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2009-12-22 Wireless audio module suits home, portable apps
Kleer Inc. has released its flagship KLR3012 wireless audio module, which contains new technology to support both portable audio devices and home audio equipment
2008-12-02 Ultrathin MOSFETs address power challenges in portable apps
Addressing the size the power demands of today's portable applications are Fairchild Semiconductor Inc's new ultrathin MicroFET MOSFETs
2010-05-12 Ultracompact MOSFETs tailored for portable apps
Fairchild Semiconductor is rolling out a portfolio of high-performance MicroFET MOSFETs packaged in an ultracompact and thin footprint suitable for portable applications
2009-12-21 Triple LDO guarantees stability in portable apps
austriamicrosystems expands its low drop out regulator portfolio with the AS1355, capable of delivering up to 300mA at its regulated outputs.
2010-07-09 Touchscreens conquer portable apps market
DisplaySearch's latest Touch Panel Market Analysis reported that touchscreen penetration is rapidly increasing in portable devices like mobile phones, media players and navigation units
2009-08-24 Tiny Schottky diodes tailored for portable apps
ON Semiconductor has launched four new 30V Schottky barrier diodes housed in an ultrasmall 0201 DSN2 chip level package.
2009-06-22 Tiny load switches fit portable devices
TI has rolled out a family of integrated load switches with controlled turn-on and quick output discharge to simplify subsystem load management.
2009-04-24 Tiny charger IC fits slimmer portable apps
Summit Microelectronics has released the SMB239 charger IC that enables slimmer designs for portable consumer electronics
2007-09-04 Speaker amp LSI suits portable apps
Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd has released samples the ML2620 speaker amplifier LSI designed for in small and thin portable devices
2008-11-24 Space-saving protection IC targets portable apps
ON Semiconductor has launched the NUS6189, which integrates the performance and functions of an OVP circuit, a 30V p-channel power MOSFET, a low VCE(sat) transistor and a low Rds(on) power MOSFET into a space-saving package.
2008-03-14 Slew-rate controlled load switches protect portable apps
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a series of advanced load switches with multiple slew-rate options that protect circuits from undesirable voltage and current transients.
2007-08-27 Selecting the right battery system for cost-sensitive portable applications while maintaining excellent quality
This application note shows characteristics of some popular battery chemistries for portable applications and fully integrated low cost single-cell Li-ion/lithium polymer battery charge management solutions.
2008-03-06 Power management in portable applications: Understanding the buck switchmode power converter
This application note focuses on the fundamentals of inductor-based switchmode power converters
2006-09-01 Maximizing a portable's battery
Battery life is critical to portable applications. Juan Alvarez enumerates the do's and don'ts for designers to achieve the longest battery life possible
2007-10-25 Low-offset op amp family suits portable apps
National Semiconductor has unveiled five new precision operational amplifiers designed for portable test and measurement, industrial and medical systems that require signal-conditioning
2008-08-14 Low power voltage supervisors eye portable devices
Intersil's ISL88001/2/3 family of devices also provides a voltage threshold accuracy of 1.2 percent for dependable reset assertion and precision monitoring of 1.8V or 5V power supplies.
2006-07-03 LED drivers with 0.6mm profile suits portable apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced three new white LED drivers with 0.6mm profile designed for backlighting in portable apps
2007-09-19 LED driver with dual LDOs suits portable apps
Linear has introduced the LTC3230 integrated white LED driver with dual LDO regulators for driving Main and Sub LED displays and supplying low-voltage system rails in portable electronic devices
2010-04-05 LED driver ensures equal brightness in portable apps
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FAN5341 highly-efficient LED driver solution that improves brightness and resolution in portable designs
2008-11-26 Integrated battery chargers target portable apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched four 28V, 1.5A linear charge management ICs with integrated FETs aimed at smart phones and other portable electronics
2008-12-03 I?C power manager targets portable USB-powered apps
Linear Technology has launched the LTC4099, an autonomous I?C controlled, high efficiency power manager, ideal diode controller and Li-Ion/Polymer battery charger for portable USB-powered devices
2008-10-13 How to apply high frequency DC/DC converters in portable designs
Portable designs powered from one Li-ion battery embed more and more regulators to supply digital ICs. To maintain high efficiency with low output voltages, designers must select buck converter architecture instead of linear regulators
2009-05-27 HDMI transmitters fit ultraslim portable apps
Analog Devices Inc. has launched two of the smallest and thinnest low-power HDMI transmitters with consumer electronics control designed to enable HD viewing experiences from portable devices
2008-02-14 Flexible Class AB/D speaker driver suits portable apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has introduced the WM9001 mono 1W switchable Class AB/D speaker driver designed to deliver enhanced flexibility to portable applications system designers
2008-01-16 Flash-capacitor eases portable UV flame detector design
Using a flash-capacitor circuit to provide the high voltage power supply simplifies designing a battery powered, hand-held UV flame detector.
2008-09-29 ESD protection arrays toughen up for portable apps
ON Semiconductor introduces two new members of its low capacitance ESD protection product line, the NUP4016 and the ESD11L5.0D.
2008-12-10 Energy-efficient HD video filter amps fit portable apps
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX9652/MAX9653/MAX9654 triple-channel, high-definition (HD) video-filter amplifiers tailored for energy-efficient designs.
2010-06-15 Digital temp sensors protect portable apps
STMicroelectronics is rolling out a super-small and power-efficient temperature sensor allowing portable devices to benefit from features such as intelligent thermal protection
2009-03-19 Digital radio test supports Motorola portable apps
Aeroflex has extended the XTS-5000 Auto-Test II automated test and alignment option for the 3920 digital radio test set to Motorola XTS and XTL series radios.
2010-07-09 Comparator minimizes battery drain in portable apps
ST's TS331 comparator offers typical current consumption of only 20?A, thereby minimizing drain on the battery.
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