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2008-04-16 Manage circuit board power with PLDs
This article proposes a design solution to the complex power management problem in circuit board design: the use of a programmable, mixed-signal power management device.
2006-09-26 Low-profile inductor rolls for voltage regulator apps
TT Electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division has developed HM72A series of small, high-power, molded SMT powdered iron inductor suited for power applications.
2007-10-19 Low-profile 8A DC/DC regulator saves space
A complete 8A DC/DC ?Module regulator system with on-board DC/DC controller, power switches, inductor compensation and input/output bypass capacitors has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp.
2008-07-10 Low-power DC/DC converter renders longer battery runtime
Linear has launched the LTC3564, a 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 2mm x 3mm DFN or ThinSOT package.
2007-08-27 Low-noise regulator touts high PSRR, efficiency
Micrel's new family of 'SuperLNRs' that feature the advantages and ease of use of LDOs with low noise, high PSRR, ultrafast transient performance, while providing the efficiency of a switching regulator.
2008-03-18 LM274X reference designs
This application note presents several reference designs that implement the LM274X synchronous buck controller.
2016-03-28 Linear step-down ?Module has adjustable load current control
The LTM8064 regulates and controls load current up to 7A when sourcing and 9.1A when sinking. It is ideal for Peltier devices for cooling and heating, LED and laser driver, and motor and fan controllers.
2009-12-23 Linear regulators leverage BiCMOS technology
Intersil's new LDOs claim the industry's fastest transient response, ensuring that the output voltage is regulated under varying load currents.
2004-06-16 Linear IC allows voltage conversion at high frequency mode
Linear Tech introduced a 2-phase dc-dc synchronous controller for converting a high input voltage to low output voltages at a high switching frequency.
2010-12-14 LDOs adjust output voltages down to 0.5V
Micrel's MIC61150 and the MIC61300 offer highly flexible solutions for low V(IN)/V(OUT) applications
2015-10-07 LDO regulators aimed at noise sensitive loads
The Intersil ISL80510 and ISL80505 provide 1A and 0.5A of continuous output current and ultra-low dropout of 130mV and 45mV at full load, respectively, to deliver outstanding dropout performance.
2005-12-02 LDO regulator powers low-voltage MPU cores
Micrel launched an ultra high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 5A voltage regulator for powering core voltages of low-voltage microprocessors.
2008-05-15 LDO controllers drive NMOS, NPN pass transistors
Leadis Technology has released samples of a new family of LDO controllers designed to drive NMOS or NPN pass transistors.
2004-08-17 Lambda joins DOSA alliance for dc-dc converters
Lambda, a supplier of standard and custom power supply solutions, has joined the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA), an industry alliance designed to promote standards in dc-dc power converters.
2008-02-28 Jazz Semi upgrades high-voltage BCD power platform
Jazz Semiconductor has announced enhancements to its advanced bipolar CMOS DMOS process platform including the addition of an ultra-low Rds(on) scalable NLDMOS device.
2014-10-23 Is concurrent engineering fit for FPGA power design?
Find out whether the complexity and potential consequences of late design cycle and worst-case FPGA power system design are sufficient to justify adoption of concurrent engineering practices.
2004-01-07 IR voltage regulators have 0.6V dropout voltage
International Rectifier has introduced a series of high current, ultra-low dropout (ULDO) linear voltage regulators in high density, hermetic packages.
2003-12-18 IR voltage regulators deliver up to 0.6V dropout voltage
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced a series of high current, ultra-low dropout (ULDO) linear voltage regulators in high density, hermetic packages for military and aerospace applications.
2005-10-04 IR synchronous buck PWM controllers eye DC/DC POL apps
International Rectifier introduced two one-percent accurate, single output, synchronous buck PWM controllers with 4.5V to 16V input voltage capability.
2003-01-14 IR MOSFETs boast low on-resistance
International Rectifier's IRLR7833 and IRLR7821 HEXFET power MOSFETs are the company's lowest on-resistance, 30V MOSFET in a D-Pak outline.
2009-06-29 IR intros new PWM control IC
International Rectifier has unveiled the IR3640M PWM control IC for high performance synchronous DC/DC buck applications including servers, storage, netcom, game consoles and general purpose DC/DC converters.
2004-05-06 IR chipset eyes high-frequency dc-dc converters
The company has introduced a control and synchronous switching chipset for high-frequency dc-dc converters powering next-generation Intel and AMD processors.
2004-06-22 Intersil rolls out double-ended controller for power supplies
Intersil released a double-ended controller intended for unregulated bus converters in 48V dc-dc and off-line ac-dc power supplies.
2005-11-08 Intersil digital controllers offer ATR
Intersil Corp. announced two new six-phase, digital controllers with I�C bus communication.
2004-05-21 Intersil 4-phase controller touts benchmark performance
Intersil says its Endura ISL6564 is the most advanced four-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller available.
2011-09-19 Intepro Systems launches 2500W high power load family
Intepro Systems has announced the release of the 2500W high power load family, the HP Series, with 16bit programming and measurement accuracy.
2008-01-16 Inject performance to STB designs
Linear Technology's Bruce Haug says that POL regulation can add performance to STB designs by being more efficient than traditional multi-output off-line custom flyback power supplies. It allows a higher output power without needing extra PFC circuitry and enables a quicker time to market by using an off-the-shelf regulatory approved single output power supply with highly efficient POL downstream regulators.
2014-08-22 Infineon buys IR to reposition itself in chip industry
The German company is paying $3 billion in cash for Internal Rectifier, an acquisition that will expand its expertise in compound semiconductors, as well as facilitate a stronger market presence.
2007-02-15 Inductors offer high frequencies, low inductance
Vishay has unveiled four low-profile, high-current inductors that feature high maximum frequencies and low inductance values.
2011-01-12 Inductors offer 1MHz maximum frequency
Vishay Intertechnology's new IHLP low-profile, high-current inductors offer a 3mm x 3.6mm footprint with ultralow profiles of 1.2mm and 1.5mm respectively.
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