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2012-05-30 Polyphase synchronous boost controller cuts out heat sink
The H- and MP-grade versions of Linear Technology's LTC3787 high power two-phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller can produce 24V at 10A output from 12V input at up to 97 percent efficiency.
2009-01-26 Polyphase modulation using a FPGA for high-speed applications
This application note reviews and analyzes a polyphase modulation scheme that generates high-frequency intermediate frequency (IF) carrier signals in digital IF modems using an Altera FPGA.
2005-05-02 PolyPhase for step-up conversion
The benefits of PolyPhase operation are now available for high-power step-up conversion. Read more
2008-04-17 Maxim touts polyphase IC for electricity metering
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAXQ3180, a highly accurate and low-power polyphase IC for measuring electricity activity.
2005-06-28 New dc-dc controller eliminates gate charging, switching losses
Linear Technology has developed a PolyPhase step-down synchronous controller with guaranteed operation and precision for junction temperatures as high as 140C.
2005-05-26 Linear Tech switching controller includes integrated tracking
A dual step-down synchronous switching controller with integrated tracking for sequencing multiple voltage rails, PLL for precision synchronization and PolyPhase operation was recently launched by Linear Tech.
2002-04-01 Linear Tech step-down controller delivers up to 4A output
Linear Technology's LTC3701 step-down controller converts an input of 2.5V to 9.8V, into two lower output voltages at up to 4A each, making it suitable for use in Fibre Channel boards, notebook PCs, POS terminals, and graphic cards.
2002-03-19 Linear Tech dc/dc converter chip delivers up to 200A to sub-1V loads
Designed to power network processors and graphic chips, the LTC1629-6 PolyPhase synchronous step-down controller delivers up to 200A of output current to sub-1V loads as low as 0.6V.
2002-07-26 Linear Tech buck controller provides current balancing
Using a current-mode architecture, the LTC3732 buck controller output currents of up to 60A while maintaining current balancing between the three output power stages.
2011-08-26 How to migrate from 71M6513 to 71M6533/6534
Know how designs based on the 71M6513 can be adapted to both the 71M6533 and the 71M6534.
2011-02-23 Smart meter chipsets increase accuracy
STMicroelectronics' STPMC1 and STPMS1/S2 polyphase metering chipsets for modular smart meters support 50-60Hz IEC and ANSI standards for up to 0.2-class AC Watt meters.
2005-12-14 Linear Tech step-down controller powers Sun processors
Linear Technology introduced a PolyPhase synchronous step-down controller with integrated MOSFET drivers and an on-board 5-bit digital interface designed to power Sun Microsystems' new generation of processors.
2009-03-19 Chipset replaces transformers in energy meters
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAXQ3108 and DS8102 chipset that reduces the BOM cost of a polyphase energy meter.
2011-05-23 71M65XX with Vitroperm CTs
Find out how to successfully integrate Vitroperm current transformers into a polyphase meter operating with any Teridian polyphase IC.
2011-06-02 Video chip allows low-cost video streaming
Cavium Networks has unveiled the PureVu CNW66xx, its latest line of SoC video processors for universal wireless display receivers.
2008-07-07 Tool generates microHz to 32MHz waveforms
Highland Technology has expanded its T340 series of embedded complex waveform generators with the introduction of the 8-channel T346 and 4-channel T344 instruments.
2006-07-20 Step-down controller draws 80A in sleep mode
Linear said its new controller draws 80A in sleep mode, making it suitable for preserving battery energy in applications where the system remains semi-active when the engine or the power is off.
2009-05-27 Optically isolated phase controlling circuit solution
This application note presents a power triac phase control circuit and contrasts it with the traditional zero-crossing circuit. The example circuit isolates the low level control circuitry from the AC line.
2006-11-10 New DC/DC POL regulators ease digital circuit design
Linear Tech said designing with its new family of uModule POL regulators requires no knowledge in switchmode power supplies, greatly simplifying the task for a digital circuit designer.
2007-11-06 Multistandard native 1080/60p HD decoders target next-gen STBs
Horizon Semiconductors claims the industry's first single chip multistandard native 1,080/60p high-definition decoders for triple-play/quad-play cable, satellite and IPTV STBs.
2008-06-11 Mobile content now showing at your home TV
NXP Semiconductors introduces the NXP SAA8510a mobile multimedia TV-out processor to enable TV-output on any mobile device having a standard LCD interface.
2002-05-17 Linear Tech controller powers AMD Hammer CPUs
Designed for use in AMD's 64-bit SledgeHammer and ClawHammer CPUs, the LTC3719 synchronous step-down controller integrates four MOSFET drivers that are capable of driving substantial gate capacitance.
2004-07-16 Linear Tech controller IC with remote thermal monitoring
Linear Tech introduced an Intel VRM10 Pentium 4 power supply controller with precision current balancing and remote thermal monitoring.
2006-09-25 GateFlow module includes wideband DDC IP core
Pentek released the newest addition to its GateFlow installed-core products that includes a factory-installed wideband digital downconverter IP core.
2004-10-08 Focus partners with Cadence on enhanced UWB for video
Focus Enhancements announced plans on Monday (Oct. 4) to partner with Cadence Design Systems to provide design services for Focus's proprietary ultrawideband chips.
2003-07-25 DSP Architectures rolls 0.35?m processor
DSP Architectures has begun shipping its RHDSP24, a radiation-hardened, high-performance frequency domain digital signal processor.
2006-03-01 DC/DC converters offer the simplicity of a buck regulator
Linear Technology Corp. introduced a family of DC/DC converters that offers the performance and simplicity of a buck (step-down) regulator for the design of isolated power supplies.
2006-11-16 Converter architecture for metering apps
The use of intelligent mixed-signal, multichannel SoC-based programmable devices has already spurred new levels of functionality, performance and cost reduction in metering applications.
2015-01-09 Chipsets use shunts to measure 3-phase electrical energy
The ADI chipset includes the ADE7923, a non-isolated, 3-channel sigma-delta ADC for the neutral line, the ADE7932 that has two 24bit ADCs and the ADE7933/23 that has three 24bit ADCs.
2014-07-14 Calibration of gain, timing errors in ADCs
Here's a look at a novel background calibration method for gain and timing mismatch errors through low complexity digital signal processing algorithms.
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