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2013-09-13 Wireless power chip eases dev't of Qi charging stations
The bq500212A transmitter from TI allows designers to quickly take to market Qi-compliant wireless charge pads or stations that can operate from a USB port or 5V power adapter.
2005-06-13 Why use a wall adapter for ac input power?
This app note talks about wall adapter used in ac input power.
2001-09-21 Vehicular power adapter using ISRs
This application note describes how to use Power Trends' integrated switching regulators (ISRs) in vehicular power adapter applications.
2009-09-22 USB modules cuts need for external power adapter
FTDI's new communication modules ease connectivity between legacy RS interfaces and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports
2010-06-25 Universal charging solutions to dampen power adapter market
The GSM Association for a Universal Charging Solution (UCS) initiative is expected to hit power adapter and charger shipments from 2015, according to the latest findings from IMS Research.
2003-08-12 Tongrun power adapter has overvoltage protection
The TRAB1-040 switching power adaptor from Shanghai Tongrun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is designed for use in desktop PCs and computer peripherals
2003-06-23 Tongrun power adapter features <0.25mA leakage current
Tongrun Electronic Co. Ltd has released the 12V SPS08-12060SPA switching power adapter that has a voltage rating of 100Vac to 240Vac.
2006-04-21 Switching power supply has protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic released a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection features.
2009-02-24 ST champions Green Power at IIC-China
Green Power" will be the theme of STMicroelectronics' demonstration at this year's IIC-China conference and exhibition in Shenzhen (Feb.26-29
2003-08-20 Silicore switching power adapter has 15VA range
The SWP15U series of switching power adapters from Silicore Electronics has 100Vac to 240Vac input voltage and 50Hz to 60Hz input frequency
2003-10-31 Shining Fair power supply has overcurrent protection
Featuring overload and overcurrent protections, the 16W switching adaptor #2 from Shining Fair Enterprises has a universal input voltage of 90Vac to 264Vac.
2009-07-01 Protection IC tailored for power sourcing equipments
STMicroelectronics has announced the first device providing both 1kV surge protection and clamping voltage compatible with the 100V power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller
2013-03-20 Power adapters to grow by $2B despite charging decline
Driven by new applications, the power adapter market is set to grow by $2 billion despite a forecasted drop off in shipments of cell phone chargers.
2006-04-24 Power adapter with over-voltage, over-current protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic Co. Ltd unveiled a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection features.
2006-06-27 Power adapter solution delivers 88% efficiency
ON Semi said its latest design blueprint achieves low standby power and promises 88 percent energy efficiency
2002-03-01 Phihong adapter aims for efficiency
The PSA100U power adapter from Phihong USA offers system designers 85 percent efficiency in a unit that measures only 35 inches?.
2004-12-30 Mobility to produce dc power adapter for Dell
Mobility Electronics Inc., a provider of innovative portable power and computing solutions for the mobile electronic device user, has received approval from its strategic partner, Targus Group Int., to design and produce customized dc power adapter for Dell portable computers.
2003-06-03 Mobility power adapters to be sold under Kensington name
Mobility Electronics Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Kensington Technology Group, a PC accessories manufacturer.
2004-08-10 Mobility obtains patent on battery operated power supply
Mobility Electronics Inc. has received a patent related to the technology utilized in its line of power products from the United States Patent Office
2002-06-28 Mobility Electronics unveils ac/dc, dc/dc combo power adapter
Mobility Electronics Inc. has unveiled the Juice combination ac/dc and dc/dc power adapter for notebooks and other mobile devices, eliminating the need to carry multiple power products.
2014-08-14 MIT blazes power electronics trail
Several of its work on ultra high-frequency conversion and ultraminiaturized converters feature size reductions and efficiency improvements for applications including giant server farms, lamps, and handheld devices.
2002-02-27 Minwa ac/dc adapter provides 3V to 24V outputs
The MW7C20T switching ac/dc adapter provides selectable outputs of 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, and 24V regulated voltage, making it suitable for audio equipment and electrical appliances
2013-04-09 iWatt unveils power adapter chipsets
The PrimAccurate iW1766 + iW628 and iW1767 + iW628 chipsets claim to offer ultra-low, power at up to 12W output power and
2015-11-04 How to maximise efficiency in flyback power supplies
Implementing synchronous rectifier with ideal diode emulators control is an easy and low-cost way to significantly reduce overall power loss
2008-01-17 Group drafts power delivery spec for external SATA apps
The SATA-IO has launched the Power Over eSATA initiative to offer a new specification that will provide power to external SATA (eSATA) devices without the need for a separate power connection
2006-10-19 Green-mode power adapter suits HD DVD players
Adapter Technology has launched the STD series of green mode, environment-friendly power adapters that are suitable for external HD DVD players.
2011-01-17 Green Power Processor provides platform for energy-saving power supply designs
The Green Power Processor combines mixed-signal technology, multi-threaded hardware, low-power features and optimizations to provide a platform for the development of energy-efficient power supply designs
2004-01-29 Go Forward power adapter offers OVP, OPP protections
Go Forward Enterprise Corp. has released its GPF1402FB 140W switching power adapter with a universal input and dual outputs.
2003-09-03 Fuhua switching power adapter has long operating time
The UE20-SPA1 desktop switching power adapter from Fuhua Electronic Co. Ltd has a universal input of 100Vac to 240Vac.
2002-03-15 Fubei automobile power adapter offers seven output voltages
The FBC500Q automobile dc/dc power adapter is suitable for all different cars with a cigarette lighter socket, and provides seven output voltages of 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12Vdc.
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