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2002-07-08 Shenzhen Shengxin polypropylene film capacitors suit PFC apps
The CBB6 series metalized polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd feature a non-inductive construction, good self-healing properties, high-current resistance, high insulation resistance, low dissipation factor and high stability.
2003-10-30 Megatone polypropylene caps operate to 85C
Suitable for use in coupling, bypass, RF filtering, and solid-state apps where size is critical, the MPR and PPN types of polypropylene capacitors from Megatone Electronics Corp. feature high stability
2002-03-06 Changjie capacitor has >30 gigaohms
Manufactured using non-inductive materials and flame-retardant epoxy resin coating, the CBB21 film capacitor features low inherent temperature rise, improved stability, and an insulation resistance >30 gigaohms (0.33?F
2013-04-10 Vishay rolls film snubber capacitor for direct IGBT mounting
The MKP386M features a wide capacitance range from 047 to 10?F, high-temperature operation to 105C, and seven voltage ratings from 700 VDC to 2500 VDC and 420 VAC to 800 VAC.
2003-01-03 multifunction capacitor membrane in an effort to meet demand for miniature and power capacitors
Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Group Co. Ltd has completed the expansion of its production line for
2015-07-28 Guard against capacitor corrosion for long life apps
Advanced EMI suppression film capacitors that can survive harsh environments for 15 years or more enable designers to implement economical circuitry in cost-sensitive equipment such as smart meters.
2007-01-12 China's film capacitor industry on track for 10% growth
Over the past few years, China's film capacitor output has achieved steady annual growth rates of 10 percent, with 26.4 billion units in 2006
2002-11-18 Capacitor series features >50-gigaohm insulation resistance
The CH11 series of polypropylene capacitors from Fuxin Dongxin Capacitor Co. Ltd exhibits an insulation resistance >50 gigaohms.
2005-11-14 AVX's power film capacitor may replace electrolytic devices
AVX Corp. beefed up the temp and voltage operating conditions of its medium power film capacitor family
2003-01-02 Anhui expands power capacitor material line
Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Group Co. Ltd has completed the expansion of its production line for multifunction capacitor membranes
2008-07-16 Advanced capacitor handles high DC filtering
Cornell Dubilier Electronics has launched its Type 947C high current, medium-power film capacitor for DC filtering to 1200Vdc
2012-07-04 Self-healing capacitor series offers more options
Vishay Intertechnology's metalized polypropylene film EMKP series of three-phase cylindrical capacitors offer high current capabilities in nine standard voltage ratings from 400Vac to 1,650Vac
2004-11-02 Epcos expands capacitor line
New types covering the capacitance range from 5?F to 60?F have been added to Epcos' line of four-pin link circuit capacitors.
2003-04-11 Yuchang capacitors improve power factor
The P series of dry type power capacitors from Yuchang Electric Co. Ltd is designed to improve the power factor of supplies.
2002-11-29 Vishay PPF capacitors fit high-voltage, HF apps
Vishay Intertechnology has released the MKP1841-M series of metallized, PPF capacitors that are available with 25 capacitance options.
2002-05-27 Vishay PFC capacitors have 265mm profile
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced the release of a series of single-phase and 3-phase PFC capacitors in tubular aluminum casings 20 percent shorter than traditional models.
2003-05-08 Shengxin PPF capacitors suit color TV receivers
The CBB21 series of polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd is designed for use in color TV receivers.
2003-02-11 PPF caps withstand 1.4 times their rated voltage
The MPC series of polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd can withstand 1.4 times its rated voltage for 5s.
2003-03-17 Kondtrics PPF capacitors rated to 2.5kV
The MPSA series of polypropylene film capacitors from Xiamen Kondtrics Electronic is available with voltage ratings of 2kV or 2.5kV
2002-11-21 Kondtrics PPF capacitors fit large screen monitors
Xiamen Kondtrics' MPPS series of polypropylene capacitors features a metallized polypropylene film dielectric and radial leads
2003-11-28 Gyeonggi Business capacitors operate to 70C
The KT-528 low-cost, high output motor running PP capacitors from Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center feature rated voltages of 220-, 250-, 300-, 350-, 400-, and 450Vac.
2003-10-29 Golden Jade caps feature non-inductive construction
Golden Jade Electronics Ltd has announced the availability of its X3 polypropylene capacitors that feature non-inductive construction
2003-03-04 Faratronic PPF capacitors fit monitors, color TV receivers
The CBB81B PPF capacitors of Xiamen Faratronic Co. Ltd are available with voltage ratings of 1.6kV and 2kV, and are designed specifically for use in horizontal resonance circuits of large-screen monitors and color TV receivers.
2003-01-10 Europtronic PPF capacitors rated to 630V
The MPP series of PPF capacitors from Europtronic (Suzhou) Co. Ltd are rated up to 630Vdc and are suitable for bypassing, timing, and coupling apps.
2003-01-03 Dongxin PPF capacitors withstand 1.6x their rated voltage
The CBB81 series of PPF capacitors from Fuxin Dongxin Capacitor Co. Ltd withstands up to 1.6 times their rated voltage
2003-04-08 Chien Wei PPF capacitors rated to 630Vdc
The MPR series of metallized polypropylene film capacitors from Chien Wei Electronics Co. Ltd is available with capacitance values running up to 0.1?F
2009-01-27 Space-saving HVArc Guard capacitors for passive snubber applications
The HVArc Guard high-voltage MLCCs combine high breakdown voltages, low impedance, and a wide operating frequency range in case sizes as small as 0805.
2003-07-01 Shengye caps feature high moisture resistance
Shengye Electrical Co. Ltd's CBB20 capacitors are constructed using polypropylene film dielectric materials with vacuum-vaporated metal electrodes and axial leads of tinned wire
2002-10-07 Sanye PPF capacitors rated up to 450Vac
The CBB61 series of PPF capacitors are available with capacitance values ranging from 1?F to 12?F with voltage ratings up to 450Vac.
2004-02-11 Micromark caps offer up to 25?F capacitance
Micromark C&CD has expanded its Wima FKP snubber capacitors for IGBT protection, and introduced a series of capacitors.
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