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2001-05-04 Obtaining absolute encoder position on a TMS320C240
This application note describes how the encoder count can be processed to obtain absolute position on the TMS320C240 DSP.
2013-06-27 iC-Haus intros 12bit universal magnetic position encoder
The iC-MHL200, housed in a TSSOP20 package that includes a linear Hall sensor array, is an integrated system solution for linear and angular magnetic encoder applications
2002-10-10 Durability drives surface-mount encoder design
Elma Electronic's surface-mount version of the e27 encoder product line has a longer rotational life than that of competitors
2006-01-02 Discover interface options for position encoders
There is not now, and probably never will be, a "one-size-fits-all" encoder interface. Read on
2007-09-04 SMT analog reflective encoder has 180 LPI resolution
Avago Technologies claims to have released the industry's first reflective encoder with analog output, which provides precise positioning information and direction sensing
2009-05-26 Rotary encoder withstands rough environments
From austriamicrosystems comes a magnetic rotary encoder IC specifically designed to satisfy stringent automotive requirements in angle sensing applications where robust IC protection is essential
2008-06-26 Rotary encoder weathers extreme environments
Nonmetallic fiber optic rotary encoder operates in extreme electromagnetic fields, including various medical facilities and industrial process plants
2006-11-13 Rotary encoder ICs offer contactless alternative
austriamicrosystems has introduced two 8bit absolute magnetic rotary encoder ICs that offer a contactless alternative to mechanical rotary switches in a variety of automotive, industrial and consumer applications
2008-06-09 Rotary encoder IC suits brushless DC motors
austriamicrosystems has expanded its magnetic rotary encoder family with the AS5134 that is specifically designed for brushless DC sensing in automotive applications
2002-04-17 Renishaw optical linear encoder has 55m to 10nm resolution
The RGH25F non-contact linear encoder offers resolutions from 55m to 10nm and features a compact readhead that can handle speeds of up to 300mm/s, making the device suitable for multi-axis fiber-optic splicing, joining, and bonding devices
2001-07-01 Quadrature-encoded position and beyond
This information is useful for commutation with brushless motors as well as other applications for determining accelerations, velocities, and when the controlled device should stop.
2011-06-09 Position sensor IC offers accuracy, flexibility
austrianmicrosystems introduces the AS5410 linear position sensor that senses absolute position in automotive and industrial applications and provides high resolution position information
2014-10-27 Perform position encoding in battery-powered apps
Find out how position measurements using ULP 1-chip Hall encoders can be performed efficiently with direct battery operation or even during power failure
2005-03-04 Mini absolute encoder targets compact designs
CUI introduced a new miniature absolute encoder for apps such as medical, instrumentation and robotics where limited space is a key consideration
2003-07-08 MicroE optical encoder features better resolution
Suitable for closed-loop motion control in automated manufacturing equipment, the ChipEncoder device from MicroE Systems is compatible with pick-and-place and solder reflow systems.
2007-04-03 Magnetic rotary encoder withstands up to 150C
austriamicrosystems says it has introduced the industry's first 10bit magnetic rotary encoder IC with an operating ambient temperature of up to 150C
2011-03-15 Magnetic rotary encoder senses positions
austriamicrosystems' AS5050 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC is targeted for robotics, servo motor control and as an input device for low-cost, battery-operated appliances
2015-03-19 Magnetic position sensor targets motor, motion control apps
The AS5047P from Ams claims to produce outstanding angle measurement accuracy even at very high rotation speeds, as well as offer higher-resolution incremental outputs.
2006-07-04 Magnetic linear position sensor comes in TSSOP20
iC-Haus has announced the iC-ML, an integrated magnetic linear position sensor/encoder assembled in a TSSOP20 package measuring 6.6-by-6.4-by-1.1mm.
2011-07-22 Magnetic encoder provides up to 16bit resolution
Avago's AEAT-6600-T16, Hall-effect magnetic encoder offers up to 16bit resolution for precise angle measurement over a full rotation of 360
2013-11-25 Magnetic encoder offers up to 18bit absolute resolution
The iC-MU runs on 5V in an operating temperature range of -40°C to 110°C and is geared for absolute position encoders, incremental encoders, and commutation encoders for brushless motors
2008-10-09 Magnetic encoder IC zooms in on automotives
austriamicrosystems expanded its magnetic rotary encoder portfolio with the AS5145, a 12bit encoder IC especially designed for the growing demands in automotive
2010-01-22 Magnetic encoder delivers 256 CPR resolution
Avago's Technologies' AEAT-601B incremental magnetic encoder is easy to install and provides a resolution of 256 cycles per revolutions (CPR
2005-10-21 JPEG 2000 video encoder card plugs into PC/104-Plus stack
The new PC/104-Plus module from Parvus is designed for high-rel and mobile embedded applications where digital video recording is needed, such as surveillance and security.
2015-07-29 How reliable are magnetic position sensors
By using two architectural design features, magnetic position sensors will provide high accuracy measurements even in the noisiest of EMI environments
2005-07-18 Encoder touts 7.2m/s speed
MicroE Systems claims its new Mercury 3500Si is the first high performance position feedback encoder to operate at maximum speed and maximum resolution.
2005-04-18 Encoder suits cost-sensitive apps
An 8bit incremental magnetic rotary encoder designed for cost-sensitive industrial and automotive applications was recently unveiled by austriamicrosystems
2011-09-05 Encoder offers 17bit resolution, 360 full rotation
Avago Technologies introduces the AEAT-9000, a high-resolution absolute optical encoder for servo and motor feedback applications
2005-05-05 Encoder offers 12-bit resolution
CUI introduces a compact absolute encoder designed for applications where limited space is a consideration and up to 12 bits of resolution is needed
2005-05-25 Encoder module touts smallest package
Agilent launched a new, thinner version of its absolute encoder module that is said to be the smallest in the industry
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