a copper Ethernet cable to an end-point (powered device). This capability was once referred to as inline power.
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2007-03-22 DC/DC converter transformers roll for PoE apps
TT electronics BI Technologies provides design engineers a series of DC/DC converter transformers designed for PoE applications.
2006-01-18 DC/DC converter targets PoE apps
C&D Technologies has launched a DC/DC converter that significantly simplifies the design and implementation of Power over Ethernet apps.
2004-10-25 Custom supplies offer PoE option
Phihong now offers custom power supply solutions that enable Ethernet switches and blades to be field-upgradeable to PoE.
2008-09-18 Current balancing in four-pair, high-power PoE applications
This application note describes a unique current-balancing technique that uses a four-pair architecture to deliver up to 50-W to the end equipment.
2013-10-25 Compact vision system fitted with GigE ports with PoE
The CVS-1457RT compact vision system from National Instruments offers deterministic camera triggering over Ethernet bus so users can power the camera, send triggers, and acquire images.
2011-04-12 Cisco posts 45% rise in 2010 PoE port sales
A recent In-Stat report has revealed that in PoE port sales for 2010, Cisco Power leads with a 45 percent growth in sales, followed by NETGEAR with 36 percent and HP Networking with a 33 percent sales growth.
2006-01-02 C&D launches DC/DC converter for PoE apps
C&D Technologies launched a DC/DC converter that is aimed to simplify the design and implementation of power-over-Ethernet apps.
2007-10-04 Be free of power lines with PoE interface controllers
PoE interface controllers may be used as a substitute for AC power lines in many networked powered devices. This is possible using PoE powered device interface controllers from STMicroelectronics.
2005-03-01 Adtran adds PoE to switch portfolio
Adtran plans to expand its fledgling switch portfolio with the addition of power-over-Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet capabilities to its product lineup.
2006-05-16 Adapter injects 60W onto a single PoE port
Phihong's POE60U Power-over-Ethernet adapter/injector can deliver up to 60W at a nominal 56V to a single Ethernet port.
2005-07-25 AC/DC complies with PoE
Astec Power's first power-over-Ethernet supply, its DS657, delivers 657W at a nominal 48V in a 1U package for midspan and endspan implementations.
2007-03-15 8-port PoE midspan suits security, SOHO apps
Phihong has developed a low-cost, 8-port midspan for security and SOHO installations.
2007-05-07 5W to 6.5W PoE DC/DC converter
A solution to one aspect of PoE is presented here utilizing the ON Semiconductor NCP1031 series of monolithic, high voltage switching regulators with internal MOSFET.
2006-05-08 54V, 275W half-brick converters drive PoE apps
SynQor's new PQ55540HTx05 Tera half-brick converters deliver 54V at up to 5.1A for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and VoIP applications.
2008-05-05 4-port PoE midspan suits high-power apps
Phihong USA has developed a 4-port Gigabit PoE midspan for high-power applications that is compatible with Cisco's Aironet 1250 series access points.
2007-08-15 4-port PoE midspan loads 480W sans power management
Phihong USA has introduced the Ultra PoE POE480U, a 60W, 4-port midspan that provides total full power of 480W and requires no power management.
2008-09-16 25W, high-power PoE using the TPS2376-H
This document describes the characteristics, operation, and use of reference design PR567A demonstrating high-power PoE.
2005-07-13 1U rack from Phihong provides PoE, network RPS compatibility
With quick-disconnect connectors for three individual loads, the new 1,500W 1U rack from Phihong USA accepts three PSM500 500W power supplies.
2007-03-01 10W DC/DC enables efficient PoE power supplies
Power Integrations extended its DPA-Switch DC/DC IC family with the 10W DPA422, which enables designers to develop efficient power supply designs for PoE applications.
2003-12-16 Xerox prints transistors for use in LCDs
Printed organic electronics, which uses an ink jet printer to implant semiconductive polymers on a flexible substrate, process could lower the cost of LCD panels.
2009-05-28 WLAN ref design enables 300Mbit/s throughput
The MPC8377EWLAN 802.11N access point reference design supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent operation with 3 x 3 MIMO and enables greater than 300Mbit/s throughput while meeting the requirements of IEEE802.3af PoE.
2008-09-16 Wall adapter powers IEEE 802.3af powered device
Power-over-Ethernet is an emerging technology that allows an existing Ethernet connection to carry both data and power. However, today’s powered-device (PD) designers face a dilemmanot all Ethernet connections are wired for power. To operate with these legacy connections, a PD can use a wall adapter, but this capability must be designed into the PD.
2005-06-28 Video-over-IP streamer cuts cables with Power-over-Ethernet
An enhanced version of Bluegill, an MPEG-4 IP video streamer from Cradle Technologies, adds Power-over-Ethernet, RS-485 control of pan, tilt and zoom, and enhanced alarm sensor and relay control.
2008-09-15 Using Standard Power over Ethernet controllers for high-powered devices
Any IEEE 802.3af power sourcing equipment (PSE) power controller can be used for higher power by adding a simple circuit to the port to increase available current.
2011-09-07 Switch ICs support centralised, distributed networks
Micrel has introduced the KSZ84xx family of IEEE 1588v2-enabled Ethernet devices for Industrial Ethernet and Power Substation Automation applications.
2010-05-24 PSE controller packs power MOSFET, sense resistor
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX5971A single-port, power-sourcing equipment (PSE) controller for IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant, high-power, PoE+ applications.
2013-04-08 Press-fit ICMs provide pressure contact with PCBs
Pulse Electronics has recently debut its press-fit RJ45 integrated connector modules provides a pressure contact with the printed circuit board, eliminating the need for wave soldering.
2008-09-16 Powered device controllers comparison: TPS2375/TPS2377 vs TPS2370/TPS2371
Two generations of powered device (PD) controllers are available from Texas Instruments for PoE PD solutions. They are the TPS2370/TPS2371 and the TPS2375/TPS2377. This report explains the major differences between the two families.
2006-09-28 PowerDsine signs distribution agreement with India's Anixter
PowerDsine Ltd announced that it has signed an agreement with Anixter India to distribute for its complete range of PoE Midspan products to enterprise customers in India.
2008-06-02 Power-over-Ethernet goes green
Here's how the efficiency of PoE systems compares to traditional wall adapters in various applications, and how new techniques and technologies, including dynamic power management and emergency power management, promise to make new PoE solutions more power- and cost-efficient.
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