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2014-11-11 Semiconducting polymers enable efficient solar cells
The size scale of the clumps within the donor layer and the aggregationor interaction between neighbouring molecules within the layerswere the main drivers of solar cell efficiency.
2014-10-14 Radical polymers bring novel benefits to PV cells, batteries
Purdue University researchers developed an emerging class of electrically conductive plastics that promise transparent solar cells and ultrathin antistatic coatings for consumer electronics and aircraft.
2011-09-30 Polymers tout 10x higher piezoelectric effect
The property is revealed when two different polymer molecules are coupled as two blocks in a di-block copolymer.
2002-10-17 Polymers self-assemble to form 2.5nm diode
A diode measuring 2.5nm was recently demonstrated by a University of Chicago professor Luping Yu, who called it the world's smallest semiconductor device.
2002-05-15 Organic polymers would connect prosthesis to nerves
A Sweden-based PhD research student from Linkvping University is developing organic polymer components structured to allow severed nerves to grow right into them and connect with electrodes in a prosthetic hand, for example.
2001-09-12 Nanomechanical measurements on polymers using contact mode AFM
This application note describes the use of AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) coupled with force curve analysis in helping to characterize the nanomechanical properties of polymer surface.
2014-05-19 IBM Research develops bone-strong, recyclable polymers
The researchers employed a 'computational chemistry' hybrid approach or a combination of high performance computing and synthetic polymer chemistry to predict how the molecules will respond.
2012-11-16 Disc storage capacity boosted self-assembling polymers
Researchers at the University of Texas-Austin claim to have developed a method of directed self-assembly that could boost hard drive capacity fivefold.
2013-05-07 Analysing the growth potential of electroactive polymers
Electroactive polymers are highly attractive for their low-density, large strain capability, superior spectral response, and resilience.
2004-04-19 Theory promises brighter plastic LEDs
A new take on the theory of light-emitting polymers suggests that their efficiency could be doubled, a development that would boost the introduction of flexible displays or possibly reduce the cost of flat-panel displays which currently depend on more costly materials.
2005-05-20 Sumitomo buys Dow's Lumation LEP business
Japan's Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd has purchased the Lumation light-emitting polymers (LEPs) business from The Dow Chemical Company.
2011-09-07 Solar cell technology achieves new levels of efficiency
Imec, in collaboration with Plextronics and Solvay, created an organic solar cell architecture, which was able to achieve 6.9 percent record-breaking performance efficiency.
2003-01-03 Organic displays near critical mass
Organic polymers are expected to play a larger role soon in enabling flexible color displays for computers, comms devices and consumer electronics.
2011-01-13 Light-modified graphene may be used to develop reliable sensors
A research paper shows that when graphene is coated with light-sensitive polymers, its electrical properties can be controlled precisely and consequently exploited. This finding is expected to aid in the development of graphene-based electronic devices.
2002-03-18 Ion source applications: Polymer surface modification
This application note relates some processes performed on an Advanced Energy Linear Ion Source (LIS) on polyfluorotetraethylene.
2013-04-25 Infrared heating for microfluidic chips avoids polymer damage
Infrared treatment instead of a high-temperature processing technique will allow for production of tiny devices without damaging the polymer components.
2016-03-28 Graphene-oxide enhances battery performance
Researchers crumpled, wrinkled the graphene oxide and retained good electrical conductivity. This functionality would be useful for wearable devices that can sense and respond to external stimuli.
2011-04-21 Gamesa opens advanced materials research lab in Singapore
Gamesa launches an advanced materials lab and develops projects involving wind turbine blade coatings, composite materials and carbon fiber polymers.
2006-12-07 Electronic polymer market to grow by 14.5% until 2008
Global demand for conductive electronic polymer products will expand by 14.5 percent per year until 2008, reported Frost & Sullivan.
2002-10-15 DuPont establishes technical center in China
DuPont has officially opened its first DuPont Engineering Polymers Technical Center in China, to support the R&D activities of its customers there.
2013-10-25 Carbodeon unveils performance enhancing nanodiamond polymer
The nanodiamond based thermal filler increases thermal conductivity without affecting the electrical insulation or other mechanical properties of the material.
2003-12-16 Xerox prints transistors for use in LCDs
Printed organic electronics, which uses an ink jet printer to implant semiconductive polymers on a flexible substrate, process could lower the cost of LCD panels.
2001-03-01 Via-fill materials for next-generation interconnect
Via-fill polymers for next-gen interconnects are designed to improve on the performance capabilities of traditional epoxy-based via-plug materials.
2005-03-24 UMC helps Scotland's MED on microdisplay wafers
Taiwan foundry United Microelectronics Corp. has started processing wafers for MicroEmissive Displays Group plc, a vendor of low-power microdisplays using organic light emitting polymers, MED said.
2004-07-14 Two firms apply carbon nanotubes to chip packaging
Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. (CNI) has agreed with Kostat Inc. to develop and commercialize conductive polymers for module trays, carrier tapes and other semiconductor packaging and chip and die delivery applications.
2011-07-29 Transparent conductor market to top $6.9B by 2016
According to NanoMarkets, LCD industry will boost the market for transparent conducting oxides, polymers and nanomaterials used in display and photovoltaics.
2005-01-17 Tokyo group makes transparent transistors manufacturable
Now, a group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology claims to have solved these problems at room temperature by adding gallium and indium to ZnO, opening the gates to mass-production of transparent circuitry using industry-friendly sputtering, and at temperatures low enough for direct deposition on cheap, flexible polymers.
2002-03-27 Self-assembly technique yields flexible ceramic
An atomic self-assembly technique devised at Cornell University uses carbon polymers to create a new type of hybrid material that has the flexibility of polymers and the strength of ceramics.
2002-04-12 Scientist makes photonic circuits with inkjet printer
A new family of organic polymers demonstrated at the University of Arizona can "paint" computer displays and photocell arrays onto most any surface, and could enable self-contained "computerless" niche devices that are cheaper and more flexible than what's available today.
2004-03-01 Intel boosts nanotech work via Zyvex link
Intel Corp. is studying the use of carbon nanotube-based polymers in thermal-interface materials, the latest evidence that nanotechnology is no longer a curiosity but is being put to work in the electronics industry.
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